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  1. bootyinblue


  2. Air lock in the tank.... Make sure breather is open?
  3. Daly Cherry Evans wins the Clive Churchill medal? Guess the TAB can't run at a loss.
  4. Don't mind a bet with 10 mins to go.
  5. Great pic, thanks for the report.
  6. What size 'nuts' you putting with that reel Boatguru?
  7. Not sure if it's just my page, but no there are no numbers next to the symbols indicating if you have 1, 2, 200 Pms
  8. Good idea..... At this stage I am covered for 3 years :-D
  9. I thought the idea of a support arm was to take the weight of the leg when itts trimmed up for trailering and transferring that weight to the trailer via a support arm. The leverage from the leg combined with some bouncing and bumping from the road would take its toll on the motor mounts and transom on a whole and therefore supporting it against the trailer takes the weight out of the equation to a large percent.
  10. I still have the spring loaded bracket you posted up and 9 years without a problem, but you you need a cross member at the back of your trailer to support it. Just lowered the motor enough to tension the spring slightly.
  11. Do you lose points if you have posts removed?
  12. But if you add on 'not plumbing up live well.. black grease hand prints on white minn kota.. wrong switch panel and motor having cavitation plate 6 inches above bottom of hull' It's probably worth the trip, and not towing it home again.
  13. Was there for morning smoko today and no sign of anything out of the ordinary. Camp site was filling up fast with holidays starting
  14. Sorry but I respectfully disagree with your comments. Nav lights, life jackets and white light should be standard on every boat in the world!!!! They have a "duty of care" to the person buying the boat as they are heading out into a treacherous environment! After all its a vehicle? Just the way I see it. Going out on a limb here and going to disagree with you. When did you last buy a motorbike and it came with a helmet included in the price that was not listed as a separate item on the bill of sale?