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  1. Is that a long nose emperor towards the bottom left corner
  2. Well done lads looks like a good haul. That’s a nice solid red and good trout too! I’m jealous
  3. Had my first crack for the season today got half a bucket of medium to larges , between Redlands and mark rocks. They were patchy and only up for a bit due to the big tides. There around in the southern bay, the reports will flow on from people over the long weekend then just wait for some smaller tides and there will be some good buckets on the Southside.
  4. Whilst an unfortunate event and I’m glad you survived such an ordeal. I find it hilarious that you joined this forum just incase the aforementioned “pink Pantie caster” might actually be reading. Mistakes happen bud if you didn’t get badly hurt just suck it up untill your next Lycra clad adventure tight bikes
  5. Epic trip Wayne what an amazing part of the world!
  6. I’m gonna leave brissy around midnight tomorrow and stay out there Friday and Saturday night and come back Sunday I’m so pumped for this I haven’t been up there for so long. I hope everyone else that is heading up has a cracker, good luck !!
  7. Hope you guys have a great trip, that property looks awesome good to have somewhere to come back and recharge inbewteeen big reef trips. What day are you guys heading up? I mite see you out in the reef I’m gonna go up Friday Saturday Sunday if this weather holds
  8. Such a good result for all your hard work. Well done
  9. I don’t mind the closed season if it improves stocks, not a fan of boat limits though. I would have rathered to have seen the minimum size go up five or ten cms and still be allowed four per person. Won’t be much fun divying up the catch if there’s four blokes in the boat.
  10. Nah I had to keep it to weigh in, they taste great. It’s not in That photo as it was caught on a different day.
  11. Yeah this time of year just around that moon they had probably all just spawned
  12. Cheers mate, looks like the forecast just took a turn for the worse, I’ll be lucky to get a brissy trip in the way it’s looking now
  13. Yeah mate, mother in laws lol. I’ve personally never tried them but a mate I was fishing with reckons thier ok if iced bled and eaten straight up
  14. Cheers mate. It’s been ages since I’ve up that ways can’t wait for another trip