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    Hi my name is steve, i 'm a leo and a sensitive new age guy. I like long walks on the beach, romantic dinners and quiet nights at home. oops wrong site
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  1. Thanks Josh... And i wouldn't expect anything less from you boots! Were all good thanks on our little island paridise. "Livin the dream" but searching for some prawn cocktails fror dinner Thanks for your replies
  2. Has anyone got any catches of prawns they want to share? Where, when?
  3. What sort of fuel economy would you get out of this?
  4. After looking at your profile and seeing you live at Redland Bay. Try lookin in the bay and islands!
  5. If you wanna do it right, Evedure />
  6. Great to hear that. I just cringe when i see the locals here leave our jetty in a mess after their night netting and fishing. It's no respect when we have a thousand people useing it every day to go to and from work.
  7. well done troops! Let Bailey know a guy on here wants to know if he'll deckie for me and tell me where dads secret spots are... hehe again well done Sards
  8. I'd drag a lure from Tabby Tabby over to Eden and work the banks for a couple lizards. Their still around, so worth a go in a couple of weeks i guess. Good luck with the bream fishing tho. Cheers Sards
  9. Reading this thread is a reminder to me why i say fuck all anymore. Is it all worth it lads? No! This is a fishing site that i use to enjoy corresponding with fellow fisho's and made some mates out of it... grow up boys, let it go! Regards Steve
  10. Fantastic! but did note you sealed the timber with resin and stringers with glass. Usually we would "evedure" everything thats timber/ ply first. Just keep it in mind, for yourself and other DIY shipwrights. Thinning epoxy resin does a simular job, buts its not a timber preservative. Cheers Steve link below />
  11. hooked_on_trout wrote: :woohoo: Really,i might have to try there
  12. good luck fella's, wish i was there. Weather is perfect this morning. Hope someones got the camera clicking
  13. But I'm better :laugh: Thanks for the recomendation Brian, but I'm stuck on Russell Island and hardly worth it to barge my truck and machines and travel all the way to Narangba for a couple hours of work. But nice to be thought of, Thanks :ohmy: Now Brian, whats this about being "both" top blokes Last time on our drunkin safari together you stuck your toungue in my ear and told me "I was the only one!"