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  1. Eug


  2. Still a little hit and miss, but will be an early season if this weather holds up.
  3. Eug

    Some recent fish... According to this the Broadwater access is through Mingoola. We did bush camp, was 4x4 access though - we accessed through Ballandean.
  4. Eug

    Some recent fish...

    All good bud, I like seeing threads evolve - part and parcel of forums. My dirty weekends book says "The Burrows" for the campsite. No mention of Broadwater. Are you going the southern part of Sundown NP?
  5. Eug

    Some recent fish...

    What were you thinking Ted? Tampons? Jedi you are... :ohmy: :ohmy:
  6. Eug

    Some recent fish...

    My rock fish was 5kg easy!! :silly:
  7. Eug

    Some recent fish...

    He pushed the barb through and cut the eye off. I started recording a video (as mates do) but being on the yaks we needed some hands. I carry a small first aid kit so we did get to disinfect it with alcohol but not sure if he followed it up with a jab. Have just added a scalpel to the kit. Pushing through a blunt hook was not pleasant to watch. :pinch:
  8. Eug

    Some recent fish...

    Will you sponsor me? :whistle:
  9. Eug

    Some recent fish...

    NZ went to the top of my favourite places to go... Got to see some really big salmon they farm there (5-7kg) and the sashimi was excellent. Pics from my camera are pretty average but some of Tina's pics are crackers.
  10. Eug

    Some recent fish...

    Last couple of shots are from NZ, spotted about 5 trout just sitting in eddies. No rod unfortunately
  11. Got a couple of Hobies recently and sold one to get a Tarpon. Have had a couple of trips out with mates, hitting some spots that I've always eyed off but couldn't get into with the boat as well as finding some new spots using google earth. A collection of some pics off the camera, mostly fresh but some salt too. Cheers.
  12. It's a T120 in Camo. I have a screw ball for a rod holder, best feature ever. Thanks for the link though, some good prices there. Can't see why more kayaks do an intergrated design like that. Great yak, there's been a lot of thought into the design and I'm happy with it.
  13. I've bought two hobies recently and ended up getting rid of the yellow one to buy the tarpon. Will be actively plugging sponsors who get advertising space on the kayak proportional to the free gear they give me
  14. Eug

    PNG Mission 2014

    Looks good Gus. What's the damage $ wise out of curiosity?