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  1. Good luck mate that’s a great part of the world up there. I hope you get some great fish!
  2. Nice work again there mate your going pretty good with those sharks, well done
  3. Nice mate, you definitely can’t go wrong with any rod out of the Wilson stable. There hands down some of the best rods Ive used. Spotties are definitely around too my mate got seven or eight on the weekend at the foul grounds.
  4. Nice man, that bait ball In your photo is the darkest/densest I’ve seen in a long time. I was fishing off Straddie a few weeks back and hadn’t seen so much surface bait in years. Hopefully a good pelagic season to come
  5. I’d have to see that one in action I could see that method going south real quick in more ways Than one when on my own, on a slippery deck not to mention bruising the bejesus out of the fillets. Generally if I’m not frigging around on the wheel whilst trying to gaff and avoid the fad simultaneously, my preferred way is to gaff and defer straight into the ice box and dispatch in a semi closed coffin providing ive had the for thought lifting the lid after hooking up
  6. Yeah maybe closer to the bottom is better 10m might be a bit much just depends on if your drifting big lumps coz you don’t wanna get snagged when your hooked up sort of thing
  7. Just get a four or five ball sinker above the jig drop to the bottom then wind up five to ten metres and put it in the rod holder while you drift and fish with another rod.
  8. To say that this thing misbehaved on deck was an under statement. May need to upgrade the priest from an alloy bat to a lead pipe next Time
  9. Ive never tried freezing it but have heard the same. It gives me an excuse to eat it breaky lunch and dinner
  10. Headed out recently on my own for a solo session with the intent of nailing some tasty dollies. Made damn sure I’d have my livies and be first at the fad which can make the world of difference. So with a tank full of yakkas and unfortunately only 3 slimies I headed straight for fad 4. Anyone who wants to chase dollies out from spb you can forget about fad 15 as this thing is sitting on top of sand and dosnt attract three fifths of F all in my opinion. I’ve wasted fuel on previous trips to 15 and dosnt even seem to have rat kings on it. If anyone on here has seen otherwise please let me know but for me it’s a wasted resource. had the joint to myself which was nice but with a drift of 3 and a half knots it made it interesting keeping the boat in gear to stay semi stationary upstream of the fad whilst fighting some decent dollies on my own. Ended up with three hookups all to quite thick quality fish in the 1.2 to 1.5m range. Landed one, pulled hooks on the second and the third was never really hooked properly but was just running with the fish In it’s mouth, excuse the crappy selfy photo. After this they went quiet but I think it was due to the fact they only wanted the big over size livies that swim fast and go down deep. So with only small yakkas left and a charter boat and few other boats steaming over the horizon I decided to head back In close to boat and middle reef to try for some reefies. Got busted off twice on some little jelly been yakkas . But managed to piece together some good size and quite chunky squire, grassies and Moses things started to get pretty quiet now so had a go for some Deep water squid but only managed the one. Headed back across a glass bay before the wind picked up so all in all was a pretty good outing.
  11. Yeah those big blackspot tuskies are still around if you put in the effort ive got a few over the 20lb mark in the last two years
  12. Nice work good eating fish to, how good to the tuskies fight even when there small they go hard Especially if your in the shallows. If you can be bothered take a pair of rubber tipped tongs and get yourself some purple rock crabs from any rocky foreshore and your tusky catch will in crease by a metric buttload (scientific measurement!).
  13. Sorry mate I only seen this just now, I went for a solo mish today would have been glad to help