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  1. that eel is perfect bait for bullies! plus you will fin that not much else will take it. Catfish still will have a nibble but not as much compared to other baits.
  2. it will do both of those things...but probably not the best option when you talk about chasing snapper, do you mean big snaps offshore or more bay sized snapper? id think a 4000 sized reel would be much better suited. i use 4000 for pelagics in the bay. 50lb braid is very heavy for the bay. My 4000 reels have 20lb and 30lb on them
  3. So where does this leave the memberships for the PRFMA? it has had the same notice on the website for a while now. we have had alot of rain so far in 2020 to he point where NPD now hasto release water...will we see new permits available for purchase?
  4. yeah you can do, ive been stuck by cat fish spines before...they give a good tickle!! just a quick snap off with the pliers does the job.
  5. that caty would be a great sized live bait.. keep persisting mate! enjoying the reports as i dont get to fish much these days hah
  6. pontoon 21 greedy guts in the black and gold
  7. To be honest I just saw some disturbance in the water so decided to go investigate
  8. haha yes it was a dugong. there is a healthy population of them in the passage. last time i had to wait putting the boat on the trailer as two of them were floating by right in front of the boat ramp pontoons that wake was nuts! such a big animal, gotta love nature
  9. I was part of a Facebook run kayak comp over the weekend. The target species was Mangrove jack (which no one managed to land) We launched at about 6:30am from Banksia beach, and myself with a fair few other competitors headed straight up the canals. I was hit by what I can assume was a jack very early in the day, it hit like a train at full speed and I never had a chance to get him out. He dusted me up in about 10 seconds…straight through 40lb leader! From there on it was a quiet day, I managed a small cod and a big eye trevally. Both caught on Zman Swimmerz in motor oil. There plenty of schools of trevally around, but they were hard catch, they weren’t taking much. I sounded out a lot of bait school with fishing surrounding the bait…my guess was more trevally. I trolled through them, threw paddle tails, jigged prawn lures….but could never get a touch. Finished up around 12:30 when I was knackered from the belting heat. Also ran into the nessy of the passage on the way home….he/she created a massive wave when it scurried away as I got closer. Vid below too All in all it was a tough day fishing, 7 hours on the water for 2 fish but I must say, it was great fun to fish in a comp again…maybe the Moreton Bay or Bris River classic might make a come back on day…here’s hoping.
  10. pillie wont last 5 minutes mate, it will get picked to pieces. if your buyung bait, go whole squid or whole poddy mullet (for bullies anyway)
  11. thats a very light coloured cod. great morning fishing! also holding the shark like a pro now haha nice one man
  12. i only ever make the cuts in the mouth if the shark seems really tired and i want it back in the water fast, or as a last resort. i do prefer to just remove the hook but sometimes it isnt that easy. Just make a judgement call on each capture. Just be super careful when you are up close with the knife, those little bullies are deadly quick!
  13. Watch this video mate. Skip to 11:30 to watch how to get on top of the shark like I explained above
  14. couple of things mate 1. dont be afraid to make a small cut in the side of the mouth where the hook is to get the hook out. in my eyes, getting the hook out and shark back in the water fast is the most important thing. So a small cut to release the hook fast is a good option 2. depending on the shark size, use your body weight to control the shark. so you can basically have the shark between your legs with a knee on each fin. you will have complete control over the shark and it wont be able to bend around to bite you. (ill try to find a picture of this) 3. otherwise, just pin it on top of its head and push with all your force to pin it on the ground. (ill post a pics up of this too) once youve got control of it, then juse pliers, dehookers etc to remove the hook. ive found that pliers are fine, just takes a bit of shaking to get it loose sometimes. the smaller sharks are more dangerous in my opinion, they can bend back on themselves alot faster and easier than bigger sharks.
  15. great report mate. those bull sharks can be very acrobatic sometimes.