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  1. Nitris


  2. i wonder why they dont show it racing a hobie adventure with turbo fins.... id like to c that.. i reckon the hobie would smoke that.... In saying that reverse would be handy...
  3. I second this totally illegal in fresh water.. I am not sure though if it is a private owned dam though. Maybe someone else here knows about that.
  4. If that german guy paddled his canoe with that sail all the way from germany to the tip of queensland around the start of ww2 anything is possible.. I wish i could remember his name.. such a champ. He was arrested till the war was over and i think he ended up residing in the north coast of NSW.... correct me if im wrong. just a proper risk assessment will be the go.
  5. Did he say a 4kg bag of ice is the same as 10 liters of water? I must be missing something but im sure 1 liter of water is 1kg unless he is trying to say water expands when it freezes, but there is no way it more then doubles in size. Please correct me if im wrong or show me a link ellicat or something (jokes)
  6. Cracker of a thread Rocket :whistle:
  7. It was good to catch up with both of you. Our day was not as crazy as yours, but you did give us heaps of info on how to fish the place and every drift you guys did u seamed to hook up to something big.. Planetfonz, fids and myself fished artificial's mostly... Fids hooked up to a decant snapper on a lucanus jigg it also had a bump on its head. Planetfonz hooked some bonito, and later on fids and i hooked some mactuna on sp's. Was nice to meet some other members off afo. I didn't take any photos, but fonz and fids did so they may be able to throw some up..... Cheers again shane and mo... both great guys.
  8. All good 51mpl, no need to justify the sale as the rods speak for themselves with a lot of members on this forum loving thiers... i never said they were not good rods.. and like i said "In saying that a nordic rod for $150 is a great price, and it wont last long on this forum." I remember a great thread Noname had going on this site before he got banned about using 2 combos side by side a very cheep one and a expensive setup.. was a great read and if i remember correctly but im sure the cheap setup seamed to have more mojo. But when it comes to casting light lures there is a difference between very cheep and half decant rods. Good luck with the sale, im sure its already gone.
  9. If u want to go a new rod.. Mate really for the money u cant go passed a raider mexican fire II... id get the one piece bream model. Yes u can spend more. Will u catch more fish... well I doubt it. They cast sx40's like a dream and they are like 2.5 or 3.5 gm. I think bcf sell them for $140,, but if u go to mo tackle u can get them for around the $99 mark. I wonder why if those nordic rods are so good that guy is selling his.... In saying that a nordic rod for $150 is a great price, and it wont last long on this forum.
  10. Thats a shame too... they are such good yak traps
  11. Just out of curiosity sake, how do u know ur the only one with them in qld? These were on ebay some time back outta hong kong. Also a guy i bought a kayak off a couple o years back had them, well i guess that is unless u are that guy. He was brisbane based. :blush: They are really great pots for yakking that is for damm sure Hope u have better luck with the next bunch u are preparing This is the kayak i bought off the guy. if u scroll down u can see the traps. If anyone is interested I'm thinking of selling this kayak in a month or two. I have 3 hobies atm and really have to cut it down to 2.
  12. Cheers jason for the kind offer of lending me what i would need to make it higher. I'll defiantly keep that in mind... The more i think about electric fences the more i think that if the dog is in mid flight over the fence it would probably still have the momentum up and come over the fence maybe a little shocked pun intended.. I'm most likely going to have to raise it a bit as my dog will eventually just bound over that.. I'm hoping by then they get along a bit better. Haines has given me a few good ideas on fence design too. And yes chickens do get slayed by some dogs, I guess it comes down the the temperament of the dog as I know some dogs that I was sure would be all over them seam to be scared of chickens, then others of the same breed just want to put them in their mouth and shake the life outta them with the lock jaws they possess. Like i said, it was totally the chickens fault for going over said fence. Its a shame for them too as they can only let their chickens out for a run when the dogs are tied up. I was told this after the fact. So it can only be a pro shooter that can lay a dog down that is in your yard? I was wondering what happened if I'm home i can hear a dog going sick in at my chickens, or dawg. It has one of them in its mouth... Am i allowed to slay it with a hunting bow that I may have sitting there in my animals defense? U reckon the rspca would call killer on me try to lay charges. I'm sure this wont happen and in no way would I be one to kill something for fun. Everyone is allowed to have what dog they want, and My neighbors are keeping an extra sharp eye on their dogs for now. I'm sure we can work out a solution. Your suggestion of higher fence is the only way I can go. Cheers for the feed back guys
  13. yeh i thought it be like that... Already lost a chicken to the dogs (in saying that my chicken did wander onto their property) and its totally the chickens fault for going into the other property... figured the razor wire would slow the dog down fast enough to make it rethink, and was only a part of my property that i have the puppy in not the chickens.... Im fairly sure my land is zoned rural. Also with rspca laws.. u reckon if a dog is in your yard killing ur chickens or puppy and me being the owner of the land and animals has a right to basically stop the dog that is attacking with lethal forces? As your also standing up for other animals that are being unfairly harmed? glass half full situation. I don't think i will use razor wire I was just having trouble finding information on it. Thought someone would know. The prisons do have it in a fenced area, but im sure at places like mt crosby weir its on the fence around the facilities, without a first fence. There are a few other things i have came across. like this cable u run around the perimeter and u can set it to shock a dog wearing a collar that comes within a set distance of ur choosing. just be a matter of getting the dogs to wear the collar. Those setups seam to come with 300m of wire and a shock collar for around $450. I guess im just a bit jumpy as lost a chicken yesterday (chicken should not have been in their yard) and got the puppy yesterday and the dogs were not being nice at all at the fence, which is not high at all. I guess electric fence would also be something to look at. But yeh like i said.. i was more chasing info on it. I dont want any beef with my neighbors over it, and im sure we can come to a solution. Thanks again gents for the quick responses
  14. I was just wondering what the rules are for razor wire in queensland. Have a bit of fence I don't want my neighbors dogs jumping and ripping apart my new puppy. Both of us have large blocks at least one acre the other one and a half acres. So its not like I live in the city. Did a bit of a search on google and I'm not sure. Cheers in advance.