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  1. Jeryl


  2. 64.5cm cracker snapper from the river that is just simply awesome! well done mate!!
  3. All Ecogear lures are only $15 each with FREE SHIPPING! Including the new and popular shrimp blade ZX30 too! Here comes the lists: ZX30 from the left: #415, #418 and #420 VX45 and SX40LC: #401, 406 and #RUS 003 PX45: #391, #389 and #381 VT65: #305, #306, #311 Please feel free to PM if there's any question
  4. depends on where im fishing if its more like an open flat area then i'll usually start with something has more weight on such as the Lucky craft NW pencil, and Sammy 65. but for places like canals then Ecogear px45, Smith Towadi and sometimes cicada lures are definitely the go. :laugh:
  5. Buy 5 get 1 FREE special ends 12 midnight TONITE! dont miss out before i change my mind haha :laugh: :laugh:
  6. Jeryl

    bass on sammys

    welldone mate awesome topwater session i just cant get enough sammy for my own haha
  7. just a heads up sx43 #392 is sold out :laugh: others are running low quick too so don't miss out!
  8. jeff f wrote: hey Jeff sorry mate only got those that i listed at the moment cheers
  9. Do$tylz wrote: hhaa cheers mate yea you know im just doing the best for ya come on you know you want/need
  10. nice session man small queenie this size still put up some awesome fight on bream gear for sure! :laugh:
  11. Thanks guys, buy 5 get 1 free special ends on 3rd May so come on quick! :laugh: :laugh:
  12. Hey guys thanks all for your interested but sorry they can't be any cheaper and no pick up...hope you can understand cheers guys
  13. Get ready for some serious breaming New stock on the all time favourite sx40, sx40LC and sx43. Specially imported 2 new sx40LC limited colours: RUS003 and RUS004. From the left: sx40 #333, #332, sx40LC #301, # RUS003, #004, sx43 #392, #381 sx40: sx40LC: sx43: #392 is sold out :laugh: sx40: $12.5 each shipped sx40LC and sx43: $15 each shipped
  14. well done mate haha thats why i thought the boat looks familiar was the 33cm bream caught on the px?
  15. impressive session guys, haven't seen a lot of night fishing lately with such great succeed. well done :cheer: