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    down ta earth.. luv fishin & luv life! Married, no kids yet :) have caught a good variety of fish and continue to do so while i live life.

    Ps. I also HATE selfish people!
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    fishing, camping, fishing, camping and more fishing
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    Factual Investigator - Fraud


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    Freshwater and Impoundment Fishing
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    Berkley Gulps
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    grenade if mullet doesnt work.
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    4 bull sharks in 1 night

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    0-100 in 10hours

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  1. taib

    queensland Crack!!

    As the title of the post states, my bait was slammed so hard my reel went CRACK! And it was over. But luckily despite a few showers we had a great day at NPD today. Always fantastic catching up with Ray and Mark. Thanks for a great day gentleman! 92B9CB9A-4DCA-459E-9140-E04438E0BCDF.MOV
  2. taib


  3. LOL, Thanks for the pics Ray, we all laughed so hard and loud it it was hilarious. Good times for sure! To give everyone an idea, the drag sounded identical to a duck quacking, not ur normal average screaming reel sound! Cheers
  4. A bad day fishing is better than a good day at work
  5. Thank you for the great day out Ray and Mark, was certainly awesome to catch up again despite the heat. Was way to hot for my liking but worth it.
  6. taib

    Windy goldy

    Hi guys not much to report unfortunately but headed to the goldy this morning and boy was it windy! Tried a few spots including the famous mangrove jack hole but no one was home. Only 2 bream and a baby flatty landed thanks to the zman grub.
  7. Wow! stonker Yella Denis! Well done in landing it.
  8. holly footballs! seems the fish are getting bigger at NPD which is great to see.
  9. taib

    Long Tail & Mac Tuna

    some awesome fish Wayne! Well done! Im still dreaming of a fish like that...mmm one day! Wayne, is that also a Flash J lure in one of the pics? not sure if its a bait fish or a lure lol.
  10. taib

    Finally a first

    Had the day off today so decided to go for a bit of a drive and head to the gold coast for a morning flick. Hard to believe but yep, its a first ever bream caught on a popper for me after all these years (not that i tried). I also managed a flatty as well on a damiki grubz but the highlight for me was seeing the popper get absolutely smashed and big boils and follows it had. weapon was Rod: Nordic Stage Favorite Twitch Line: 4lb fireline with 4lb leader Lure: River2sea bubble pop 45 Reel: Stradic Ci4 />https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Un1MMO6D8rE Cheers
  11. Wife and baby daugther were on their way home, literally 3 mins away from home, wife gets into an accident. Wife was injured in the accident but suprisingly Jessica was shocked but fine. Car is written off, but silly me didnt get the option of a hire car on the policy, so no car to drive around. Ray heard about the accident and what he did next put my wife in tears and has really hit home again for me how generous and caring a human being could be. Ray has offered me his car to drive around for the next few weeks til all the insurance is sorted out as he has Judy's car to drive. I met Ray on this site, when it was known as Brisbane Fishing Online a few years back. It started off with reading a few of his NPD posts, which eventually turned into regular fishing trips and a great friendship was made. Long story short, I wanted to Thank Ray for everything he has done for myself and my family. I have seen him also contribute, helped and have changed peoples lives from this site, whether it is his knowledge or simply taking people out and catching their first ever freshwater fish. He refuses to take anything back in return which makes him an amazing person, a mate for life. There has also been other fantastic friendships made from this site, and it is truly amazing to see, all because we are human, all because we love fishing. He's out fishing at Hinze right now as we speak so Ray, i hope you nail a few big ones today mate. Once again, Thank you Ray from our hearts. Tai, Alicia and baby Jessica.
  12. Far out Ray, That one would have given Rick some curry! Thought he would of had a bigger smile :whistle:
  13. Nice Looking healthy fish Ray. Would have been a nice trip anyways.. great to see Graham back in the scene!