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    -Jordan McCabe.
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    Personal Trainer


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    Estuary and Coastal Fishing
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    Softplastic Lures
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    Strike Pro 2Inch Worm, 80mm Squidgie Wriggler,Gulp 3Inch Minnow.
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    Pilchards, live worms, yabbies and live bait.
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    Spanish mackeral 40kg,Spanish Mackeral 157cm, Coral trout 6kg, snapper 43cm, flathead 77cm, bream 46cm


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  1. Hey guys, Chasing a 2nd hand or brand new (if there is such a thing) Calcutta 50B. Not liking my chances as I've literally tried everywhere.. but thought this would be worth a crack (: Cheers guys
  2. Nice jack mate, hopefully I crack my first this summer Cheers Jordan
  3. Nice sesh mate, imagine how many good pics you could of got if you had a mate out there :woohoo: Cheers Jordan
  4. nice fish fellas, love those bream Jordan
  5. awesome sesh mate, i need to get a yak Jordan
  6. looks like an awesome sesh fellas, Jordan
  7. plugga

    North Qld Sooties!

    looks like an awesome trip mate, great pics. Jordan
  8. looks like a good sesh, good stuff guys Jordan
  9. awesome sesh mate, always love your reports Cheers Jordan
  10. Awesome stuff mate, sick as photos Jordan
  11. awesome stuff mate, love those trout Cheers Jordan
  12. I have this exact setup, awesome for the money!
  13. Hey lads, Fished a spot in the river yesterday for an hour or so, not much for the first half and hour then hooked up on 3inch gulp minnow on a 1/12 TT jighead. After two decent runs a half decent flathead came up, took afew pics then was let free to swim another day(: Guessing it was around 50-55cm Cheers Jordan