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  1. Bluevien


  2. I've always hooked up to flatties in the Pine and Nudgee with Berkley Gulp 4 inch minnows in pumpkinseed on a 1/4 or 1/8 oz jighead. Just depends on the depth and current... just make sure it's hitting the bottom.
  3. They are a great bait, all fish love them no matter where you fish. Buy them when on special and freeze them until needed and they will work out heaps cheaper per kilo than the bags of stinky servo prawns. Depending on the size of your hook, you can cut them in half or even thirds for even better value bait. And the shells are great as berley as you peel them.
  4. Cheers for that. He's 14 and has developed into a really good, patient fisher. Now I just have to teach him how to fillet his own catch.
  5. Haha, no secret... the spot is usually a carpark but we had it all to ourselves yesterday letting us move around until we found the fish.
  6. It's been a while since I've fished mud island and even longer since my last post so with my son done with his exams and the forecast just about perfect, I decided to kill both birds with the one cast. A smooth trip across from Nudgee and we were fishing by 6am. My son was happy just to soak bait today so we tried 4 spots on the eastern side. Plenty of undersized squire and grassys started coming up but the quality didn't start until 9 at the last spot. The young fella boated his PB snap first followed by his second best and I finally picked up a take home model just before heading for home at 10.30. An even smoother trip back to Nudgee and home by 11.30 made for a good morning. All keepers caught on mullet flesh. We both fished light with 8lb mainline and 6lb leader which made it fun and my son's PB around the reefs even more impressive. Cheers, Rob
  7. Archie runs courses at Scarborough and boasts that everyone passes. I did mine 5 years ago and didn't have any complaints. /> edit - looks like he only runs them at Colmeslie now?
  8. Thanks Old Scaley. Appreciate the reply.
  9. Hi guys, I've been lurking more than posting lately due to a complete lack of fishing so g'day again and merry Christmas to all. Just wondering what the boat ramp at Toogoom is like these days? Some of the online info states it's tide dependent but that seems outdated as one of the fishing club's facebook page says the ramp has been upgraded and is usable during all tides? If anyone has used it recently or you can share some info about it's facilities and any restrictions through the tides that'll be great. I'll be launching a 4.2m tinnie to fish the creek or even for access to the bay? Thanks, Rob
  10. Merry xmas everyone. And for those who have to work I hope you get some time to enjoy it with your loved ones
  11. Good idea for a thread since it's tax time
  12. + 1 for both the symetre or sedona... and you'll have change for some line also.
  13. You can take just about any fishing gear with you as long as its checked in. If you are packing your rods in a separate tube with you then you will most likely be up for excess baggage charges. If you invest in a good quality travel rod you may get away with everything on 1 normal sized suitcase. Check each airlines' checked baggage policies on their websites. If you are a frequent flyer with any of them you may get additional allowances depending on your level. As for lures, tackle etc, I would recommend checking them in also as they will most likely be picked up at the passenger screening point because of the hooks and other sharp items. If that happens you may not get them back in time to repack. As far as which airline is best... it really depends on their policies and the check-in staff on the day. Some can be pedantic Nazis, others will just wave you through. Good luck and happy travels. Rob
  14. That's an awesome result for persevering!! Congrats!!!!
  15. Out going tide up near the Ted Smout bridge drifting with any plastic will get you into flatty catching territory. Otherwise look for structure for your bream, cod and even mangrove jack. Lots of places and and techniques to try out in the Pine... thats half the fun, working it out for yourself. Goof luck and report back when you get into 'em.