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  1. Horse hussar mate I’ve never seen one that big well done!
  2. If your in a boat try any of the areas around the bay that have broken patches of weed bed an sand in between some good ones near the rouse. Look for nice clear water, with long prospecting casts and it can often pay to have a lightly weighted jig deadsticked at the back of the boat as you drift along. If you hook one keep a close eye on it to see if he has mates behind him and cast a second rod in before removing him from the water, there is squid around peel too.
  3. Upper reaches of the brisbane has plenty of options. Places such as kookaburra park, the junction at karralee, mogill ferry. These areas are well known spots for big threadfin salmon and some ok bull sharks too. All of these spots can produce bream and flathead too all the way up towards colleges crossing. Plenty of the brackish species up that far especially in periods of extended drought.
  4. Is the boat a raffle prize or is it won by winning fishing categories?
  5. Nah there were five or six other boats there I was just lucky enough to hit them bang on
  6. Yeah I’m looking for new recipes. I’ve been giving most of them away to friends and family. It’s funny how everyone wants to come visit me when they hear I’ve been out on the water lol.
  7. Hi guys, looks like the rain over the last couple of weeks is starting to do it’s job. Have had few successful missions on the prawns. Even managed to start catching them on the Southside which is nice although Northside seems to be thicker and more consistent results, here’s a few pics from the last couple of weeks. Southsiders id be trying powerlines northsiders take your pic. Cabo , pine, even nudgee. Should only get better over coming weeks with more rain today and tomorrow. Bout bloody time
  8. That’s a horse well done on getting on the gear you using too!
  9. Hopefully he had time to take his steaks off before ghosting his burner in the drink
  10. Good job looks like a whole new boat. How big is your fuel tank?
  11. @tugger not a bad mixed bag there, it’s a bummer bout the boat. Some of those lipper look nice and fat. What are the two fish under the spangles?
  12. Haha poor old spangly gets a bad wrap there not so bad lol
  13. Cheers mate not something I’d do often but have always wanted to try there. How did you guys go?
  14. @straddiebradBit more north of that, it’s where the red pin is in the screen shot