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    Father of two wonderful girls and very forgiving wife.Love fishing with family and freinds
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    Estuary and Coastal Fishing
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    Softplastic Lures
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    to many to list
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    blood worm for bream or whitting
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    spanish mackral over 25kg\\\'s

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    42cm fork
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  • Flathead
  • Mangrove Jack
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    44cm x 2


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    Motor Boat
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    sea\\\'n\\\' things

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  1. this time I will take the yak and clean up I think.
  2. Well 1 of our OLDER statesman is having a bithday today and a VERY HAPPY BIRTHDAY my old friend, so HAPPY BRITHDAY KREEL and have you finally worked out how LIZ catches fish YET. HAPPY BIRTHDAY MATE. (64)
  3. G'day Jason if this help I have the 2500 and it's an outstanding little reel and with 2 spools i am running 1 wth 6 and the other with 15lb and have caught some pretty good fish on this little bugger.
  4. But taking the piss out of some body is half the fun Like having VIDEO of you chucking your GUTS UP OVER THE SIDE OF THE SS WALRUS LOL
  5. Just a game of who gives a flying fish MANLE OR THE ROOTERS who care's
  6. Hey mark sounds like Andrew needs a reel skipper hey Mark
  7. I see there has been a bit of theis going on latly with a pro crabber getting over 20k in fines after getting caught with 50 more pots then was ment to LOL a$$hole.
  8. can you put up any single or group photos of all the lures
  9. Using soft Plastic's is like using bait your presentation is every thing and you will find lures plastic or hard body catch more fisherman then fish. Don't go out a try to target or 5 species of fish at the start but try and target just 1 at a time. I would try flathead to start with as they will eat just about anything but in there face. If you are going to target bream think about where you are going to fish and what would be living in that area like prawn's , crabs or what type of bait fish they then try to match the hatch. If I can teach both my girls to use plastic's and catch fish it really can't be that hard as they have been using them for about 4/ 5 years now and quite often kick my a$$ when fishing together like yesterday on a tuff day she still caught fish when I got a donut and no that's not that funny anymore. (kelvin) Mate all I can suggest is find some 1 who fishes plastic's a lot that won't be a problem here and try and get a decky spot or if you have a boat offer 1 up and as ant said sit back watch learn and then just do what they do. Good luck.
  10. Sorry horse head decky spot taken by no:1 daughter mate so sorry first chace I have had to get on tonight see you sunday bright and early MAYBE LOL.
  11. Thanks for the kind work KEL but yes Dave i have use my Kayak just the once chasing base and handled me with ease.I think they are about the $650 to $700 but well set up and will handle almost any thing you will throw at them. I was talking to davor last week and he was saying they were bring some new 1's out so you mat get a new 1 for a great price. FREAK SPORTS AUSTRALIA (0401681079)
  12. Might have a spot but won't know untill tomorrow or friday
  13. Good luck with the opening mate I hope it goes well.
  14. I will be there with a 2nd but not sure who at this stage waiting to here back.