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  2. The beaches around Redcliffe don't hold beachworms, more other types (rockies, blood). I would have thought the ocean side of Bribie would hold them, but have never tried. I think that would be your closest Northside spot. We used to spend most weekends in Yeppoon catching beachworms using tinned sardines with a couple of holes in the bottom to bring them up and then used a piece of cheese in the shape of a wedge. As the worm raises its back we slowly placed the wedge in front of it and it gradually crawled up the wedge. This is a little easier to get your fingers either side of the head / body ... especially for beginners. Good luck, Stewie.
  3. Price dropped to $375. Give me a yell if anyone wants additional details / photos or wants to inspect.
  4. Baldman, spoke to my brother in Rocky this morning. I loaned him the Minn Kota a couple of years ago for the Rocky Barra Bounty. He had a 14 foot Quintrex (shallow hull) with 2 guys (rather large build ) and gear and he said that it trolled well. May give you a better comparison. Brett.
  5. Baldman, I used it on my Rosco canoe (which I have since sold). Not convinced it would push your boat with the 2 guys and gear too well. Others on the site may have a view. It pushed my canoe well with 2 guys and gear, but weight is obviously not comparable.
  6. Price now $390. Motor is in great condition. Well loved.
  7. Bommie: Can I get back to you? I am keen to try to sell as a package initially. Steve: Had a chat with Wayne and he is going to think about things and run it by the wife . He might have to do more of the ironing to get the ok.
  8. Guys, I have my electric for sale. Details are below. I had the motor on my Rosco canoe, which I sold the other weekend, but the that buyer already had a small petrol motor. Simply selling due to the stage in life where I wasn't using the canoe (and thus this motor). Price: $425 Give me a yell if you want me to email any more motor pics. •40lb thrust •Transom Mount •Length (tip to bottom is 1200mm) •Made for use in saltwater •5 years old. Purchased for $600 new. •Well looked after. Has never hit hard bottom •Anderson Plug attached to the motor to position the deep cycle in the front of a canoe •5 forward and 3 reverse gears •Damage to the mechanism that adjusts the depth of shaft into the water, but an alternative mechanism put into place on shaft. Personally I don't use that mechanism, preferring to adjust depth into water by adjusting the angle of the shaft. •Includes Minn Kota Portable Marine Battery Charger (MK110PA). Purchased for $150 new a few years ago. Works well. •Includes Century Marine Pro 600 Deep Cycle Battery (N70ZM). Purchased for $180 new a few years ago. Still holds charge well. Often running the electric for >6 hours in a day •Includes 1m telescopic throttle lever extension.
  9. Been a while since I submitted a report. I usually don't travel with the camera and as they say "no photos, it didn't happen", so recently I have submitted few reports. However, with the start of the school hols, & armed with the camera, I took the kids down to Scarborough to flick for lizards. The day before, I bagged out on some good fish, so I was hoping to get them some action. We started around 2.30pm to fish the incoming. We had one rod, my soft plastic outfit and a packet of 3" Gulp Shrimps in a natural colour and a few 6 gram jigs. We took turns with the rod, and I did the cast for my youngest (Josh, 6 years). The session started slowly, which always worries me with the kids and they started to get restless. We continued to work down the rockwall however. At around 3pm, my eldest (Connor, 8 years) got the first, a smaller one of around 35cm. Josh helped me with the netting and managed to fall in up to his waste, which certainly woke him up . The kids then looked closely at the barbs and proceeded to release it back (with the help of the lip grippers). We then proceeded to get a couple more smaller ones and repeated the process, teaching the kids about size limits and reasons for returning. Must have been Karma. We made our way to the mark that I took a few the day before. First cast there, Connor got hit hard. He battled the flathead, while balancing unsteadily on one of a few flat rocks where we fished. I also supported the rod halfway, but made sure he felt the thrill of the fight and the drag pealing line. Long one short and after some heart in the mouth moments, our first keeper was on shore. This one measured 62cm and we quickly killed and bagged it, getting Josh ready for his turn. I sent Josh's cast in a similar spot and handed the rod to Josh. He did his own unique action and bang, he was on. This one was much bigger and tore the 5kg line off easily. Again I supported the rod halfway and Josh enjoyed the fight for around 2 mins, before the fish headed quickly toward him and not being able to keep up with his winding, the line went slack and it was dropped. While a bit disappointed, Josh wanted to get another cast in. We trimmed the leader (4kg Invisible) and sent another cast out, this time along the base of the rockwall. Again, a fish hit it early in Josh's retrieve and he was on. After a fair fight, the fish came in close to our feet. It was buggered, but somehow managed to drop the plastic in close. As it sat there, I jumped at it and got the net on it. I joined Josh in the "wet from the waste down" club, but he had his first fish on plastic. This one measured 51cm. I did manage to get in on the action with my own 48cm version, but the afternoon belonged to the kids. I was quietly pleased, when it was them pleading for 1 more cast at the end of the session. Looks like they may be hooked. Hope the photos work out. I should have taken one of their faces during the fight, as their expressions were priceless, but I was a little busy. Looking forward to the school holidays and more good sessions. Stewie.
  10. Steve, Save some money and switch your deckie. Not only could Wayne whinge for Australia, it seems he is clumsy as well :laugh: Come Monday, I can't wait to mention to him that you put up a post about him. Something juicy for him to whinge about for the week. Stewie.
  11. Headed down to the Clontarf foreshore for another wading session. Started just before low (around 8am) and finished late morning (when the westerlies picked up and I was swollowing my pills) . Plenty of lizards about. Caught 6 in total (and kept 2 around 45cm). Dropped a heap. Not sure what was going on, but I couldn't land any at one stage in about 6-7 strikes / fish on. Got a bit frustrated. Changed the plastic and action, but no difference. Perhaps just not hungry enough. Was an interesting session in that I forgot the jig heads and only had the one on the rod itself. Fishing around the rocks proved a challenge and managed to get water on the inside of the waders again , but still managed to cling to that jig head for the session. Glad I did, as there was a hot bite late in the morning. Great morning to be on the water. Stewie.
  12. stewie

    some flattys

    Luv the lizards! Yeh, seem to be around my haunts in numbers now as well. Most in the 35cm - 45cm range ... but all good fun. Where did you get yours? Stewie.
  13. Yeh, love catching the things. Pretty easy for novice "plastic" fishos like myself. I have a photo, but no action shots due to the rain ... simply the ones ready for the filleting knife. Stewie.
  14. Tomca, The spots I frequent the most for the flathead seem to be the most productive in Winter, so reports are a bit reflective. My theory is they come into these more shallow areas to get a bit warmer over the Winter months. Hope that continues for the next few months. Stewie.