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  1. he was probably using his steez and a high end rod. If you know how to play a fish you can land them on 2lb fireline, it is like 10lb any other braid. I've seen friends land massive fish on UL line you just have to have a great drag and skill. Obviously this jew was breamin bycatch but genreally I don't condone targetting big fish on light line because they don't have a high survival rate. It's ok if you're planning to keep them for a feed but if it is catch and release I prefer to go a bit heavier because I like to let all my jew and threadies go and know they will swim away.
  2. here's the one i got flattie jigging. [img size=429]http://www.australianfishing.com.au/media/kunena/attachments/legacy/images/rikj.jpg
  3. I've been thinking about having a crack there. Don't wanna fish with pellets though so hopefully they will hit lures again.
  4. Nice fish there, Smolts are my new favorite lure even though I had on fall apart on me. A friend of mine you might know is very green right now
  5. No shame in daring to throw big baits for big fish, using UL gear for everything and still donuting all the time is pretty sad though.
  6. Ha ha, when you're throwing around swim baits it is hard to catch luderick
  7. Yep that was a fat fish. They are hitting lures like crazy at the moment. I got one a bit smaller a few weeks ago on a 1/4 ounce jig 70mm Squidgy Shad and 15lb leader jigging for flathead. It was mouth hooked too. It was also right up in brackish water so it seems they must push right up into the rivers at this time of year.
  8. Dan23


    Frog hopping. 50lb braid with a tree stump rod cast the frog out onto the pads then hop it off, the bass are supposed to be able to see the silluoette and actually come out onto the pad to smack your lure.
  9. saltshaker wrote: I think it is Left actually, not sure. it takes about a month to train yourself to wind with the left and it is worth it. I did it and will never go back.
  10. Dan23

    Jack fishing info!

    Tackle is really dependent on where you're fishing. I landed a fair few last year as breamin bycatch on 4-8lb line and leader but I also lost a fair few of the bigger models. Late in the season I started using 40lb leader with heavy Baitcasting tackle when fishing some really nasty structure and that helped a lot and didn't effect the catch rate. Jacks are one of those fish though where the harder you push them the harder they go, if you get them on light line you can land them it just takes patience and a lot of luck. Often guys will fight a fish for 5 mins only to have them dive around a pilon and bust off right at the last minute. As for technique I found that i got a few by simple bream tactics but when i started using long thin slashing minnows my catch rate improved. Also really hot days seem to be best.
  11. were they the Gama or mustard TTs? The Gamas are pretty good but the mustard ones are rubbish. According to one snapper article I read in Modern Fishing there are no jig heads available that are really up to the task but Starlo and Bushy are apparently developing one one super strong VMC.
  12. You're probably right, haven't checked in a while. I know Jeryl has an Alphas 150 he might still sell.
  13. Daiwa Advantage HSTA can be had brand new from US Ebay for about $160. Pretty good reel for the money.
  14. Dan23

    Late night bait

    I think the BP at the start of Kingsford smith drive does but you should just use lures they are more fun and effective.