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    Love my fishing, i'd call myself a brissy river rat, always have fun throwing lures down at the mouth. Been making lures since early 2010 and havent looked back, been a great year fishing wise :)

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    128cm threadfin


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    Motor Boat with Trailer
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    Old Faithful

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  1. nadders

    Hervey Bay Maddness

    ross, i've been more or less permanently snowed under this trip was my first fishing trip for a long while, have only done the odd 1 or 2 sessions in the river over the past several months. ted- about 50k up the inside of the island lol, basically just kept going until we spotted the schools. pack plenty of fuel and hug the island tight to get a glassy ride (if its blowing the right way)
  2. nadders


    Have been away for the weekend, sorry for not getting onto this sooner. Pats Tackleworld in Gladstone stock them as well as the online options already mentioned. cheers Dan
  3. nadders

    sold wanted: thready busters & other soft vibes

    thanks beau and kami but I actually don't sell direct and haven't for many months, purely wholesaling to tackle stores. As dennis said they are in tackle warehouse and most other brisbane stores, if you prefer mail order try or motackle cheers Dan
  4. nadders

    sold For Sale -Cigweld Invertor Welding Machine

    i have one of these, solid little unit. definately worth 250
  5. nadders


    got a link?
  6. nadders

    Supercheap/BCF/Ray's now own Rebel and Amart

    yeah, I didnt think there were really any significant fishing stocks in amart allsports for a good while?
  7. you look like you've just been hit by a car pulling out of a driveway
  8. undoubtedly the look of joy and excitement on beaus face when he poses for a photo with a good fish. gets me every time
  9. nadders

    Suggestions Needed for Thready Prizes

    in my opinion, i would lean toward the 6-10.. lots of people chase threadfin in deeper water, and going too light encourages both longer fight times than is good for the fish if intended for release, as well as repeated dives back down and pressure issues in the bladder which may or may not be dealt with correctly a m+ threadfin sitting deep in the current on a light rod can get pretty tedious. ive used any number of combos from 2-4kg sticks with 6lb braid up to a 15kg stick with 30lb fins and i find the most common i reach for are in the 5-10kg range. gives a good balance between power and sport, you will still get the fast runs, feel the power of the fish better than through a lighter setup and most importantly won't be tied up for excessive lengths of time cheers Dan
  10. nadders

    Stainless pipe needed

    i get my stainless at either midway metals or tubesales qld (both at yatala) you'll need to find someone with a pipe bender to do the bends but the pipe itself shouldn't cost you much. can i ask what its for?
  11. nadders

    brisbane based charter

    wasn't sure if you were still doing this mate but well done on getting through the red tape. do try not to scare the punters with too much skeeter on their first outing
  12. nadders

    Sounder problems

    have the same sounder and the same issues with reading at speed; the mounting plate on my boat seems to be place the transducer in too much prop wash. if you get yourself an adjustable bracket and try lowering/raising the transducer it may help, otherwise you can think about mounting it elsewhere, adapting the mounting plate, etc (all things i haven't bothered to do, lol)
  13. nadders

    thready busters

    Hi ablong, can't give better tips than what have already been handed out, but I will mention that they are designed to be attached with a loop knot to your line to get the best action out of them. There are also a few subtle things you can do differently depending on the fishes mood; if the fish are shut down and a bit shy, slow everything down and as they are sinking keep the line quite tight (lower your rod back down guiding the lure back to the bottom, if that makes sense) this dulls down the swimming action on the drop and makes the lure behave more like a prawn gliding back down. if the fish are getting into it a bit harder you can let them sink a bit faster (but don't allow heaps of slack or you'll miss the hit) which lets them flutter actively on the way down. In terms of colour, all of the colours are designed to be pretty natural and represent baitfish. my choice for night fishing would be glow (colour #1 off the chart) and daytime anything that looks similar to the bait at your spot, haven't particularly found any colours wildly outfishing others at least in the brisbane area. cheers Dan
  14. nadders

    Ribbon Reefs With Reel Chase

    nice one fellas, that's a cracker of a boat. loving the YFT
  15. nadders

    Non fishing report

    for anyone interested in this stuff, I have been making some more pieces here and there when i have the spare time, will end up with 2 of the small benches in this post, 2x 2 seaters and a 1800x900 dining table (eventually). work is keeping me busy though so i expect progress will be relatively slow. this one was tigged, just for mopar kev