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  1. pcsolutionman


  2. will take offers, needs to go, awesome for bass yellas and cod in the fresh creeks and dams, or up a cree chassing jacks
  3. Regretfully Have to sell my rosco 400 bass catcher canoe due to a massive Vet bill, 30lb minn kota leccy. comes with battery, charger, 2 adjustable rod holders paddles etc. costs $2290 for the canoe alone, new need a quick sale less than $1250 ono can get some pios if needed heres a link to rosco Lee 0401250529 />http://www.roscocanoes.com.au/productdescription.aspx?Sec_ID=263&fulID=389#1]
  4. great day great COD mate goot a buzz just watchn ur excitment
  5. Nice Sesh mate, A longtail round the metre is usually round 10kg so probly bigger than u think Lee
  6. Had a flick with a work mate after work in his canoe, I ended up with 7 Bass and 2 Yellas, and he got a bass mid 30's. Got all my fish on a black and Gold SMak 3/8th Oz Spinnerbait. First fish 10 mins in was this nice little yella that smashed the spinnerbait Canoe side right on the surface. went 36cm 49cm Bass 46cm Yella, awesome colours on this one 44cm Bass I lost one other +50cm bass right next to the canoe, and my mate lost one bout the same halfway through the fight after an awesome surface strike Lee
  7. Should have said ill be landbassed. and Ive got a Revo not an AI Lee
  8. Headin north towards Gympie to chase some wild Bass, also Cod,Yellas,Silvers and Toga in theis water. anyone keen to join me? Terry was supposed to, but pulled out this arvo. I just dont think he wanted to be out done again lol. anyway headin up for a dawn fish. Can jump in with me from the sunnycoast north if needed Lee
  9. Great work midget, nice pb longy mate, your just lucky I couldnt be there to outfish you AGAIN lmao, catchup for another fish soon. what u doin Tuesday??? Lee
  10. haha Yep very Slippery, we both went heads up bout a third of the way down the wall b4 headin back and bush bashin our way through the other side. Well I Bulldozed through while Terry followed a trodden path lmao
  11. Terry wanted to head down to the lost world and have a crack at some of the bass the boys have been gettn onto, So I tagged along, got to the spot just after day break to find Ray already fishn, had a quick chat and we headed downstream. I had a sammy 65 on and got 3 bass in the first 4 casts :) lovin this place already. Terry was throwing an anthrax and not getn a touch so he grabed my second rod with a little crawler on it and was on as soon as it hit the water. anyway we bassically surface fished all morning with cloud cover and rain keepn the surface bite on. I ended with 15 bass Terry Got 3 bass and a silver, nothn huge landed but great fun. even more fun Beatn Terry as usual lol Got a call from the Gf she wasnt gunna be home till late so couldnt resiste havn a flick in one of the many passage creeks on the way home, had to do some bashn but got these 2 nice bass well into the late 40's in the hour i had, once again on the sammy Awesome fun in super skinny water :woohoo: :woohoo:
  12. I had to work till bout 2 but my brother and mate Paul took my boat out bout 10am, they headed to Brays rock and landed over 30 GT's to 65cm and a couple of goldens and a heap of bigeyes. they also Lost 2 Longies getn spooled on one occasion. 2pm came and Jamie met me back at the ramp dropes Paul off and I jumped in for the arvo. There were Tuna everywhere, and they were all Longies, so chased them for a few hours with just a couple of short hookups, B4 pulling the hooks. didtnt hit Rapers till 4:30 but still managed to get onto 8 Snapper and a Grassie to take home. snapper were all early 50's with one mid 60's didnt take many pics Biggest Snapper Also got this, think its a morwong anyone know which species? threw it back, went over 70cm and fought hard Lee
  13. Mate couldnt tell yah what tides work best havnt looked at a tide in like 5 years.definatley fishes best in the arvos. The GT's we have been getn on Slugs and Plastics, just gotta be right in the whit water Lee