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  1. Such a good result for all your hard work. Well done
  2. I don’t mind the closed season if it improves stocks, not a fan of boat limits though. I would have rathered to have seen the minimum size go up five or ten cms and still be allowed four per person. Won’t be much fun divying up the catch if there’s four blokes in the boat.
  3. Nah I had to keep it to weigh in, they taste great. It’s not in That photo as it was caught on a different day.
  4. Yeah this time of year just around that moon they had probably all just spawned
  5. Cheers mate, looks like the forecast just took a turn for the worse, I’ll be lucky to get a brissy trip in the way it’s looking now
  6. Yeah mate, mother in laws lol. I’ve personally never tried them but a mate I was fishing with reckons thier ok if iced bled and eaten straight up
  7. Cheers mate. It’s been ages since I’ve up that ways can’t wait for another trip
  8. Haven’t posted In a while so thought I’d throw up a quick report. Fished the Moreton bay classic two weeks ago with a few mates. Weather was good for most of the week and got plenty of time out on the water and very little sleep. Most of the week consisted of very little sleep, waking up in the middle of the night, trying to piece together a decent game plan or heading to the grounds before others arrived. Although a multitude of specie categories were available we decided focus efforts on snapper and tuskies as we thought this would be our best chance. We fished hard and spent most of the time on tuskies. After three days of persistence I finally raised our first and only bluey which at 9.5 kg had put us at the top of the leaderboard. This victory was short lived though as only 20 mins after I weighed in somone else we know weighed in a solid 11 plus kg fish. After this we decided to focus on snapper and got a few fish around 90cm with the heaviest going 6.1 kg which is pretty light for that size, and it seemed most of the snapper weighed In were also pretty light for big fish. I think the biggest snapper was only around seven kg. In in the end I was pretty stoked to take second In the tuskie category,( along with a custom built rod brand new reel and a tackle bag for prizes too) and can’t wait to learn a bit more about these fish and chase them again next year. Throughout the week we got plenty of tasty by catch from sandies to squid and grasses and was just good to have a week off of work with mates doing what we enjoy. Here’s a few more pics and hopefully another report soon if the weather holds for 1770.
  9. Cheers mate, I think I know the spot you mean. I’ll have look before the run out if I can get up there in the next week
  10. Well done mate another successful mission. Did you find your livies out near the reef or a bit closer in?. I’m hopi g to get up there in the next week if I can
  11. Just love good sessions like that, very hard to beat. Well done mate!
  12. Top work brad, nice variety and some good fish too
  13. All seq bars can be hazardous at times and some level of experience is required for all of them but in my opinion I would be trying the Southport seaway, and steering clear of jumpin pin or south passage until you have gained some experience. Pick your day with small swells and look at the time length In seconds on the bom website or Seabreeze. The longer the wave period the better. Be sure to log in via radio before you leave and a good thing to do is join the vmr for the bar you plan on using most. Many great fish have been caught from small boats just out from the seaway especially when the Pelagics are running
  14. Nice trip well done, I agree golden trevs are great chewing. They go really well in thick cubes and thrown in to a hot green curry