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  1. well done to catch that bone fish, im sure many folk would be envious of that! thanks for the report
  2. ive been out a few times in my own boat where im convinced i will sell it as soon as i get back to shore, it is an evil sickness. I now force down breakfast and have a travelcalm (blue one) which really helps me out alot
  3. The weather according to Willy weather was a bit of rain with very minimal wind on Saturday morning. Given it was a long weekend, I thought most people would write Saturday off and give either Sunday or Monday a go. We arrived at the Scarborough boat ramp which already had quite a few cars and trailers already parked up. Hit the water and off to the measured mile to see if anything was about. It was at this stage we knew good old reliable willy weather was wrong…the bay was sloppy and much windier than predicted, but we pushed on. A few drifts resulted in nothing at the mile so I set course for the 4 beacons. We drifted past every beacon multiple times for no fish, nothing on the sounder either. Having no experience at this location, maybe they fish better if you anchor up there? I’ve read reports of people catching cobia, snapper and kingfish here as well as the usual pelagics. Guess I’ll have to go back and try next time! In my planning for the trip, id also read that the tuna will show up anywhere in the channel that runs along the inside of Moreton. So, we headed in closer to the island cruising in the main channel and bam, the first school of tuna turned up. First cast and im hooked up, only a small mack tuna which we kept as shark bait for later on. About 30 mins later we found another school hitting the surface, by the time we got within casting distance, they were gone. But I remember reading a while ago that if the tuna go down after you get to them, just let your lure sink to the bottom then crank it back…which worked this time! Another slightly bigger Mack tuna was boated then released. Just goes to show, that properly researching your target species can really be vital. We then just cruised along the channel in between the 4 beacons and Tangalooma watching for any surface activity. Ended up chasing another 10+ bust ups throughout the morning for no luck. We decided to anchor up near a beacon and put the shark bait out (half a tuna). Didn’t take long before the reel was screaming, but it wasn’t to be… 5 minutes into the fight we dropped whatever it was…bugger. Given the bite marks on it, id call it as a bull shark (cutting marks on one side and puncture marks on the other side) After retrieving the bait for inspection, we had a local come say hello. We threw out half of the tuna for him which he smashed then swam away. A few minutes later, he was back and just sitting 5m behind the boat as if to say…”is that all? im still hungry”. He must have been one of the dolphins that visits Tangalooma as it was very tame. We were able to get some cool clips of the dolphin taking the tuna under the water. 0D91D2E1-C196-4D73-8D31-4B78B6996CDD.MOV89D713FE-57D1-442E-9099-A5EE76CC0E02.MOV On the horizon we could see the rain rolling in, so we decided to give the other half of tuna to the dolphin and steam on home (that and every time we tried to float the bait out he would play with it). Funnily enough, the bay was flatter on the way home, only taking 32 minutes to get from Moreton to the boat harbour. All in all, a semi successful first trip to Moreton. Since being a little kid, I’ve always wanted to take my boat over to Moreton, which I can tick off the bucket list now. Probably could have picked a better day to do it, but it was a blessing in disguise really. Now I have much greater confidence in my boat’s abilities to handle poor weather! Until next time…
  4. great trip away by the looks, some quality fish too. Just shows that picking through the smaller stuff will eventually pay off with a solid fish.
  5. unlucky mate nice snap. i havent chased them for a few years now. might be time to get back into it and hit good old mud island and the port wall again!
  6. sounds like alot of fun. Just need to talk myself into doing a bar crossing then ill be fishing down there as well.
  7. agreed. Even when 99% of rec fisho's have the same common goal, its funny that we can still be divided on topics relating to fishing.
  8. yeah i disagree. i dont know about you, but i've seen plenty of people catching good fish over the break. if it was as "wiped out" as you say it is, then the fishing would take a long time to recover...which is doesn't. Its a bit like when under sized snapper used to be allowed to be taken as they were "squire". The bay is consistently getting better every year with sapper fishing, especially now with closed seasons in place. All of the local fishing charter operators would be out of business overnight, again this is not the case. They are all still putting clients onto quality fish. its a bit like people complaining about the commercial fishing in the pine river which has been going on forever. yet year after year people clean up on prawns all the while the commercial blokes are still operating and (apparently clearing out the entire river)
  9. everyone has their own personal favourites. For flatties, i prefer soft plastics as they stay in the strike zone all the time. My go to is ZMan 4 inch electric chicken as for hard bodies for bream, i like Atomic Hardz crank 38
  10. id call it a small dusky whaler, plenty about in the bay. Chances of a reefy around the mile would be pretty slim. Plus i think black tips have a higher dorsal fin than what this little shark has
  11. actually its easy to still do this circled in blue shows the latest topics, while circled in red shows forum activity (latest posts) no fix required, just click on what you prefer to see and save that as your favourite