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    married with 2 girls
    5 and 7 years old fish from my boat and land
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    Offshore and Reef Fishing
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    dont know
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    live prawns
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  1. Malcolm


  2. Thanks Ray A top day. All the Redclaw are now cleaned it;s easier than I thought
  3. Long time between posts and fishing in general for me however I just purchased a permit for NPD and willl pick up next week. Looking foward to some kayak fishing in the next few weeks and months.
  4. Thanks gents I just haven't been using it enough so it has to go it has a bid already
  6. No I havn't mate but thanks I'll check it out
  7. We used to get good fish around there until the rains came. The bottom of the ramp covered in about 30cm of mud and the trailer sank up to it's axle. So I would let your mate about know as his boat is way bigger and heavier than mine
  8. Gave the boat a run today I found the river up here to be fresh. Putting the boat in at low tide was a case of drop it in the mud and wait half an hour for it to float as the tide started to come in. I threw the cast net around for nothing and also tried the Crab pots for nothing. There was not much doing at all. Has anyone else had a crack up this way lately?
  9. I find it very strange that you would never go based on information from others Angus. Information from others is what started this in the first place.
  10. I have no idea mate that's why I'm asking for some feedback.
  11. Could who ever deleted my thread have the respect to let me know why it was deleted?
  12. Warn members my rear end warn them of what,the fact that water police wave and say hello to us or warn us that it is to much fun or warn us that this one tosser may come down there and winge and carry on like a little 5 year old sook like he did at the Brunswick river state of origon and then wee off If would just wee off there would be no problem at all.
  13. sounds like we have a captain :cheer: