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  1. That's a hell of a haul - well done! I haven't been down to Pt Halloran for a long time.....what did you get those on?
  2. Well it’s Friday and the first day of little/no rain we’ve had. Heading home tomorrow. Managed a couple of 38cm flathead on a $6 Berkeley frenzy from Big w of all things. Took a yak out from the caravan and dragged the lure around for an hour on Wednesday and Thursday. Apart from that, haven’t caught anything. giving the southern rock wall a go tonight with some pillies. Will see how I go I guess!
  3. Been years since I've posted on here! Heading to Yamba on Sunday for a week.....does anyone have any recommendations for fishing landbased? It's bream season so I'm sure there'll be plenty of those. I may or may not get out on the rockwall to throw lures or livies but I'm keen to chase some jewies or the like in the river at night. Happy to take any tips! Staying at the Big 4 Saltwater.
  4. looks like whole pillies judging by that gang
  5. been ages since i've been on here! was just after some thoughts from the more experienced sharkers heading out tonight for a session with a few guys......was just curious about the best place to fit 3-4 blokes. anyone got any thoughts on the following spots? not after anyone's 'spot X' or anything....just need enough room for a few lines Alexander Clark park Skinners Logan river Parklands rotary park road
  6. cheers! is there anywhere to fish the junction land based? the googles look like all mangrove......rotary park rd any good?
  7. Whereabouts is the junction? just trying to get the logan area sussed
  8. there used to be a little book called the Western Hunting Register.....don't know if its still around. the property we shoot on at Texas was advertised in there but not anymore. we get access because we look after the campsite and the farmer when we go.......kilo of prawns or fresh fish goes a long way with farmer who's 400k's from the coast. and we still pay for the privlege to hunt there. pays to look after the property and the owner. you wouldn't let someone in your house to go shooting - got to think of a bit like that.
  9. a mate of mine got one off Kogan recently.....they've got the Black for $379....
  10. Long time no post.....been busy with my 6 mth old boy! So we're taking our first holiday to Lennox to stay in my cousins place while they're overseas....gotta love a free stay! I've got no idea about the fishing down there other than I need a permit........anyone got any suggestions?
  11. other quick thing - what's the best way to keep them fresh? will they last ok overnight?
  12. Thanks Tugger. I knew these guys sold them but I've heard you have to be quick! any idea what the prices are like?
  13. couple of nice bities there fellas what's the bottom like in Schultz? ok for castnetting?