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  1. Nah it was caught at sevens, I’ve caught plenty snapper up there but all In 50 to 70 range
  2. jon

    south queensland Offshore With Luvit In Luv-it

    Man that’s absolutely epic,what an awesome experience. I’ve always wanted to see one of them but never have. Was that up the cape?
  3. I’d keep trying along where the cranes are when there is no ships parked up, from memory I think your supposed to be thirty metres from the wharf, though heaps of people just park in close.I’ve got them all along there and would only fish for an hour and a bit either side of the tide change. And had more luck near the lights. Another spot to try is just at the front of breaky creek near Newstead park. Multiple good size prawns hooked through the tail would alway get me best results
  4. I haven’t done this for ages but used to chase them regularly on live bait and found that fishing too heavy a sinker would hinder your chances, try fishing a bait caster if you have one aswell.
  5. jon

    south queensland Moreton Bay Fishing

    Also avoid a big easterly swell on the last of the outgoing tide. These conditions can make the bar stand up and brought a few boats unstuck
  6. jon

    south queensland Moreton Bay Fishing

    Lol, only said half decent coz we lost a lot of big fish, could have been way better. I’m guessing they were big spangles. One or two mackeral bite offs too
  7. jon

    south queensland Moreton Bay Fishing

    Yeah been heaps of tuna there last few days around sevens and boat rock. Small yellowfin, plus bonito and Mack’s. Easy to get on the troll or throw slugs where the birds are working. Plenty of reefies too. I was back at the ramp before lunch two days ago and got a half decent box.
  8. jon

    south queensland 1770 Quick Vid Summary

    Yeah there so annoying, If you only lost two fish that’s not too bad though. we lost a bucketload of good fish a few weeks back and we were using heavy gear too
  9. jon

    south queensland 1770 Quick Vid Summary

    Nice work mate. Looks like a fun trip!What was the shark situation like up there at the moment?
  10. jon

    south queensland A Big Whooaa

    Yeah no good at Caloundra . We chipped away all day for a pretty average box of fish.resorted to heading to some wrecks in 140m just get to some 40 to 50 cm squire Had one good fish all day a cobia about 15 kg which escaped during gaffshot.
  11. jon

    victoria Fish Id

    Disregard the two photos side by side in the middle they are other fish
  12. jon

    victoria Fish Id

    Was this the fish?
  13. jon

    victoria Fish Id

    I’m guessing they were pike they can be a royal pain at times but keep them for bait