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  1. sehrguht


  2. Big W or BCF should have something similar, i have one in the shed that has a clamp one end, not that convinced on it though i would rather wear a glove and hold it as i move fish around a lot when filleting bigger ones.
  3. Surprised i didnt see you out there, we travelled around a fair bit totalling 100km for the morning at a guess, beacons were quiet, tuna were not on surface anywhere over towards moreton. We tryed to get onto some tuna yesterday also but we only saw one jump, nothing over moreton way which is strange, i thought they would be hot after Sam's efforts last week but it must have been a bad moon or something.
  4. I have gone pretty hard on longies with 8kg drag and some will come in easy in a couple minutes and others fight for 20mins and you are both wrecked, a lot of it is to do with the hookup. With single hooks the hookup tends to be more solid in the mouth and you can turn their head pretty well. Stickbaits with two sets of hooks can turn and catch the fish around the gill plate and cause you to have to drag against the width instead of puling the pointy end forward. We found this out a few weeks back after a couple grueling fights on stickbaits with trebles.
  5. One of the better sessions we have had out there besides the lack of kingies. The sunnies are a pair of Maui Jim's. Excellent clarity from them for bluewater fishing but not much chop in the fresh.
  6. I should have taken the day off, all i got was sunburnt and hot at work! Awesome captures especially solo
  7. Lowrance are good bay and river units, the gps is my favourite part of the HDS though its very easy to use and i can put myself back on the same point time and time again. The HDS are great if you have the patience to sound around to find where fish are and really read the structure scan. Side scan is almost useless offshore for me but in the bay you can see fish hugging posts and reefs. I heard there may be a new HDS coming out soon so the current ones may drop in price. Where do you fish mostly and what for? Plays a big part in what you will want out of a sounder.
  8. That will get you out there very nicely and it already has the right sounder on it!
  9. I went out mid week last week and it was very slow at west peel, did a lot of sounding for no fish. Mackeral are further north in the bay still i think where the warmer water is
  10. Very jealous, I am very desperate to get up to HB soon hopefully the weather will be kind. Those bonnies are excellent spanish mackeral bait around here, no doubt floating one at the blinker up there would get a big spanish
  11. I have seen a pro pull a lot of big worms from the sand/mud flats out from wello boat ramp, ones that are exposed but never joined up with the land. Just watch theres a few areas around Wynnum/manly that are protected.
  12. sehrguht

    New Boat

    Nice boat Im jealous. 100hp should put you up a bit on the speed side of things! Hervey bay should be on the cards in the coming months. Perfect boat for chasing the goldens and tuna