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  1. Hello men! Me old Ma back in Blighty was telling me of a news story about a Welsh Grandad pushing a Whaler shark back out to sea at Bulpenis (think laterally, spell check does not allow a male chicken name!) beach up Caloundra. I googled it and it's all over the world's media; /> Video captured by Channel9. A search of the Channel9 site reveals nothing, and no Australian media has covered it. The week before a big Tiger is caught off Coolum, it's all over the media. Is this QLD Tourism Censorship? How much more are we not told about??? All the best, like to hear your views, unless this gets censored!!
  2. MoparKevUk


    I was under the impression you cannot use redclaw as bait due to it being a pest, once out of the water you cannot reintroduce it. Have I been misled?
  3. Hi Collin! What yer talking about? (PS I am not a Troll! :kiss: )
  4. Happy Birthday Bri, good luck tomorrow, karma will prevail.
  5. Hello Chaps! Got about 1/4-1/3m of loose road base left over from a project. Ideal for a small project. Free collection from Wynnum Wild West.
  6. Gators not crocs. Gators are pussies compared to crocs In that case; "After you, old boy!" Gonna be watching that Gator Boys, but bet it will be 2 or 3 croc rescues a show with half of each rescue repeated after the incessant ads! Pause it, have a beer and a smoke, fast forward through the ads and repeated footage, should be able to get it over with in about 12 minutes! Yours, Whinging Pomily, Kev xxx :kiss:
  7. Here's a few of mine back in blighty; /> /> /> />
  8. Full story on this scam here; /> Brief Analysis The core information in the message is true. A scammer used this scheme in Sydney, Australia during November 2008 and was subsequently apprehended and charged. Similar schemes have been used by criminals in various locations around the world. However, it should be noted that the 2012 version of the warning that is currently circulating is directly derived from the original 2008 version. There are currently no police or media reports that suggest that the very same scam is again occurring in Sydney in 2012. All the best,
  9. Late Saturday night after much debauched, crude and fun convo the girls piped up telling us all that this season flowery prints were out and geometric prints were in. Always keen to be up to date with fashion would someone please tell me if this young lady on the party Joker boat is this season or last season....... (Note separate post for easy modding! )
  10. Saturday's Cobia Spot; BJ, blissfully unaware that he was about to make the AFO news big time! Blokes having fun! Eddy battling the monster from the deep on the Whopper Stopper; Brock owning the Cobia; Mark on the gaff; Brock and his catch; Boats @ WaveBreak; Cobia fillets were Yum! Thanks to Mark for organising and taking me down there (and back!) Thanks to all the cooks and chefs, Great Times, Great people!
  11. Late report! Recently I've not had much luck with fish and this weekend was not much different Finally got something big and heavy on Tug's "Whopper Stopper", ended up passing it onto Mick Fillet's boat, but whilst fighting it I missed out on seeing the Marlin (never seen one in the flesh before.) Ho Hum! It's all been said so I'll throw a few pics up; Richard and Brock taking a break from yabbying; Tugger hard at it; Friday night Cyclone H came through the camp; Mark got done; So did Brendan; Mark explaining to Malc how he was caught off balance.....Honest! Saturday night's fire; Surfer's from the Cobia spot (next camera will have GPS logging )
  12. Dion's Cat has a sub, is this a marine unit, or is it a regular swap out???