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    I do skeet and trap shooting competitively, and try to go fishing every weekend
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  2. Hey buddy, is the Samurai 502 for sale still, if so, would you split the rod from the Twin power.
  3. Well here is the report from last weekends hunting trip. The weather was finally good and we had a fine and good tempered condition. The 2 quads were on the back of the Nissan, and the 4 1/2 hour drive to Meandarra was upon us. A quick stop at Dalby to fill out stomachs up with maccas, and on our way again. We finally arrived at the property about 9:45. We set the tents up and got settled in then the quads came off and we were away. As soon as we know it we saw aprox 6 pigs run up the fence line into the bush, we both separated and chased the pigs, we lost the pigs pretty quick however we saw a nice group of Goats with one nice Billy at the end of the pack, i took a shot with with the marlin 44 and ofcourse it shot a bit high and sadly missed the goats. We looked for them in the rough stuff, and suddenly the quad stopped. My uncle and I now had to push the quad back on the road, we first thought that is was only a over heating problem, so we walked to the dam to hopefully meet up with the other blokes, and no one was there. So my uncle walked back to the quad to see if it has cooled down, as we haven't rid quads before we found that the kill switch was turned off :evil: :evil: . So after that little problem we headed back to the camp and shot a bit of 22 and waited for the spotlight session. The spotlighting was pretty cool, we chased a group of baby foxes for a little while to see if we can grab one, these foxes were only around 5 weeks old with only grey coast on. Just down the track a pig popped out from the grasses so off we went around 4km/h witht he pig running right beside us, i picked up the bolt action shotgun trying to keep my balance, the pig turns quickly comes under the fence does a flip i shot it in the butt, and of course the bolt jams, and because the pig runs with so much adrenalin, it runs off. We didn't see to much after that, just got one cat. Sunday morning arrived and wasn't it a big day. The quads again were so much fun, we didn't see to much only a pig that we chased and hid in the bushes, so we waited for it to come out. It finally bolted my uncle got to shots in the pigs butt with the shotgun again and ofcourse it just wasn't enough to stop it. After that we didn't see to much except for alot or roos. For the rest of the day i shot the 22, and the 338 which is quite a big calibre. The spot light session was alright with only seeing a couple of pigs and a big ginger cat. The last day has arrived disappointingly, not far from the camp sight we spotted a big boy coming back from his night feed from the wheat, he just got away from us. Just down the road another 3 came out from the wheat, and sadly they got away from us aswell. again not far down the road in the next paddock there was 3 nice pigs about 600m away. We dropped one from 600m away with the 308, didn't get to him but we knew we was down. After that we didn't see anymore pigs however saw a couple of cats to finish the day. our long walk back to the dam seeing what i can see our awesome dinner spot lighting Angry pigs in the trap
  4. Well tomorrow is our 3rd try to go out west this year, was suppose to go out a month ago but something happened the night before. So heading out to the property out Meandarra area, coming home Monday arvo it should be a good weekend. Taking the 4 wheelers out so should be good fun to round up a few pigs. Thanks matthew
  5. I headed out Wednesday from the river, i hooked up to a nice longtail East of the measure Mile, probs took me around 45min-1hour, mine went around 12-13kg, got him on a 5" Streakz. Also got this jew around the wreck up from the measure mile, got him on a McArthy 6"
  6. mattuna

    Weekend away

    Hey Hunting folks, just heading away for the weekend early tomorrow morning and returning Monday arvo, Second trip for the year out to our regular property out at meandarra. Hope the property didn't get any rain last night, so we can make our way around the whole property. Hopefuly to see a good number of pigs, goats and cats. cheers Matt
  7. mattuna

    sold curado 51E

    Hey, just wondering if anyone has a curado 51E or 50E, i would much rather a 51E. kind regards
  8. ye we headed out Sunday out to moreton we found 2 nice schools of mactuna, awesome size school. I got a real solid mactuna biggest one i've got. Went out to the wrecks near the measure mile scored a solid Jew on live slimey. On the way home hit a school of solid longtail, fought this fish for about half n hour the bloody jig head snaped, i just got a big fustrated and gave it a bit more then i should have, owell there will always be another one out there, i hoope. i'll just add this photo of a solid Black jew, that i got from Darwin couple weeks back
  9. much prefer the darker blue certate however will consider the Custom R
  10. Hey everyone, just asking anyone if they have a original certate they want to offload. Looking for a certate in excellent condition, and around brisbane pick up. I will look at a Certate 2500 R aswell. PM me or txt on 0431943927 kind regards
  11. it might of been saturday i was there both days i dn't know what day, but he was driving a triton that loooked like the one you travell around in.
  12. Hey kurt, was your old man at belmont range last sunday?
  13. The spotties were far and between we got 2, however 1 got sharked, but a nice day on Moreton bay once again.