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  1. Howdy all, a good mate of mine had a week off so fishing the Bass to Barra trail for 10 days Location 1: Lake Misery (Monduran) had one day on the water so ventrured way up to H and surrounded areas. Found great water, great weed patchs, nice water temps, good arches but no fish. Location 2: Lake proserpine is a fantastic lake where we found and saw plenty of Barra however with poor and cold weather, southerlies and the like, i only managed a 1 metre Barra caught on an American style soft plastic I got shipped over the other week. Location 3: Some creek (name unsure) near Proserpine, we walked the banks in search of our trip target 'the sooty grunter' as i heard they pull pound for pound the hardest fighting fish. Well i tell you what, they do... We were using 6-10kg rods, Diawa Zillion reels with extra drag, 30lb braid and 40lb leader, with spinner baits. We were catching them probably every second cast and they all averaged 4-5kg and lost BIGGER fish and I have never seen such strong fish. some fish we could not stop and they straightened good quality hooks, we had an absolute ball and was one of those fish of a life time days. I also lost Barra in this presine clear water. Location 4: Lake Teerburra, we had 3 sessions here and caught plenty of Sooties and the aim was to use our Bass gear (7lb line and 20lb leader) and i tell you what, great fun to catch on such light gear. it was good to see a metre plus Barra screaming off through the trees with my spinner bait in its mouth, didnt stand a chance. Also a few Barra caught and lost. Location 5: Lake Kinchant, saw this lake, wasnt impressed at all so didnt even get the boat wet. Location 6: Lake Lesley at Bundy, great looking lake, saw heap of Bass on the surface however the boat ramp sh@t house and couldnt even get the boat in the water. Location 7: Lake Barumba where we found the Bass schools, we caught countless of decent Bass ranging 34-43cm, 46cm Yellas and a heap of Togas ranging 67-87cm. Weather was VERY average however sussed them out quite quickly. Overall had a very good trip and will definetaly do this again. PS if you ever venture up that way, or any way of that matter, watch out for the rolling trucks. we were the first at a scene where this truck and the driver was in a right mess, fell asleep i guess...
  2. Good sesh mate, i venture up that way quite often and have been for years and that little bay does quite well for me on dusk after all the boat traffic slows down. i was up that way last week with the fly gear however they would only take Eacogear SP lures, where we got around 6 good Togas and lost a few more. Found schools of Bass and did very well on those also. This time of year they will be quite hard to catch unless you know how to entice them, as they are starting to do what 'mummies and daddies' do and then raise the little ones, which goes until approx Feb/Mar. Tight Lines...
  3. Gents, we are heading up from Brisbane in about 5 weeks for 10 days for a Bass to Barra fishing trip and am seeking advice, especially for good Barra locations. We were thinking of the two main lakes near Mackay however unsure if the rains/floods have effected these like Awoonga and Monduran. We are possibly looking at cania, Lesley, Lenthals but mainly near Mackay ie Teerburum Dam. Any advice would be highly appreciative.
  4. Hey fellow fly fisho's, Next year am looking at going to the South or North (probably South) Island with a good mate of mine and seeing that I have never ventured that way before, am looking at hints, tips etc etc. ie locations, best time of year, what flies to take, where's best place to purchase flies prior ie internet sites, etc etc Any info would be highly appreciative... Richard
  5. Hi Gents, I want to take the young girl fishing and assist in eradicating a few Carp. Can anyone please pont me in the right direction with a few locaions, much appreciated.
  6. Gents, I am taking the whole family on a weeks holiday to the Sunny Coast and planning on a trip to the Barra Park as my 5 & 9 years olds love fishing. Guarentees are not recommended to kids but want to put everything into our favour to catch fish. Can anyone out there able to pass on any usefull information please ie hook sizes, line class, time of day for this time of year, which lake or bait etc. Thanks in advance.
  7. Gents, I baught the young girl her first fishing rod for her 9th birthday the other week and need to christen it. I have a boat but want to take her somewhere were she will definetaly get a descent catch so she can have a bit of fun and NPD seems to be full of Tilapia. I am asking out there if and where are the better locations land based as I dont have a boat permit, plus any techniques and bait types etc. Are they better on the botton or rig up floats? etc etc etc Any info would be great.
  8. Congrates on the catch. I don't want to hyjack your post mate, but are you able to point me in the right direction to catch those pesky Tilapia? I baught the young girl her first rod for her birthday and I want to get her into a load of fish for the day. I have a boat however no permit so land based for us. Cheers,
  9. Well done on the fishing trip, great stuff. Mate, with the Togas, yes you were right they are breeding. They have well and truely done the Dirty Deed! and the males should have the little ones in their mouths now. We caught a few just before they started to pair up and there jaws had started to develop with what looked like bucked teeth. I guess like salmon where their jaws develop, the same hapens with the males as they look after the young ones. Anyway, I would give it another 4 plus weeks before they really start to come back on. You can still catch the smaller females and you still can catch the males with a reaction strike type of effect but we really need to leave them alone for a while. I can't wait to get back on there again...
  10. Hey nice fish there, very well done. That lake used to be an excellent fishery prior to the floods a year or so ago, where we used to clean up on every visit. Q? for you, where do you get your shrimp? and what bait do you use? was looking at taking the young girls there for a day soon on their first days fishing.
  11. Yes Shaun, same gear. I use 1-4kg loomis rods, Daiwa Zillions loaded with 4lb braid and 12 - 16 lb leaders. The line depends on the water clarity however usually 16lb with Togas as they smash our line. I mentioned the colour of spinnerbaits and the Jackals were in gold. Any other info required just ask.
  12. Hey all, With high winds, low barometer and gusty rain predicted, what shall we do? Lets go fishing.....!!! What the hell we said, anyone can catch fish in the good times, so lets try our skills in the elements. We headed off to Borumba bright and early expecting to be the only water all by ourselves however we weren't the only CRAZY people on the water (in the rain, in the wind, in the cold) Anywho, we travelled up the the junction to sound some Bass schools, we did manage to fing some small schools and did manage a few however they seemed to be moving around and hard to keep track off. They averaged around the 35cm-40cm mark so wasn't arguing. The day seemed to warm alittle so we decided to venture up in search of our favourite species, the Toga! After experimentimg with spinnerbait combinations during our Bass session we were fairly confident with what we had come up with, which was a TW purple and gold with medium sized gold blades, so we tackled our favourite Toga haunts. The only Toga surface action we saw was during the short breaks in the rain. We hooked up to quite a few, lost many and got 5 to the boat so with all the odds against us we managed a few for the day. Biggest Bass went 46cm which was approx half way up the Yabba Arm which showed us that the Bass are starting to travel back from spawning, and that largest Toga went 79cm which is alittle larger than the average size for Borumba. This Toga probably put up one of the best fights I had in quite some time which took drag on a few occassions and took many shots of the landing net as the fish couldnt fit and had to be lip grabbed. All in all we had a great day on the water and all I could say is, thank god for the bilge pump in the boat.
  13. No not sfsrm Barra, wild through and through. I can't remember what the name of the creek was, I will try and have a look on the map. I was driving up to Bundaberg on business and when I drove over a bridge I noticed a ripple in my periphial vision. Being a fly fisherman, that brought my attention to it quick fast, so I pulled over, walked over the bridge and saw small packs of what looked like Jacks around the 40+ cm mark swimming over the flats. I quickly set the Bass gear up and got down there, thats when I bumped into a couple of the locals. I will try and remember the name for you, buts on the way out of Bundy North around 15 minute drive from memory.
  14. Hi all, A couple of weeks ago had the chance to flick a few plastics for Barra. I originally took the Bass gear to try for Tarpon etc however had a change of mind when I got there so I tied on 20lb leader onto my 4lb braid, and put on a 100mm plastic in polar bear colour. It took about half an hour of constant hammering the one spot until a healthy 92cm Barra grabbed on and then I grabbed on for dear life too. A few locals looked at me like I was out of my head with Bass gear and I probably was, however managed after approx 20min of blistering runs and jumps, to get her subdued and onto he bank. Quick hands to get a photo and get her back into the water and then half an hour to compose myself again after having shaky stevens knees. The locals thought I was a legend after that, but still out of my head LOL. On the photo the fisg doesn't have a gammy eye, just stuff from the water.
  15. Hi all, Went out this morning to try and land myself one of those Tuna on some Surf Candy flies I had just made up. Up early and headed out the passage in the search of any life or signs of Tuna and the like. I just got out the heads and it didn't take long to se birds working the surface, looking for their morning breaky. Was looking good so I armed the rods up and got them at the ready. From recent sightings on previous fishing outings, I noticed that they were working in small packs and with only small showings of bait, I knew that they would be moving fast and not staying in the one place for too long. With this in mind, I had one hand on the wheel and the other on the rod with the fly between the fingers (very awkward in the slightly choppy conditions) Anyway within 5 minutes I saw a school of Tuna right in front of me approx 40metres and they were feeding and heading staight for me. I knocked the boat out of gear, swiveled the boat quickly, got onto the platform and casted which all happened in record time. 1st cast and WHACK!!!! zzzzzzzzzzzzzz zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz What the f@cK!!! it was like I hooked onto a freight train heading towards Melbourne. Unless you have caught a Tuna you couldn't imagine the power of these magic fish, my smallest too date was around the 60cm mark but this was making my knees shake. After about 30-40 LONG! minutes and heart braking, heart stopping moments when he swam towards me and the line went slack, I saw him and OMG! The last 10 minutes was the hardest, he tried all his tactics, he circled the boat, he went under the boat, he went deep, he turned quickly towards me and changed directions however he was beat (and me too!) Then I thought, how am I going to get him in, I was by myself and with a 9ft fly rod and he was big, heavy and strong. I had to be quick because I wanted to get him back into the water alive. The last 5 minutes was pretty much a tuck of war, he was knackered and I was knackered so I just grabbed the fly line and dragged him in. Got him into the boat and took a quick photo and back into the water within 20 seconds. I didn't see him come back up so hope he survived. "Thanks for the thrill of a life time, old boy!". Anyway, lots of small schools passing by however as the sun was getting up and a few boats in the area they where alot more wary and hard to get close to. So off I went and caught a few small squire and whitting on plastics near by. Apologies for the bodgy photos but when you are by yourself, shaking and in a hurry to get the fish back, this is all I could do.