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  1. i find the scarborough ramp to be great. nice an protected, heaps of parking
  2. nice one man. Hows the dolphin fish go for storage? ive heard some people only eat it fresh and struggle to store it
  3. I dropped it off at Auspost on the 30/10, delivered on the 18...pathetic
  4. Wow that’s slow! I could have walked it over from the north side faster than aus post! Sorry it took so long mate
  5. what a weapon! nice one man
  6. Very cool catch. Good to see it was taken care of too. Hook was out fast, few pics then they swam it out twice
  7. Hey team! I went shark fishing last night in the passage (caught nothing), but there was a group of lads 200m down the beach from me who hooked into this monster while targeting sharks too. It took half a freshwater eel bait. I’ve only ever seen a few caught in SEQ land based. I’ve also heard rumours of giant cod and grouper living under the bridge, so there must be some truth to it! She was released and swam away strong. Catch of a lifetime for that Bloke!
  8. Jigging braid is multi colour (changes colour every 10m) so you know how far down your jig is
  9. You know I’ve never heard of bass being targeted with them. Do you fish deep with them or along weed edges etc?
  10. Howdy all, This was from a trip a while ago but i never ended up doing a report for. i wanted to put the "go to" bream lures up to the test and started with the Ecogear bream prawn 40mm in the salt and pepper colour. Worked really well and is a very lazy style of fishing really. Cast against structure and let the un-weighted soft plastic sink slowly in front of the bream. Ended up with 5 bream, two of which were a decent size. My goal is to use the cranka crab next, see how that goes! I put together a video for anyone who wants to watch.
  11. @Kat that will be fine for small sharks and mackerel. As @Old Scaley said the more important part is the leader. 20lbs is a good all rounder size for many species on that sized reel
  12. January will be a great month. They are starting to be caught now and will continue to get better over summer. @Kat I’m fairly confident we can get you into a shark! Right place with the right bait, very confident it will happen January will now be known as shark month! By then my boat floor will be fixed and I will be able to take some people out
  13. i understand where you are coming from Kat, and its a hard question to answer. Is my thrill enough of a justification to go fishing in general? for me it is. The whole idea of sports fishing has developed into a huge industry of which many people make a living from. Plus my thrill extends past just fighting an catching a fish. i love the experience of being in such close contact to such a cool animal. Can only learn so much from a book or internet video. i think it also comes down to individuals morals. As someone who as copped a lot of flak for shark fishing in the past, one thing ive found interesting is that people have zero problem with me fishing for mullet to then cut into pieces to use as bait to catch bream, but for some reason when you say the word shark...people lose their bananas. As if sharks have more feelings then other fish etc. Are my actions of taking a mullet purely for bait to catch other fish justified? for me it is. Also, the bigger the shark, the more "offended" people tend to become. When you say to people that you tag sharks for a research program, their anger usually magically disappears. Which i think just shows peoples moral compass limits on the issue. @Drop Bear makes a great point about the experience and education side to it. I once caught an extremely rare type of hammerhead shark in the bay which i tagged and released. I was the contacted by someone from a university who wanted as much detail about the shark, where and how it was caught etc. They were very surprised to see this capture. This wouldn't have happened if i wasn't fishing with the intent to release. Also begs the question, if someone else was to capture this and taken it to eat...would have taken a very rare shark thinking it was just a normal hammer of legal size, which was my thought at the time. To each their own, and you make some really valid points. This will be a topic that will always be slightly contentious issue. But good on you for outlining your point of view on the matter and not just bad mouthing the couple in this video. If only everyone else was that civil and nice lol