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  1. Tide goes out a fair way.. I usually just anchor up and keep moving the boat as the tide goes out.. Or if the tides suit I just let the boat go high and dry and wait for the tide in the morning.. By the way good Flathead fishing down the southern end on the out going tide..
  2. Hay poddymullet, I've taken the boat over and camped heaps of times. South of Tangas is where I normally camp . Its quiet and not to many people camp down that end good for kids . There are no facilities at all so you would need to take water etc. Just past Cowan heading north there's a few good spots as well one has a fresh water creek right beside. These camps are right on the beach to keep an eye on the boat. Hope this helps mate
  3. Try this if it works haven't tried posting a link before . />https://maps.google.com.au/maps/ms?msid=212040867369087943690.00044df7d52345faad3c6&msa=0&ll=-27.421757,152.692795&spn=0.298043,0.673599
  4. hedge05

    Bremer bass

    Sorry pic didn't work try again
  5. hedge05

    Bremer bass

    Just a quick report headed out to The Bremer river for a quick flick this morning . Start off with a surface lure to start with for nothing tied on a crank and 2nd cast got this fellow probly in the 30\'s . Next cast lure in a bush across the river bugger was just thinking about a swim when up the river came a helpful yaker who retrieved my lure thanks if you are someone from the site . Few more cast for nothing so headed home .
  6. hedge05


    Hi Jelco I don't think Colleges Crossing is fully open as yet you can still access the river but I don't think there is an facilities there is a couple of pergolas and a nice grassed area though . Joseph Brady Park at Karralee has been redone and has access to the Brisbane River . And there is a new park across the Moggill Ferry that looks ok it's a $2 ferry ride across the river that mite keep the kids amused for 5 minutes it has access to the Brisbane River also. Or any of the dams or lakes outside of Ipswich are all nice just google and I'm think you'll find something .
  7. I'd be keen for some any pics
  8. Hi mate are you back in town?sent you a PM about Kayak just waiting to hear back. Cheers
  9. Hi mate still for sale?if so where is yak located? Smithy
  10. Thanks can't seem to get rest of pics up i'll keep trying .
  11. Hi everyone sorry about the late post been a bit busy .Anyway headed to moreton sat morn with my mate wayne and fella from work luke .Wind was still up a bit and was a pretty sloppy ride over got to about 7 to half mtr waves crashing on the beach and some ominous clouds coming our way .Crap going to have to anchor out a bit wet ass 1st thing in the morning great got onto the beach what was left of it with the the high tide and big waves this wasn't looking good .Anyway Wayne baits up ands in the water while get organized bang he's on good fish asks me to grab the net this is were it gets funny for everyone but me as i'm standing in the shallows ready to net the fish a big wave bumps and i've lost the fish in the suds and sand i feel the line around my legs and the fish near my foot i pulled away and bang i've got the hook in my toe and it's still attached to the fish which decides to go crazy all my helpful mates could do was piss themselves laughing as i roll around in the shallows to get the hook out of my foot got it out and land a nice lizard 65cm pb for wayne .After that the heavens open and we were all soaked Lukes on next nice fish 48cm 1st lizard for him after that we spread out and the boys were getting fish but i couldnt take a trick dropped fish missed hookups just couldn't get one .Finally i get 1 small fish mid 30's and another mid 30's 1 more at 41cm finally a keeper walk back to the fellas to get some bait theyve got a couple of lizards each and a couple of nice bream .I couldn't land another 1 fished all morning and had 1 lizard at 41cm by this time the tide was getting low so the boys had a break but i was going to get 1 .Keep casting finally i get a good hit and off it goes zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz feels like a good fish call out to the boys to get net as it takes off again i see a stingray in the shallow crap a stingray then another good run zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz with some head shakes this isn't a stingray.Get the lizard to the shallows good fish 76cm tried to get hooks out but couldn't so cut leader gave her a swim and off she cruised .Ended up with 14 lizards from 41 to 65 and 6 bream 28 to 33 Wayne pb 65cm lizard Luke pb 54cm lizard and me pb lizard 76cm .Another great day apart from the bad start hope this keeps up thanks for reading see ya . I put in a photo of the 72cm lizard from last week also it's the 1 that i have dry clothes on .
  12. hedge05

    Buying my 1st yak

    Thanks for your advice Jeff and Rich much appreciated think i'll try the koolies it's in my price range and has what i want .I liked the vikings Rich but just a bit out of my price range at the moment maybe when I upgrade .
  13. Hi fellas was looking into buying my 1st yak any ideas of what to look out for what be great .Not looking to spend to much around the $400 mark to start with have been looking at Koolies kayaks are these ok http://brisbane.gumtree.com.au/c-Boats-Jet-Skis-boats-jet-skis-other-Kayaks-W0QQAdIdZ345615936 they seem good for the price with the extras back rest ,rod holders and paddle any ideas would be a great help thanks .