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  1. Land based spanish! Doesn't get much better! I've been having a play with bumpa bar slugs with similar success in Hervey Bay on the macks, often out fishing my mates by 5~1 to their conventional style slugs. Well worth mixing it up!
  2. Angus it can be quiet, depends i guess , used to hit it during the week alot after work and would often see a few guys on yaks and the occasional white bucket brigade at the wier on vievers rd, as Luc53 mentioned. Other than that, you should have it to yourself. If you cover plenty of ground, you should find good numbers. Predominately fished surface and have had some magic sessions just on dark, topping out with 30+ fish, double hook ups, savage boofs, all the good stuff.
  3. Good fish. A legal fish is a good fish from there, used to fish it all the time. Plenty of em, just no big ones! Also plenty of white bucketing going on at the wier, a real shame, worthwhile letting fisheries know if you see it, as it goes on all the time.
  4. brisfisher

    goldy sesh

    Yeh boi thats the sh!t Chris
  5. Quality stuff guys. Careful with the go pro footage, don't wanna go handing out spots
  6. Lovin the local poon, good to hear there's a few in there.
  7. The new bassing by catch! Metre bullies in amongst the snags haha that's awesome. And tarpon are too good for livies Mick! woulda killed me sinking a 5'0 through em! What'd ya get em on? just randomly or were they rolling?
  8. Little man woulda loved the arials! Awsome stuff.
  9. Nice bass from the bremer. Keep ya honey hole on the down low mate.
  10. Hey guys looking for a quick sale. Rods a Dawia Light Rock Fish Game ST-RF712X-T 7'1" in imacculate condition,cannot find a single mark on it.Im the second owner of this rod and have only used it the once since purchase,I simply dont do enought light fishing to justify having this rod atm and am in need of a small funds boost for bigger and better things. $150 Pick up at West End will throw up a few pics shortly.