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    What Engine

    Like picking a fishing outfit, your choice is going to depend on what you want to do with it. If you are intending doing long runs with 3 big pie eating mates on board with you then need to be up on the max HP. Alternately if most trips are just going to be you and maybe a mate/misses every now and then lower HP will be fine. You have picked a nice hull that pops out of the hole pretty easily. A 115 will push it along pretty well IMHO. I would expect cruising speed would be 27 or 28 knots at 5000 to 5200rpm with gear and 1 or 2 people. Just remember weight will stop a train, so if you are the type of guy that intends throwing big long range tanks in under the floor, a couple of big eskies and ice, dual batteries, live bait tank, rocket launchers, casting deck etc etc etc then again more HP will be required. You are going to be spending ~ 50k, I would be organising a test drive in a similarly powered boat to what you think you need and weighting it to what you expect a normal load would be for you.
  3. A not so gentle nudge in the back as they lean over the side to lip the fish usually sends the right message Anyone can catch good fish when they have a top skipper putting them on the spot Nicely done gentlemen, even a salty like me can appreciate 50's bass.
  4. Good one, seems you guys had some fun. Bad timing with the thumb. Pretty little fish = Whiptail
  5. They might not test the tackle but they are a great consolation prize for the table.
  6. It's the internet Dino, and seemingly the way of the world now. It doesn't matter how right you may be, trolls taking shots at you is how they get their jollies. Ignore them they aren't worth bothering about and especially not worth replying to at all.
  7. Save for something more substantial. Plenty of land based spots to hone your skills while you are building the budget.
  8. Chewbacoo there is something very wrong busting 40lb just casting unless you are trying to throw a bowling ball My guess is you have a bad runner or two. Grab an old stocking from wherever you can get one and run it up through all of the guides. You will probably find the stocking will catch on any bad ones rather than through smoothly and they will need to be replaced.
  9. Haven't seen toby's for ages, looks like they are getting fancy colors instead of the old options of silver or gold like the bottom one. Nice job on cooking the tailor, I reckon the little bit of burned bit makes them taste great. Looked after and eaten fresh beautiful. They are a ton of fun regardless of where you get them.
  10. If they are legal they are in the esky. 5 @ 25cm doesn't give much of a yield but they are tasty little fish. As others my biggest have come from outside, and like Daryl most come on pillies with cut fish baits also accounting for quite a few.
  11. Good job getting the post up, and even better job catching some great quality fish. A great grand father eh..... a picture of GGD - GD - Dad and Son all fishing together would make for a great wall hanger in the pool room Congrats on the new little one.
  12. Ah yeah that encounter would have gotten the blood pumping :dry: A spanish certainly isn't out of the question for the one that got away. Fun way to spend Chrissy morning.
  13. When I was a young bloke I spent weekend after weekend after weekend after weekend shoveling dirt that had been removed when we got under our house closed in. Finally gave up and got a bobcat to do it. I think full job and spreading evenly and leveling around the yard took it about 4 hours for not a lot of money. If you can do it by hand more power to you, but I would be having a chat to Santy Clause or swmbo or equivilant and seeing if you couldn't wrangle the hire of a suitable piece of machinery to do the job. Budget are meant to be blown, especially for your own private fishing hole
  14. That is a great result, should be more of it.
  15. Will keep my fingers and toes crossed the weather comes up as sweet as you got in the pic and the fish play the game.