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  1. Dubbzy

    Marine Rescue Options

    Update - Joined the coast guard marine assist today for $70. Attached are all the other coast guards that cover you for your membership. If you are in an area that's not the one you joined In and require assistance. Apparently you just need to advise with one your a member of and its all covered. They then hit up the coast guard your actually a member of for the cost of the fuel they spend helping you.
  2. Dubbzy

    Marine Rescue Options

    I was doing the same think this week. Deciding which one I should join. I came up with coast guard over VMR. maily because of the following two points. Coast Guard are staffed 7 days a week and 24/7 on weekends. The marine assist for breakdowns was $70 and covers you for any coastguard team anywhere in QLD. That was enough for me. Joining Coast Guards Redcliffe tomorrow.
  3. Dubbzy

    Vhf Radio

    Hi guys, Just getting back into fishing, new boat and dusting off all the gear that's been stored away. New boat has a VHF radio in him. Where is the best place to do the VHF radio course to get the certificate? Thanks heaps
  4. Dubbzy

    water in your fuel

    I was not running ethanol fuel and the problem went away since, im thinking it might have had some water in it when I brought it home, it only had a splash of fuel in her. All running well now.
  5. Dubbzy

    water in your fuel

    yep, i think it will be easier just to keep full, will have to keep an eye on the glass bowl next trip
  6. Dubbzy

    water in your fuel

    Recently i purchased a new boat , 5.35m glass with a 115hp 4 stroke. Took it out yesterday for a test run and noticed the glass bowl in the fuel filter was full when i got home. I called the petrol station and they said they had no reports of bad fuel. I did store with 3/4 tank of fuel in the hot garage for a few weeks. I found this advice on line. Would this be the likely cause? "If the tank is not full ..when it cools at night the tank will condinsate and water will get into your tank..esp whith the hight humidity we have been getting"
  7. Dubbzy

    salt-away boat / Outboard cleaning

    it says it has rinse aid in it, like the dishwasher stuff. I wonder if its ok on a fiberglass boat
  8. Dubbzy

    Bar Crossing

    you always make me laugh!!!
  9. Hi all. Just wondering if anyone uses or has thought of using that salt-away product http://www.salt-away.com.au i remember seeing it some time ago at the boat show. Cheers guys
  10. Dubbzy

    Bar Crossing

    off it for two - three weeks and moon boot for 8 weeks
  11. Dubbzy

    Brisbane river boat ramps

    Cheers Ray! looking to get my new boat on the water and until i learn how to handle it I'm looking for an easy ramp.
  12. Dubbzy

    Finally got outside!

    great fish mate! hope to join you out there soon.
  13. Dubbzy

    Brisbane river boat ramps

    Hi all, are there any brisbane river boat ramps with pontoons that are protected from wind?
  14. Dubbzy

    Bar Crossing

    i was booked in on monday too! but i broke my foot so couldn't go.
  15. i saw this online and a mate of my had it happen to him down there. He has his tyre nuts taken and the wheel fell off driving over to retrieve the boat. I just can't understand why anyone would tamper with someones trailer