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    Country girl. Gotta get outta the city most weekends.
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    Fishing, camping, boating, horse-ridin, cattle-farmin, dirtbikes, 4wd.
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    Post-doc Researcher UQ
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    87cm NT Barramundi!


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  1. Yoodles82


  2. Hi all, I have a live bait tank for sale - bought but never used. All unused condition! Comes with Rule 360gallon/litre pump, and pipes to plumb it into your boat. It's the full setup. RRP $300. Selling for $200 ONO Can be picked up Riverview or UQ St.Lucia, or delivered for a fee. PM me if you are interested. Cheers Nat Also advertised on gumtree: />http://www.gumtree.com.au/m-my-ad.html?adId=1019220875
  3. Cheers for the purchase Rob! and thanks for the tip :-)
  4. Pro-fit Canopies - he makes canvas and vinyl ones but can customise. Bloody nice bloke! Good gear. Had my canopy for over a year, no probs. />http://www.profitcanopies.com.au/ Nat
  5. Thats bloody scary ray!!! Having witnessed foodsafe inspections regularly in the butcher shop growing up, it makes me bloody angry when i hear about things like this. For some reason they seem to 'inspect'/harass the wrong places! I hope i never ate there!
  6. Why do they make it soooo hard!
  7. *sigh! So i emailed MSQ hoping they could send some stickers out to me.... Response below: ******************************************* Good Afternoon Natalie Thank you for your email regarding stickers to indicate where life jackets are stored on vessels. Maritime Safety Queensland don't have stickers that we can send you but you can get them from boat stores. Hope this is of some help and please contact us if you have any questions. Kind Regards Katrina Maritime Safety Queensland P. 3120 7489 From: Natalie To: "msqmail@msq.qld.gov.au" Date: 16/02/2012 02:44 PM Subject: Lifejackets stickers ________________________________________ To whom it may concern, I cannot get to an MSQ office, but need to get a hold of some of the new Lifejackets stowage stickers. Can I have some stickers mailed out to me please? I will need about 6 stickers. The address is below. If not, can you suggest any other places where I might be able to get these stickers? Thanks Natalie
  8. Chairs on hold for freedomhawk. 2 lights on hold for haines490.
  9. Camp Chairs, BBQ, Piemaker - all still available! Make an offer.
  10. Yeah Shirvo, only posted them up last night. They're yours if you are interested :-) Nat
  11. Thanks Brian. Moving is such a pain! Can't wait till i'm done!