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    Have been fishing for years, ever since my daddy gave me a rod back was i was like 5 years old. Lived in QLD for a year and LOVED the fishing, especially the live baiting with squid and mullet
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    Fishing, Dog Sports
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    Graphic Designer


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    Estuary and Coastal Fishing
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    Anything shiny and sparkley!
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    Used to be Squid but now LIVE mullet
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    78cm Flathead


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  1. Hi guys, im just after a second hand prawn drag net, something with small holes. If you have one laying around you don't use id be happy to buy it, doesn't have to be in perfect condition. oh and im on the gold coast
  2. heidii

    more jacksss

    yep that's his happy face! He caught one I caught the other
  3. heidii

    more jacksss

    Thanks guys! Yes they were caught one after the other. They were caught in runaway bay canals at one of the 4 way cross sections, 1 on one corner and then went across to the other corner and caught the other all within 30 minutes
  4. heidii

    more jacksss

    oh yeh more jacksss for us tonight. We went from never catching 1 to now 3 in one week!! near same tide as last time and same bait...mullet strips. Went 46cm and 43cm. absolutely LOVE these beautiful fish!
  5. Finally after 12 months ++ of trying to catch my first jack I landed this beauty last night and I was riding on cloud 9!!! The weekend started off pretty crap as we found out Friday night our boat was out of action, after putting it in water and unable to go anywhere, i thought, typical, another weekend jackless. After moping around most of the weekend I thought stuff it, I will go and catch some mullet and give it a try Sunday night at the back of my parents house. It was about 7pm, the tide was as low as low can be and I said to my partner crappy tide probably not going to get anything and then 5 minutes later WACKkk I was on, it took me up the canal and I had to follow it for a bit along the bank until I was finally able to get it to shore and holy moly a 58cmmm jack!!! My first!!!! Yeehaaa!!
  6. Omg love your jacks esp the first one! I have been trying every weekend for the last 3 months, still can't get a jack
  7. Where did you get your girl from? She is beautiful! Did you end up finding a male shepherd?
  8. Hi guys, im back on the forum 4 years later having moved back to the Gold Coast about 4 months ago! YAY!!! my partner and I have been doing lots of fishing, mainly flicking lures around and have has no luck. Night after night for hours on end is producing nothing and we are getting very fustrated. We will be getting a boat soon so all our fishing is mainly land based at the moment. Our target species in the awesome mangrove jack but need some advice; can anyone give me round about good places for jack fishing off the bank? So far we have tried all Paradise Point/Runaway Bay area and all through the canels, coomera river & tallebudgera creek.
  9. lol, or lure, they are pretty shinny!
  10. I got these for my parter a while ago but he doesnt really wear cuff links so they are going to waste in his draw. Am unsure of authenticity as was bought online but they look awesome, comes with original box and has Tiffany & Co stamped on it. Dress up any outfit and impress the ladies!! Am located in VIC, but can post aust wide for $8 registered post. payment is via direct debit These retail for over $400 brand new! Asking $80
  11. G'day Mick I dont have any in at the moment, but have an order currently which will take 2 weeks to come in. Grey Fox: Size Range 10†- 14†$12.00 Red Fox: Size Range 10†- 14†$14.00 Silver Fox (very bushy): Size Range 12†- 16†$16.00 Regular Postage is just $1.00 Australia Wide Grey Fox Red Fox Silver Fox
  12. G'day Mick Yes, the rabbits are farmed and raised for meat. The skins are a by-product of the food-processing industry. I also sell fox skins and tails. I can get other furs, including animals not in this country. Just depends on what someone is after and most importantly if its legal.
  13. Hi Guys! I will have some professionally tanned rabbit fur in the next week suitable for fly tying or any other projects people might have. Fur is good quality with very minor inperfections here or there. Natural colours available. They are $15 each or $12 for 10 or more. I can also get beautiful coloured skins of excellent quality, skins will not lose their colour if they get wet. (colours include Black, red, purple, pink, orange, blue, fluorescent yellow, fluorescent green, Cheetah print just to name a few) PM me or email aussie_rabbits@hotmail.com if your interested in price for these ones. Photos below fluorescent pink tiger print
  14. Nah its not a canel, just a small river of what surrounded by alot of mangroves...its certinly looks like fish haven.
  15. so sad to see everyone running there ONLY when they can pratically get it for free.... :dry: this is why the marine industry wont stand a chance and everyone is closing down left, right and centre.