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  1. Tim, I have post this some where else for you also. Red.
  2. Sold, pending all the usual stuff. Thanks.
  3. Hey all, my brother won this on the weekend, but he has already got a couple of them. So he is putting it up for sale. It is brand new, never had a reel on it. Samurai 203, 7’, medium fast action, 1 pce, 2 - 6lb and weighs 100g. RRP $449 Wil sell for $320. Rod is at Holland Park in Brisbane, but you can pick up on the Sunny Coast also. PM me or Red@RedManDesigns.com.au
  4. Still for sale, these are a fantastic rod!
  5. Hey guys, I'm going to be selling some of my brothers bream gear for him. He is changing things around and clearing some heavier and excess rods... I would buy them, but I have them already!!! Egrell S1. Excellent condition. Perfect for a 1003 - 2000 sized reel. 1-5kg (2-10lb). Lures .5-5g (1/64th - 3/16thoz). Seven foot, one piece. Has the latest Alps Stainless guides. Presents as new. $300. Rod can be picked up at Holland Park, or Dicky Beach. PM me or Red@RedManDesigns.com.au __________________ Red
  6. Hey all, I have a BRAND NEW, never seen the water, Certate 2500 sitting here. Spooled with 14lb Nitlon, box, papers etc. $300 for the stock reel with line, or $350 with the RCS Powerknob as pictured. The knob is brand new also. Just don't use it obviously, so could use the cash for other things. Postage will be extra. I will deliver on the Sunny Coast.
  7. Jezuz, $20 is a bit different to the $400+ I have been looking at. How do you think they would stand up agains the inshore GTs in Fiji?
  8. Just seeing if anyone wants to part with one can't really afford a new one. Nitro Magnum Butt or Viper would be good. Would be keen to hear of any other options around the 6-8kg class. Let me know. Not needed till March 2012 so no rush....
  9. Braid and spool pending. Only the rod left....
  10. Take $10 off everything and include postage.
  11. yeah sorry the size is 2004 mate, looks like it might have gone though... Standard handle, not the RCS handle, sorry that link shows the RCS upgrades.
  12. Ok changing things around a bit, so these items have to go…. Nitro Ultrabream Finesse 1-2kg 2 piece rod $190 Has a couple of scratches from jig heads on the first guide outside, not inside. Will post pics of this. />http://www.innovatorrods.com/nitro-ultrabream.html Daiwa Caldia Kix 2004 SOLD New I’ze Factory RCS 2004 Air Spool the red one $150 />http://www.plat.co.jp/shop/catalog/product_info/language/en/products_id/10466/rcs-spool-2004-red.html YGK Nitlon PE braid 300m 20lb brand new unopened $60 />http://www.bluewater.net.au/catalog/product_info.php?products_id=741 PM or Red@RedManDesigns.com.au