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  1. hey mate, welcome to the forum. ive got a little one too, so fishing time is few and far between for me these days as well. soft plastics are a bugger of a thing, they can be so frustraiting then so rewarding. Persstance pays off though! it took me about 10 years to catch a bream on a soft plastic, then the next session (a few days ago) i did really well and caught 5 solid bream. are you landbased?
  2. No worries Hamish let me know if he is happy to drive out this way might be a good excuse to fish the mighty north side!
  3. Too easy mate. Happy to hang onto them until you can pick them up
  4. Hey all ive got a bunch of surplus tackle boxes and storage. Free for anyone who wants to come pickup. Located north lakes
  5. Hey all im just clearing some gear away and thought someone here might want to start filming their adventures. Up for sale is my hero 2 with case and a bunch of accessories/ mounts, external mic, float handle, float case backing, Too much stuff to list. I’ll let the pictures do the talking. Doesn’t come with a charger (which is just a micro usb). last video I shot with it is below (get an idea of the quality of video) $50 pickup from North Lakes
  6. i will get around to ressurecting a few new ideas floating around my head for this year!
  7. christophagus

    Nrl 2020

    last night was hard to watch...i knew it was over after the first 2 tries. Just made it look too easy.
  8. donkey forkie. Awesome session Ray and crew!
  9. wow been a long time since ive seen @crazywalrus on the forum! good session gents
  10. Plus those poor old famished pelicans need good feed from time to time im really hoping to get a small tinny setup for NPD a the end of this year, such an awesome family freindly place to fish.
  11. im 6'1, my wife says the same thing about my rig oh my boat? its 5m
  12. For anyone interested, I put together a video of the teip
  13. I went out with a charter in Hervey Bay who did not believe on sneaking up on the schools. He literally drove right up to them every time and it did not scare them at all! Cant do that here ive got a Quintrex 5m coast runner
  14. never kept one to be honest, only ever caught a handful of them. Ive used them fresh before and whole. Unsure about the best way to keep them