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  1. U can't go wrong with Gary howard. Got a shikari rod by Gary and loving it ..
  2. Sorry to spoil your "extra Lessons Mate" />
  3. Angus wrote: Im not sure if there is weed, but when I used to fish Bretts Wharf with Jordan, Matt and Troy we got a few squid in the cast net from time to time. So they are there. Angus how large are the squids? it seems tht most of the brissy river squids are pretty small ... the largest i have seen is probably just 4 inches at most...but u never know there might be larger ones around ..:cheer: :laugh:
  4. Hi all I have a BRAND NEW G loomis Crankbait series 6'6 6-12 lbs crankbait bait caster for sale. 300 Aud. Prefer Pick up . Inspections are welcome. :)
  5. get a heartland z or a smith liner.. or preharps maybe even a majorcraft dAYS
  6. AngGoLee


    Hi all .. i heard heaps about drifing soft plastics and bait but i am kind of confuse about how to achieve that and what rig to use and what kind of conditions are drifting good for? :laugh: any inputs would be helpful..
  7. yeah i done some research on the internet and it says its known as " Happy Moments(Siganus nebulosus) ."
  8. Wondering if any of you guys had the worst sting/bite by any marine creatures ever>? and if so feel free to share some remedies .... yesterday went fishing down the coast caught a spiny rabbitfish and in the process of trying to remove the hook , the fish decided to do a flip on its own and the spines went into my finger .. the next thing i knew i was in pain for almost 30 mins:( .. the end result is a jab from the doctor and a very swollen finger and worst of all the fishing stopped... just wondering if any of you guys would like to share some of your experience in dealing with such incident .. i heard that Hot water helps to relieve the pain .. :)
  9. Dan23 wrote: maybe Dan and kev can give u a head start by sharing their Thready spot with you :P
  10. breaky creek , newstead would be good .
  11. terry .. get calais dc instead and form a club... called AFO calais dc lovers club
  12. count me in... might get a break from my studies.. u guys fishing livies or what?