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  1. Hey team has anyone ever seen or used a transom mount trolling motor as a bow mount? (Pic below) im thinking of setting it up on my boat like this. Mainly because of the rails and placement of the anchor. I’d imagine it wouldn’t be as easy to use as a foot pedal controlled model....but that doesn’t bother me all that much. pics below are of my boat currently, and some pics I found on google of the setup I’m talking about
  2. having never crossed a bar yet (on my to do list) i dont think any are safe as such, more comes down to the weather and conditions. for example, i saw the bar between caloundra and bribie the other day was flat as a fresh water lake. Yet other days ive seen the VMR boats struggle to make it out. My suggestion would be to read as much info as you can, then attempt it with another boat on standby just in case things go bad.
  3. ive seen these used need to worry about trying to stab the fish to get it up. Just lower it down, guide the fish into it and start pulling.
  4. I used to be part of a few car club forums too, they have all but died off. the age of forums seems to be slowly declining having said that...i find i get a much larger overview of fishing reports etc by being a part of facebook groups, not to say this forum isnt great. i find this forum to be a much friendlier and close nit group of people...which is why i wont leave! i think the Facebook groups are just a different way of sharing information compared to forum websites. both have their for and against. i know a lot of people are against Facebook and think its the devil, but like most things on the get out what you put in. I know there is a facebook page for this forum, but is there a group?
  5. on a separate note, i tried to log the details of the tagged bass i caught...not in the suntag system. thats disappointing edit: i take that back, yes it was. had grown 7mm in 6 months
  6. Great day out, thanks again Ray. after many trips out to the dam, I finally popped my yellow belly cherry!
  7. thats te second time in as many days that ive heard good things about this lure. Might have to grab a pack
  8. fantastic. Might even bake up a fresh batch of brownies for the boat to bring with me
  9. gday Ray, id love to come on out again with you if the spot is still available?
  10. haha you cheeky bugger valid point though. otherwise 20 northsiders could catch a 24cm bream each which would beat one 40cm southside bream. So im thinking the best fish from each side is counted, that way its not about the number of fish caught and still about the best fish caught.
  11. that rings a bell in my head too, ill try that next time i go down there
  12. the thought crossed my mind as i watching Game 1. Given ive missed the first game, i might adapt it to a single round, but as you suggested for a longer period. Also toying with the idea of a different scoring system. So rather than the "biggest" of any category, have some sort of scoring system for every species caught. that way, everyone can contribute to their "teams" total. Still trying to figure out the best way to run that.
  13. i had that same issue last year, still yet to crack the secret. Ive heard of blokes throwing spears at them in the shallows!
  14. waiting for the barrage of abuse now... neither, it was an exploring mission to see if they had showed up yet. might try and grab a couple tomorrow for dinner this weekend