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  1. How ya been bud. The site is looking good these days. Take it easy 

    1. Angus


      How you been man blast from the past haha :P

  2. Yeah probably a bit far for me. No boat anymore had to get a camper for the kids haha
  3. Got a few mate ill get around to flicking up few pics now and then. Is the brunswick origin still running?
  4. Well well look what the cat dragged in. Has been a while since i have logged on in fact i think it was still BFO. Anyway thought id say hi for those who know me and hi to those who dont. Going to brows some threads catch yas.
  5. The topless one looks ok ha ha.... Fish the deep will bew the go i think with good reports, Thanks lads
  6. yeh or his mate.... forgot what they were called
  7. Just after some input on peoples experiences and recomendations for a charter of 8-10 people off the goldy?? Got a bucks coming up... Cheers Trav
  8. bury the net in the mud at low tide up river
  9. usually find a place out of the wind on the peninsula, theres usually somewhere to hide if its under10 knotts, redcliffe jetty, pelican park, scarborough, woody point, old hornibrook, sandgate is out.... not because its closed but too many wankers there
  10. managed one tiger, ok size, saw a few others stalking the rocks but they didnt want to play, the wind swung right on high tide which stuffed the water and that was that, the wind looks good for tonight if it stays where it is, a few cast netters say theyve been geetting quite a few god size squid in their nets lately... hopefully it will be a better season than the last few but i wont get to hit it up ill be in the bush throwin poppers in the creek on the farm for those who know it :whistle:
  11. Since the cold has come in a bit im goin for a look for squid around the nthside tonight....
  12. Winds dropping should be good. Catch up soon ay
  13. Taking some bigger gear down to see what the fresh has stirred up. Be there till at least middnight heading now
  14. theres 3 options missing.. * no kids * no mrs * more time due to the above