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    love to fish,surf,sleep,camp and go fast
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    fly gliders,helicopters and any thing ese with wings
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    one that has hooks
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    107 herring in 30 seconds


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    cant say it here to naughty
  1. hi there just letting u know that i will be at the dodgers car boot sale at labrador tomorrow selling a heap of lures ......hard body wide range of colours ....
  2. maccatuna

    boyne barra

    yeah mate all up 20 barra 1 flatty
  3. maccatuna

    boyne barra

    Just had one my best fishing trips to the Boyne river, back in mid Feb. Fishing the lower reaches near the mouth. Trolled home made lures, and ended up with 20 Barra boated, several lost. All were returned bar a couple we kept for a feed. All the fish landed were between 70 & 80 cm. Can't wait to return...
  4. ive got a mate that works for marshall batteries i buy second hand batteries off him .. these batts are tested before sale and usualy less than 1 yr old .. they range from small 50,s to large deepcycle 185ah n70,s ,,, the one for my last kota was a 120ah and lasted 6hrs+ at various throttle positions price starts from $15 to $35 for the larger models... all types car, 4x4,marine,industrial and agricultrial......
  5. Just PM me if there is anyone interested in some.. macca
  6. Ive just finished testing and making my new lure the Storka Poddy.. it measures at 55mm weight 6g depth to 2.5m hd polycarbonate bib hd spilt rings and trebles colours the moment i have 2 colours but will soon extend the range of colours in the comming weeks............ also comming soon is a bigger one it measures at 75mm weight 14g depth to 3m
  7. they r awsome cameras good pricing too
  8. maccatuna

    Giant Worms

    my son found these big fellas out in the rain.... probably be good bait
  9. looks like i might have to poor the banana boat down the crappa and opt for a cheaper brrand
  10. just something i thought id like to share />
  11. i use bronzinc on my moosh and banana boat sport for my arms leg..ect but still seem to get burnt on my arms and legs .. so what do u use and recomend
  12. maccatuna


    if you r keen to open it up check all terminations are intact could just be a loose or damaged cable