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    Fished most of Aus & NZ tout waters over the last 62 years. Caught many trout over 10lbs, 2 are mounted in my den beside a 19 point fallow deer and a double 5 red deer rack. Borumba Oct '98 21 toga .
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    flytying / hunting
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    retired state manger and company director

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    Freshwater and Impoundment Fishing
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    Other Lures
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    Flicks Cobra lures for Bass and Golden Perch
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    Fly then lures then bait depending on fish species.
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    11.5kg Nthn Bluefin Tuna 1998 10 wt Sage Fly rod


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    Motor Boat with Trailer
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  1. wallyfly


    Hope all goes well Den. Catch up after you've become a bit used to the treatment. . I'll bring over some of my home made ANZAC bickies. Ian M
  2. Thank you all for your kind comments. Much appreciated See you on NPD after the" forecast flood". Hoo Haa!
  3. On NPD last Saturday, first time in years, saw Dino and Ray, caught 15 bass, 1 x 35cm. Had a touchy gut, made it back to the ramp then home feeling lousy. Ended up in Holy Spirit Northside with a bowel obstruction. 3 days later home again after a CAT scan finding scar tissue from my cancer surgery had come partly adrift so it was cleared and now all's well.Hope to wet a line again next week. Sorry no pics. Tight lines. Wallyfly
  4. Looks OK to me. I've built several over the years from 2 waste baskets with coke bottle funnels as this one pictured is. That one probably lost its nametag.
  5. Good to know there are still a few around. After all our lay-overs, I think I might make it out to the dam this week. Hope to see you and Dino. Regards, IM
  6. I couldn't agree more Dino, The attendance book has the answers, fewer anglers catching fewer fish, except for you and one or two others. For mine,at 82 I've got to the stage of being unable to fish because of my worn out shoulders. I'm just debating whether I will renew my boating licence this year but I think I'll keep it going cos I've had great fun since 2000 when the fish were enormous trophy beasts and heavy stocking is still needed to get back to that level so my $110 will do it's bit.even if I can't handle them anymore. Tight Lines :cheer: Ian M
  7. Anglers Warehouse at Tweed Heads used to carry weed from Yamba, in stock, fresh daily cos they are in the heart of nigger waters down there. Worth a phone call. Great fishing for luderick, have fun. Tight lines. Ian M :cheer:
  8. I recall reading an item somewhere in the last couple of days about the banning of opera house pots in waters east of the divide and east of the Gore Highway because of the deaths of a number of platypuses and native water rats caused by the animals drowning in pots . Cant fine the source on my PC, has anyone else seen any item about the matter.
  9. Poor little greedy-guts trying to eat something almost as big as he is. Thanks Den for reminding of one of our old productive spots of years ago. It still bore fruit, particularly the BIG catties plus 5 bass up to 45cms. Last trip for this permit so hopefully back next week for another go. Depends on the shrimps supply, very ordinary at the moment. and no redclaw. :cheer: IM
  10. While you 2 were sweating it out in the wintery weather I called in for my permit and came out with NUMBER 1 would you believe. Might go for a walk tomorrow morning . Tight lines. :cheer: IM
  11. Half your luck you lucky b'>>>s, I usually spend Thursday, Friday & Saturday coaching ISSF Skeet with our future World Champ. I'll be back on the dam soon so watch this space. IM Tight lines. :whistle:
  12. Den, Joan and I wish Denise a speedy recovery and best personal wishes. Ian M :cheer:
  13. I've heeded the wise men's words and stayed home. 8mm rain so far but getting windier by the hour. Catch up soon. IM :cheer: Tight lines.
  14. Hope there is enough water in NPD to float my tinnie tomorrow. See it's down to 70.7% this morning. Hope it rains like blazes, everything needs a big drink. See you Den & Ray. IM :cheer: