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  1. Nice trip well done, I agree golden trevs are great chewing. They go really well in thick cubes and thrown in to a hot green curry
  2. Nice work on the reefies fellas, good Spanish aswell
  3. Yeah I probably would but it’s all about personal preference 5000 is super heavy for Moreton bay but would be great for twenty kg gts it’s hard to get the best of both worlds out of one combo for such a different type of fishing
  4. 5000 reel should be fine for fish that size fish I wouldn’t go any bigger if you want to use it in the bay. A five k saltiga is similar to a 10k Stella and probably overkill for most bay fish
  5. Yeah I’m regretting trolling hexies for the first hour or so I should have gone straight to the livie grounds. was that you that followed me over the bar when it was still dark Around five ish?
  6. Great catches there, that’s livin
  7. Nice haul mate you did well, I struggled today I ended up getting my bag of snapper just after you left and some Mack tuna for next trips bait but couldn’t convert a Spanish for the life of me. It’s a pitty they didn’t fire like the last two days
  8. Nice work there so thick atm there, problem is so are sharks. If I can get things sorted I might go for another run tomorrow. It’s gonna get pretty yuck in the arvo though I’ll only do a half day
  9. jon

    queensland Tax Time

    If your already at the grounds u want to troll make a wire rig with a single hook and then a trebel stinger and put the frigate straight back in. Gun bait trolled slowly
  10. jon

    queensland Tax Time

    Nah Nah only caught the tunas on lures all the mackeral were on trolled deadbaits. Just heaps of sharks in close at the moment and getting double hookups was resulting in a lot of stuffing around giving plenty of advantage to the sharks. Can’t complain though was good to see see some numbers
  11. I get most my ally welding done by Dave at riptide boats. They always do a good job but they can be very busy due to popularity
  12. I went today mackies were thick at boat rock but heaps of sharks
  13. jon

    queensland Tax Time

    Went out for a bit of troll today hoping to finds some Spanish or hoo around. First lure had only been in the water under a minute and hooked up small yellowfin which was a pretty good start. Next few hours had us hooking into some good Spanish but getting annihilated by the sharks. It was the most frustrating day I have had for a long time. We had multiple double hookups and If it wasnt for the sharks we would have got our bag limit in about three hours (two people). But we ended up fishing for most of the day and could only convert three. Still was pretty good day out weather wise with finally tally going 3 Spanish ( biggest was about 15kg) one yellowfin and a bunch of Mack tuna.
  14. I did get lost lol, I had to ring my mates like three times just to find them.
  15. Yeah no finessing here fish as heavy as u can or you’ll end up In tears.