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    loves family , hunting and fishing
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  1. bedehunt


  2. yeah his dad was wolfhound pitty and his mum was a wolfhound arab,
  3. not to good finding, but he hits them like a freight train when he gets them
  4. bedehunt

    dalby run xmas day

    solid pigs mate nice work
  5. cheers for a good day mate, wont be our last trip with ya, thats for sure
  6. try again [attachment]C:\fakepath\sterling 2009 039.avi[/attachment]
  7. a few boars we caught with the dogs [attachment]C:\fakepath\right type of mood pig hunting.MPG[/attachment] that didnt work
  8. mainly along the kennedy river and the little laura, got a few big loner boars coming out of the rivers in the arvos, all the dams on the property were good to hit during the middle of the day hard on the dogs though.
  9. [attachment:1]C:\fakepath\bedes trip 2011 004.jpg[/attachment] How are yas, we just got back from 10 days hunting and and a little bit of fishing up north on a cattle property were me brother works. Started of well nice with a nice drive to mission beach then a massive bender on the piss at a mates resuarant, the next day was spent feeling a bit sore and sorey for ourselves but then we remembered we were on holidays so we sucked it up and kept truckin to we got to laura. Once at the property we said our hellos and we were on our way, we were suprised how timbered the place was, see the pigs for a few seconds then they were gone, not so good for shooting but lucky we had a few dogs on board so we soon had a few under the belt. The next days are a bit blurry but i can remember drinking a shit load of piss, catching a shit load of pigs, shit load of cherapin, Then there was the Laura hotel fishing comp, so we thought we have a go catching a barra on one of the properties water holes we ended up with with nearly 15 barra in two days only three keepers, one took out smallest barra registered in the comp not bad 63cm, we left before the end of the comp but we got a good archer fish 30cm and a big tarpon 53cm. Had a great time up there and cant wait to go back, herse a couple of photos [attachment]C:\fakepath\bedes trip 2011 043.jpg[/attachment] [attachment:7]C:\fakepath\bedes trip 2011 061.jpg[/attachment]
  10. i think the boxs are closed at the moment, which sucks cause me mate just got accredited for the trip but not to worry, its good just to give the dogs a good work out,king prawns 12 bucks a kilo at kurumba at the moment should be good, ill let yas no how we went
  11. Thanks for ur help mate, were heading to sterling for 2 weeks me brother is head stockmen up there at the moment, so should be a good trip plenty of barra hopefully, least were gaureented plenty of pigs
  12. How ya going guys just after some advise on soft plastics, im heading up to Normanton in the gulf in 2 weeks time for some barra fishing and hunting, ive only used hard bodied lures up there before, but wouldnt mind trying some soft ones on em seeing as its a bit colder as we usually go up later in the year, cheers
  13. cheers mate thats my type of fishing couple of beers kicking back waiting
  14. how u going guys i was hopeing for some advice, im heading out to Windorah in a couple of weeks chasing a few pigs, but iwas hopeing to catch a few yellow belly any advice on lures or methods would be appreiceated.