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    Father to three under 5 therefore little chance to actually wet a line!
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    Freshwater and Impoundment Fishing


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  1. bru55el


  2. Clearing out my house Giving away 65 fishing magazines, mostly Fishing World and Modern Fishing all from the last 3-4 year. No longer want them, take them away for me, otherwise they go to the dump. Located in Ipswich 0414903870
  3. mate I'll take 2 if there's still any left. Busy with work till Saturday, can call you after that Shane
  4. Give away Sooty Grunter approx 15-20cm Moving house and selling fish tank. Buyer does not want fish. Eats pellets and live food as a treat. Needs to be gone within 2 weeks. Located Peak Crossing, can arrange to meet ipswich if req. Phone# 0414 903 870 / 54672930 Shane
  5. bru55el

    Jungle Perch for sale

    Wherebouts are you located mate? Maybe interested.
  6. Thanks Tom, nice rod, I shall enjoy using it. Cheers Shane
  7. I actually work at the Dinmore meatworks and I can promise you that it would be very heavily frowned upon up here in Qld (ie I wouldn't want to be you if caught:unsure: I've been told by plenty of old timers at the plant that in the old days when the abbatoir water/waste and effluent etc was pumped into the Bremer (no treatment), the fishing, especially sharks, was absolutely awesome. :fishing: Now days any water that actually makes it back into the river is cleaner than river water anyway. Plenty of other stories from old timers too, certainly a very colourful place to have worked throughout time:blink:
  8. Our place at moggill. Copped a big gum tree branch. I was in the shower directly below where it hit at the time of impact. Thought it was just a really, really close thunderclap:unsure: ...until i stepped out, noticed water dripping through the exhaust fan, looked up and saw daylight through the fan.
  9. thanks for the fast response guys, just what i was looking for but couldn't find. thanks very much!!!
  10. Hi all I'm trying to find out tide times for Colleges Crossing. Say a high tide is at 6am at the mouth of the river, how far behind this time is the high at Colleges? Anybody know where i can find this info? Cheers
  11. hey i'll take the jockey wheel please. pm sent shane
  12. yeah i'm with you Fisher_90 usually 2 or 3 but the most i've taken was 5