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  1. Aggro101


  2. What do you think the mouth of the Brissy River would be like tonight?
  3. Hi all. Ive got a mate down from Cairns and was planning on taking him to Moreton, but with this damn wind that's out of the question. Any ideas on where to go? I have a boat and am willing to travel. Cheers.
  4. Ha ha, felt like it too mate, but my son had to be back for work by Tuesday and the creek would have been crap for fishing anyway with that much soupy fresh flooding it if we don't get much more rain, it should be awesome in 2 - 3 weeks though. Fingers crossed.
  5. After many weeks of looking forward to our trip, the forecast was for rain. Nonetheless, we drove the 6 hours Thursday night arriving just before 1am. Plenty of rain in the way, but not when we arrived. To be safe I decided to sleep in the tray and threw a tarp over the top rather than sleep on the ground. Glad I did too, it poured down from 2am. Jake slept in the cab. We were woken by the owners of the campground at 7am with bad news. 200mm of rain had fallen in the catchment area overnight which would flood the bridge out for several days when it makes its way into the creek. Basically leave now or be prepared to stay for a week. The creek was already looking pretty murky, so we decided to head home and try again around new years. 6 hours drive there. 6 hours sleep and 6 hours drive home. That was fun, lol.
  6. Yes mate, for some reason it wouldn't post with the co-ordinates showing, I couldn't even seem to type them in without them turning in to a bunch of x's. No idea why hey, LOL.I promised the mate that took me out that I wouldn't share his spot on here, all I can say is it is on the outside of Moreton about 1 and a half hours from Scarby. Just shit stirring man! Don't share marks, you work hard for them. Moreton is easy anyway. Head to the cape then spot the 1000 other boats. I know you were mate We saw the thousand other boats a long way off in the distance from where we were. Noone seemed interested in following us out where we were.
  7. Yes mate, for some reason it wouldn't post with the co-ordinates showing, I couldn't even seem to type them in without them turning in to a bunch of x's. No idea why hey, LOL.I promised the mate that took me out that I wouldn't share his spot on here, all I can say is it is on the outside of Moreton about 1 and a half hours from Scarby.
  8. He gave me his mark in return for several of mine, so I'll definitely be heading back there in my boat after my Baffle Creek trip next week. I'll try micro jigs then . Cheers.
  9. Hi all I had a few firsts yesterday, 1st time on someone-elses boat in several years was good enough and they day just got better from there. My second first was going out without bait (yes, on purpose), I decided to give plastics a really good go. We left scarby at 3am to head out a bit from the lighthouse around smiths reef, brennans etc trolling for mackerel with skirts and hardbodies. No mackeral, but the second first for me was a marlin! We boated 2 of them for the morning in the same general area on skirts, nothing hit the hardbodies. We trolled our way towards GPS coordinates SXX.XX.XXX EXXX.XX.XXX. (not showing up for some reason ) without any further hits along the way. Once we got to spot X in 90 metres, I had another first, snapper on plastics. I was stoked how well they worked once I got the weight right (3 ounce by the way with 7 inch gulps). The 2 guys with me used baits, and I caught 8 of the 12 we kept on plastics to their 4 on pillies. I am a plastics convert now. I could only get 2 on each gulp before they were mangled beyond recognition, but well worth it. Every drift was pulling up 1 or 2 snapper. They seemed to be coming up to hit them on the drop about 20 metres off the bottom. My next first was getting busted off by a snapper. Got him within sight of the boat after 20 minutes when he went for a massive run. My leader snapped and I ended up on my arse, much to the delight of my shipmates. Best guess is well over a metre long from what we saw of it. Note to self, Less Drag Next Time! The fish went quiet, be we had our bag, so we headed back to the beacons to jig for mackerel on the way home. That's where I got my last first for the day, never jigged up a mackerel before. It's simply too easy, I couldn't believe it. All in all, it was a great day, very long, but great. Snapper shows on the sounder The 4 I kept Our combined bag One of the marlin, the other we released whilst it was still in the water.
  10. I love these sorts of reports, it lets me know that I'm not the only one who has had shockers on the water. :cheer:
  11. Hi all My son (Jake) and I are taking the boat back to Baffle Creek for 4 nights. We did pretty well there several weeks ago and I've heard the jacks are back! If anyone wants to come along and catch up around the campfire for a chat about the days fishing, feel free to join us. it'd be great to meet some more AFO members Cheers, Chris.
  12. Must get a recipe for tim tam pancakes, lol. Great report!
  13. Hi all, I posted some rods on th FB page and it was suggested I post them on here as well. It is probably my ignorance as I have never put a classified ad up before, but I got redirected to this page when I posted it. Does that mean it didn't post? payment page Do I need to pay a fee to post ads? Happy to do so if need be, but just wasn't sure as I have been a member on here for several years. Thanks.
  14. That was one of the bigger jumps, it took us a few jumps to get the photo just right. We didn't have climbing gear with us, so the climbs were free climbs and therefore no photos of us mid climb. It's too hard to take pics while hanging on a cliff without safety gear. We are planning a day trip back to 1770 when we go to Baffle Creek around Christmas time with a photographer.
  15. Hi All, I tried to post this from my phone last week, but failed miserably. On the PC now, so here goes. The plan was to sleep rough at 1770 for 3 nights and fish offshore. We arrived about 9.30pm, had camp set up in about 30 seconds and were straight to sleep. Saturday morning came and unfortunately the wind was against us from the start and my boy was burlying over the side in a matter of minutes. So we went inside the mouth of the river and fished our little hearts out with no real success. This is about all we could manage. We persevered for Saturday and a bit of Sunday before deciding to go for a walk and have a look about. There is some great scenery from the top of the point. We went the hard way around with some rock hopping and climbing to get to the top. After this we made a spur of the moment decision to go to Baffle Creek for the last night. We were packed and on the road in 10 minutes. After we arrived at Baffle, we had the boat in the water straight away and Jake had the first fish on board in a matter of minutes. A nice little bream, followed by several others. A nice mix of species in the creek there, bream, grunter and Jew were all caught in the last night. Many more species in other parts of the creek apparently, so we'll have to go back and stay longer next time and chase some jacks and trevally.