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  1. id call it a small dusky whaler, plenty about in the bay. Chances of a reefy around the mile would be pretty slim. Plus i think black tips have a higher dorsal fin than what this little shark has
  2. actually its easy to still do this circled in blue shows the latest topics, while circled in red shows forum activity (latest posts) no fix required, just click on what you prefer to see and save that as your favourite
  3. Didn't there used to be a few types of views? including... Latest posts Latest topics that way if you want to keep up to date with the latest posts, you can. Alternatively, you can just scroll the the latest topics.
  4. Happy weekend everyone Trying to minimize the amount of gear I have as it’s just getting to the point of being overly cluttered. So instead of throwing out some gear, I figured I’d give it away for free. There must be a youngster out there or someone knows of a young fisher that would appreciate some gear. It’s not much, and not the greatest quality but I’d rather see it goes to use rather than go to waste. The lures need new trebles ive got a tackle box, a few small hard bodies and a few blades, rod, small overhead combo and a well used brag mat.
  5. yeah id be happy to grab a few aswell
  6. Great looking location, nice work on the PB's
  7. Rod was already broken by that stage. Only a shimano sonic, so no great loss
  8. couldn't agree with you more @Luvit especially in my position, when 3 new tyres really isn't a big expense for the level of safety they provide.
  9. Cheers mate im not too fussy on locations. mainly, I try places that don’t have as much fishing pressure. Makes a big difference in my eyes. but I like places with nice long channels that are close to the bay and river mouths. Also, places that have good amounts of bait around is a plus. I’ve been fishing this particular spot for 7 years or so, still produces the goods
  10. Nice one for me, I like to keep them in the water just deep enough to cover there gills, but not deep enough that they can swim and maneuver easily. That way you have greater control of them and less chance of the shark getting to you. So keep the head in the water, and the tail mostly out of the water. They can still thrash around but can’t really move a whole lot. So just be cautious of the tail. Doesn’t look like much, but this pic was courtesy of a tail slap from a 80cm shark I caught yesterday. Also removed some skin on my toes....Still stings haha A tail rope can also be a good tool to use. Control that big powerful tail, and you will be much safer. Otherwise, just attempt to dehook it boat side.
  11. I feel like most of my reports start with “after many hours on the water for nothing, I finally hooked into some action” Does anyone else seem to have numerous bad sessions before stringing a few catches together? Maybe its just me.. Anyway, this trip could have easily ended in disaster (ill explain later) but it turned out to be a good morning out. Motored to our spot, rigged up and threw some freshwater eel baits out. I hadn’t even sat down for 60 seconds before both rods go off. My initial thought was that one has gone off and tangled/ taken the other line with it. So I grabbed one rod and set the hook while my wifre grabbed the other so we could untangle them…as she wound the drag up, she hooked into one as well! DOUBLE HOOK UP! A few minutes of chaos followed by two bull sharks in the boat, fun times. Hooks out, quick snap and both released. We both ended up with another shark each totalling 4 for the morning. We had another 4 runs but no hook ups. Super fun fishing on light gear. On another note, we broke one rod in the process but continued to fish with it. Ended up boating the biggest for the morning at 1 meter. Must say, hooking and catching a 1m shark on 10lb line with a broken rod is a challenge haha On the way to the ramp, I noticed the trailer started to tow strangely, one side was bumpy. Being so close to the ramp, I just soldiered on. Launched the boat, came back from a few hours of fishing to see this…. Completely flat tyre that was absolutely shredded! Must have hit something on the highway. Scary stuff, could have ended a lot worse. Luckily, I had my spare ready to go. But it has put the wind up me, so im not boating again until I get new tyres. So lesson learnt…always have a spare ready to go! also made a short video montage of the day. Enjoy!
  12. How far from Mud do you fish? How far do you travel to get it into shallow water?
  13. $100-150 would be sufficient for how id use it.