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  1. dan25

    It's been awhile

    Hey fella's haven't done a report for awhile, but I have been fishing a fair bit of late. Been getting stuck into the Bay Bream lately, mainly on crank's in shallow water, with lots of fish but not a great deal of size. Have also had good success on the Snaps in shallow water on light gear which has been a load of fun with the best fish at 56cm on 3ld mainline, 4lb leader, which timidly picked up an 80mm Squidy Lobby whilst chasing bream, and powered off when I set the hooks. Few Sweetlip around as usual, which have been stacks of fun and great for a feed too. Most the guys caught on Zman Shrimps Chubby Bream Best fish last couple sessions, 56cm Snapper caught on 80mm Lobby Glen with a solid fish on the Zman Curly Tail Cheers
  2. Good work Justin, have to catch up for a fish soon, its been awhile.
  3. haha glad you like it... Yeah I agree with the above comments, the ply thickness I used was a bit much, which slows it down a considerable amount. If you look around and take your time, doesn't cost as much as you think. Dad and I worked on it, on and off for a few months, mainly the framework taking most of the time as we put it all together with rivets and screws. Definitely worth the effort.
  4. Nice fish Ant, cant wait to get stuck into the jacks this summer.
  5. Gday all Have been a bit lazy lately and havent really put up any reports, so thought it was about time.. I dont think ive put any of these goldy ones up Mainly been doing a lot of breaming, around the Goldcoast particularly when the water was quite dirty after the recent rain. So I took advantage and practiced a technique I dont' do enough of, throwing dark crank style lures, mainly the atomic Hardz and Cranka hardbodys up tight to the flats between pontoons. Had great fun doing this for two sessions. Weekend after that, decided to give the bay another crack, so hit up a few different areas one morning. Day started with 3-4 knots of wind, and a dead flat lake for a bay, so the fish just shutdown big time and it was pointless. So up came up the leccy and went for a 20-25 minute drive to find some fish. Didn't take long, and as soon as I pull up, theres bait everywhere, wind has picked up just nicely and blowing onto some reefs creating nice white water, it couldnt have looked better. It all came together, its not normal for a great spot to produce heaps of fish, but this time it did. For the next 2 hours I probably had the best bream bite Ive ever had catching well over 10 legals, and good fish too, including a fish just shy of 37 fork which I was just stoked to get off the top of some shallow reef on the 3lb. Probably the biggest bag Ive caught with the next biggest at 33 fork, couple 32's and yeh went back to the ramp leaving them biting pretty much, after losing about 4-5 atomics, going through 3-4 packets of gulps ahahha, all worth it.. Thats me done, hope everyone has a great easter and gets out for a fish. A bunch of mates and myself will be heading up to relax, for a few days 4wding, fishing and drinking up at rainbow beach, cant wait! Tight lines, cheers. Dan
  6. Awesome Justin, when you getting the hobie? will have to join you for its maiden voyage.
  7. PM Sent Justin. I'll be out there aswell tomorrow in a 399 Proline
  8. Hey guys Havent gotten around to putting up any reports lately, so thought I would chuck a little one up now. I haven't done a lot of fishing lately, but managed to get out twice last week, and ended up hitting the goldcoast to chase bream. With the waters cofee brown with a lot of fresh being pushed out of all the rivers, I went straight to hardbodies, using Cranka Cranks and Atomic Cranks in dark colours. Basically both sessions I had on Wednesday and Sunday, I mostly fished flats between pontoons, with big long casts into the shallows and a slow roll. We found really early in the morning before the tide turned was when they really turned on and when we caught most the fish. On the wednesday I fished solo and caught around 7-8 legal fish including a solid 34 fork bream on a Cranka Hardbody. Whilst on the sunday, it was a slightly better bite with over 10 legals being caught and a stack of undersize, although we didnt catch anything over 31 fork. Cheers Dan
  9. Good work guys, great video very well put together and some great tips. Look forward to the next one.
  10. Jitterbugs would have to be my favourite surface lure for bass. Any colour will smash em
  11. haha yeah doesnt take much!, yeh will wait till next weekend see how it is then..
  12. Also keen to hit the bay, but not sure how it'll be by the weekend.
  13. I'd go 54lb, mine is a 48 and it struggles to move my boat at times with a bit of wind and current.