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    Just a recent transplant to Australia from Canada. Hoping to get some good fishing done here.
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  1. I added a couple of 'groups' on facebook for the forums i've had back in the day. Main reason easy pic uploading for internet noobs and no hogging of bandwidth. Dedicated albums are oh so easy to set up on facebook. Ill go check out the AFO group.
  2. olek

    Logan river catches

    Nice catch, i did not expect to see carp in Oz. guess that's something i can fish for too, ha. they do eat anything and everything. same thing happened in canada, carp got into some streams that salmon used for spawning and the salmon population dropped off a bit. however, they are fun to catch and put up a great fight, i'd say pound for pound at least as good of a fight as a largemouth bass (sorry for the n.american terminology.. it's all i know). last but not least, back in my home country carp is considered a good eating fish (originally i'm from Poland) and i've easten carp a few times. any fish that is 500g to 1.5kg and from not a still water source should be good eating and not 'muddy'.. yeah you can laugh at me for admitting to eating carp but they are quite good, once you pick out all the bones of which there are tons.
  3. rainbow trout on a mepps spinner edited to add... the lure just like the tens of others are now part of the lake...
  4. Hmm...I'm pretty much guaranteed to be the guy with the wierd canadian accent so yeah, probably gonna be wearin a xmas sweater... not.
  5. So the other venue is cancelled, correct? Good enough for me, short cab ride away
  6. olek

    Hi Folks :)

    Cool. Thanks for the info. Back home the catfish, were really good white meat, but nothing over 30cm. Umm, Sharks? didn't know you can eat them ha ha. cool. Gonna be fun. Thanks again for all the tips and info. If any of you need tips for fishing or hunting in British Columbia, ask away. For all the tips i feel like giving some info away. ha ha. :fishing:
  7. olek

    Hi Folks :)

    Thanks for all the info folks. :cheer: :cheer: I will be getting my fishing gear in the 1st week of december so soon enough. Anyhow, what fish can (or rather would) you eat from the brisbane river???? guess that's pretty important question. ha ha... thanx again.
  8. wow... i spent some time in Dawson City (Yukon) and took several river trips to Eagle, Alaska.. but they never mentioned sharks in the fishing brochures... hmm wonder why not? Not like you can swim in that cold water.
  9. olek

    Hi Folks :)

    Cool. that's promising info about the sharks. I presume a steel leader of about 50cm or so on a swivel is a must due to the teeth, correct?
  10. olek

    Hi Folks :)

    Do$tylz, If he wants to get into fishing around the Vancouver area, tell him to go and try the Vedder river, in Chilliwack, BC... about 100km east of Vancouver, easy drive and thats where people go to get their salmon. If he wants to fish closer to town, tell him to try on the north side of the 2nd narrows bridge, near the Capilano river (salt water since it's the georgia straight). For lakes you got to go to Mission BC... Stave Lake and Rolley lake are decent for some trout. But i used to drive to Loon Lake, near Cache Creek, BC.. about 4.5 hour drive and stay a few days, best rainbow trout fishing in BC, cheap cabins and good amenities close by, also in a few weeks you will be able to do some icefishing on that lake. Cheers.
  11. olek

    my canada wheels...

    Davo_Dinkum wrote: thank you Now I'll post the range rover pics... oh, and the range costs about $90k in Canada.. not $200:blink: like here.. just sick... [img size=400]http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v466/olek_z_bc/n641515586_1156315_3453.jpg [img size=400]http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v466/olek_z_bc/n641515586_1155488_8367.jpg but who cares about that one.. back to the F truck and offroad pics.. here's a quick youtube of me hopping about in the snow.. lol just 7 seconds. />http://ca.youtube.com/watch?v=R_3Jedmb7ps
  12. olek

    my canada wheels...

    Do you guys have propane in Australia? I mean at gas stations not in a bbq tank (same thing though)... look up propane injection for turbo diesel... it's like running nitro in a gas pot.. but you can run it all the time and it makes a diesel more efficient, run cooler... and yeah it gives it a lot more power.. good fun... Hell if you're a mechanic maybe you can recommend a good vehicle for me? I was leaning towards a toyota hilux or landcruiser, since we dont have those in canada... and i think the landcruisers are indistructible.. some guys have 'em in canada the older FJ45's which are left hand drive.. but they usually run the 350 (5.7) chevy V8... not so popular here i suppose?
  13. olek

    Hi Folks :)

    Kriso, thanks for the tip. This will sound silly but can you catch shark in the river... please dont laugh.. just curious.. Also since this is a pretty active thread i'll just ask here... this is what i have coming from canada (my gear) 2m medium action rod with abu garcia spinning real usually used for just lake fishing for trout, nothing too crazy, maybe 12 puond line test tops. 2.5m heavy action daiwa black widow rod with daiwa spinning real and 50 pound test line. this was my all around heavy fish rod, salmon, halibut, sturgeon. 4m heavy action shakespeare eliminator with shakespeare reel. line test usually about 120 pounds of the fireline (fibre). this was my exclusive sturgeon rod, since the grow to 5 meters and a few tons that's not a small rod. My question is will number 2 & 3 be good enough to catch and actually pull in some shark? I'm sure once i catch a few of those critters the whole shark thing will go away.. just being a foreigner with my sights set on that fish.. kinda like the tourist who come to BC and want to see a moose or black bear, ha ha
  14. olek

    my canada wheels...

    Let me know what exactly you have truck wise and what you are planning to do... There are a huge number of things that can go wrong.. depends on your read end (ring and pinion).. that might blow up, not cool... your transmission (if auto can blow up), your motor can overheat, too much pressure and blow up.. etc. etc. Don't go for gimmicks, like a programmer that promises crazy increases... (bullydog comes to mind). Go for Banks. or email these guys... they did a lot of trucks for a bunch of my friends and they are very knowledgeable.. not just retail, they design & CNC the parts they sell. check em out, they are in BC... />http://www.bd-vfi.com/
  15. olek

    Hi Folks :)

    Sweet.. that is so nice, in every sense of the word.. Step outside my house walk 5 minutes and fish.. ha ha. excellent. Now what's a good bait to get some crazy brisbane river fish??? I used chicken necks and stuff when fishing for rock cod and flounder & halibut in BC in the Pacific... I reckon there must be some 'meat-eaters' in the brisbase river, right?