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  1. Just type In fire wood on gumtree under all adds and then refine your search and change price type to free, I did it then for you and got over 20 results for Brisbane area. Hopefully one of them is close and handy to your scout hall/ club.
  2. hi all I bought some new rims and wheels the other day so I have a set of four genuine mazda rims for sale. In great condition and will give a quick polish before sale, 16 inch. stud pattern is 6x139.7 100$ for all for 4 and wheel nuts included.
  3. Yeah looks perfect I’ve contemplated adding something like that to my rig either fuel or water as my where windscreen Meets the clears is right at my eye level so a fifty to sixty litre “ step” would be a great option So I’m not ducking or tiptoeing especially when bar crossing.I think I’m gonna look into it.
  4. A great option so your not governed by the tides just make sure you have good sized anchor
  5. Looks good mate does it need a breather or not really as it is just for storage I spose?
  6. We mainly fish them during the day but they do fire at night too for certain species eg lipper red emporer and reef jacks etc
  7. Yeah certainly was a long run home mark, we even nailed one of the legal reds in 14 metres of water on anchorage at night time which was a great surprise
  8. Suzuki df 200, 2008 model. Not sure what the cause was but the engine did have a few thousand hours on it
  9. Yeah cheers mate, that engine has certainly been put through its paces. Should get better fuel economy with a 250 ap lean burn aswell.
  10. Well My mate got the report back from the mechanic turns out we initially dropped a cylinder then bent a piston rod and eventually cracked the head The whole engine now a complete write off. He said he was very surprised we were even able to get back to the ramp. At least we didn’t have 1500 plus dollar bill from the coastguard for a tow I suppose. Positive is can’t wait for my mate to repower with a new 250 over the old 200
  11. Is it a fibre glass hull or plate ally, what sort of boat is it what sort of engine is it?
  12. Best advice kelvin is go in tandem for your first few trips
  13. Cheers Hamish we’ll be eating good for quite a while! Sounds crazy to most people but I’d rather to catch more big lipper than trout as in my opinion are a far better table fish. Still can’t complain about trout tho
  14. Not sure i Not sure if that was directed at me or cobia but if me always hunt the tuskies In The day. They do some random thing at night where they hole up and some how impede the entry with some slime thing, so I’ve read any ways
  15. Did someone say Tuskies? I mite have to go for an Inspection of these said grounds lol!!