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  1. Bi_polar


  2. I've got a few here that you could buy cheap. 70 bux should get you one of the good rods I have. Good Fuji guides and winches too, one even has Fuji titanium guides from memory.
  3. There were more bones than in would like to We had a few tastes and decided to boycott the Tarpon
  4. No sure what sort of fish they were....some sort of white bait. As for the smoked jacks....well that was a bit of a strange boatman was smoking them to take back to his family. Once smoked he would just stack them away in his stuff never to be seen we didn't care, he was a really good boat operator and a really funny guy. It's always a lot of fun living with guys you can't understand and they can't understand you. Every night they offered us beetle nut, mustard beans and lime and it was great to be with such humble people. All the others would eat our dehydrated meals but Niko the boatman was really into his clean pure food. One afternoon we caught some tarpon and kept one and as soon as we got back to camp he had a fire built and a stick in it's gob cooking it. (Pic attached) By the way....Tarpon are extremely bony.
  5. Great report Lance and there are so many more things that happened that I pop into my head each day and i have a little chuckle to myself. One of the most memorable was one afternoon when Lance and I were fishing a particular area that was holding plenty of Bass and we were slowly motoring up to a really good looking snag and I looked at Lance then looked down at his rod and Said. "Jeez...give me a look at your rod".....well gullible Lance went to hand me his rod and I quickly fired a cast off to land it right beside this big vertical log sticking out of the water. Well that backfired on me and because I was laughing and trying to get the cast off so quick I put the lure straight over a branch above the log and it didn't hit the water. Well Lance was quick on the uptake and fired a cast straight at the log also and didn't do much better and went straight over the top of the log and tea bagged his lure right beside the log. Well a cranky bass came flying up and grabbed his lure that was barely touching the water and took off. There was a few frantic moments getting it off from around the log and the fish was boated. Lots of laughs and it was released to happily swim another day. That was just one of the many moments that will stick in my head for a very long time. I feel very lucky to have done what we did and it was awesome to do it with a good mate. I think it's best if we add to this report as we remember things and clearly we probably should have written a diary every day. Anyway good job Lance and bring on the next trip. Here's a picture of the hut from the river and some mangrove jacks that were smoked traditianally over the fire in the hut.
  6. I honestly think it must be me though Lance, how can 2 of Daiwa's flagship reels both do it.
  7. I might do one too on the trip, Lance may have a distorted and bias view on which reels performed best. Daiwa v Shimano....... LoL
  8. Still waiting for the report.....sounds like an amazing trip
  9. Sounds like someone is afraid of getting outfished again.... :-)
  10. It was only a matter of time, Bully's are so thick in the bay that we have trouble even getting fish to the surface.
  11. Bring your crayfish traps too guys....there should be a few redclaw floating about
  12. No swell either so you won't get sea sick Lance