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  1. haha no runners up. Winner takes all. I wouldnt want a trophy that signifies that us Northsiders got hammered
  2. good old uni knot for me. works on 4lb leader chasing bream and 100lb mono leader chasing sharks
  3. just an FYI everyone, if youd like a trophy then please let me know by the end of the end of this weekend coming up. ill be ordering them Monday the 28th.
  4. @Drop Bear sorry mate that Mackerel photo of yours doesnt work for me. If you could post it here ill add it to the list!
  5. First of all, well done to everyone who competed in this years comp, we had a fairly big amount of interest and banter which is the whole reason of the event. Secondly, well done to TEAM SOUTH for a dominant win. There is no other way to put it except for it was a crushing defeat with an 11 species to 1 win. Well done to our Champions listed below Yellowfin Bream CHAMPION @Daryl McPhee 33.5cm Australian Bass CHAMPION @rayke1938 39cm Whiting CHAMPION @Daryl McPhee 36cm Flathead CHAMPION @AUS-BNE-FISHO 55cm Snapper CHAMPION @Junky 78cm Mulloway CHAMPION @Allnighter 103.5cm Golden Perch CHAMPION @rayke1938 42.5cm Tailor CHAMPION @samsteele115 45cm Tuna CHAMPION @tugger 51cm Mackerel CHAMPION @Drop Bear 49cm Cod CHAMPION @Breaming with bro 41cm Trevally CHAMPION @samsteele115 54cm As said before im happy to arrange trophies for each category and for each winner of TEAM SOUTH if you would like one. Completely up to you (cost of trophy + postage if you want one). Just PM me if youd like me one and ill get the ball rolling
  6. game set and match to Team South. Ill put together a winners report soon @AUS-BNE-FISHO last night at 8pm was the last chance to submit any captures. i dont think Team North could have turned it around today anyway haha
  7. if you dont bleed the bullies, they taste like rubbish
  8. nudgee is a pain at low tide. doable but just needs a bit of local knowledge otherwise scarborough is great
  9. i cannot catch an upgrade to save myself! Well done to Breaming with Bro for getting the north on the board. Leaderboard updated
  10. I’ve seen a few different options for that heat problem. Some use carpet, some use astro turf. il leaning towards marine ply at this stage. Much easier to work with it seems. thanks @Junky
  11. hi everyone, time has come to replace my boats floor. current floor is rotted, split and has fungus in it. Has anyone upgraded to checker plate instead of opting for marine ply? i know the price will be fairly different, but the ply only has a certain life expectancy compared to checker plate. But, the marine ply would be a lot easier to do myself.. Would love to hear feedback for either marine ply or cheker plate. thanks
  12. yep ill pay that @AUS-BNE-FISHO well done mate. leaderbiard updated