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  1. flatty_catcher


  2. If you ever get water in your tank drop a bottle o metho in cheers
  3. Well done and hope its even better on your next 1000 cheers
  4. try RF Industries If they got what you want it will be cheaper If they dont have it then I guess they don't have it no harm in askin Cheers
  5. threadybuster wrote: I use black magic for a 40lb leader It isnt flurocarbon is it? works on threadies but then again threadies dont have much teeth good cheap brand cheers
  6. Yamatoyo does me I use the standard, but it does come in premium too.
  7. shortie wrote: I can dig up old threads confirming that the woomera blanks where actually marketed as Egrells and they where very expensive (2006-07). they came out with fuji guides. I doubt you have any REAL confirmation. Show me a signed letter or email from Egrell stating he never marketed these rods. Truth is its a venture that went pear shaped MOST PROBABLY OVER FINANCES NOT QUALITY and IMO Egrell doesnt want to pay for the colatoral damage such as warrantys or reputation. Feral landed a good size Barra on his 6-12 lb Egrell, and anyone who picks one up knows they are a good rod..LMAO cheers
  8. so what rod is the recomended rod ? or rods? cheers
  9. i see you got it in the fry pan? taste any good? you obviously didnt do the whole bleed and defin thing.. cheers
  10. Cowfish13 wrote: they could do it I mean for example look at the security on the Port of Brisbane. 2 guys in a boat could hammer the area all day every day. Is it what people want? cheers
  11. cpetrie wrote: just ask your questions on here if your fuzzy a lot of experianced fisherman here had me catching them in no time,,,, chill out and wait for all this rain to stop ficking up the shorebased and esturary fishing. you will do ok, I thinking your recent lack of fish is due to the large fresh we got. cheers
  12. shortie wrote: Post said $80- $120 Nice and helpful yet again. Glug glug glug My opinion, only cheers
  13. buy a loomis little debt never hurt anyone cheers
  14. shortie wrote: To bad if you have a family of 7. Glug glug glug bloke I resent your childish gibber don't tell me about it, I was merely posting an opinion, nothing more. if you got a family of seven then the fish you keep is bigger. big words coming from somone who canne catch more than 3 fish undersized on an outing.. do the math its too profound for you to understand? was just throwing round an idea, I didnt ask for you social approval...thanks anyway Cheers