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  1. adambris


  2. adambris

    Sunshine Coast Crocodile

    If they were gonna be on the coast, thats probably a likely spot. Minimal boat traffic up there.
  3. adambris

    Sunny Coast Reefs

    Acres of birds working off sunshine this morning..
  4. adambris

    Sunny Coast Reefs

    Yeah thats it mate. Havnt had a hobie in years now.
  5. adambris

    Sunny Coast Reefs

    Long long time since i posted or even signed in. Moved to noosa a couple of years ago. Thought id share my latest trip. Left the ramp in the dark and hit the reef as the first light showed up. Prospecting with plastics gave us an early run of grassies up to 45cm and a squire. Tide stopped running and the reefies went quiet, but the pelagics turned up, spanish all around the 80cm mark, and my cobia going 99.5cm (gutted). Heaed for the ramp around 8am.
  6. adambris

    Wiring help

    Does anyone have diagrams of wiring for boats, The current wiring I have leaves a lot to be desired. Ripping it all out, but not 100% when it comes to electronics. I've got sounder, lights and 2 power sockets that I want wired through a switch panel so that there is just a positive and negative to connect to the battery. I've tried googling, but everything I found is too detailed for what I need.
  7. adambris

    Air travel and fishing tackle?

    virgin have no size limit, and usualy 5kgs of sporting equipment is free, i have taken 2.1m rod tubes with me, they get stowed and checked in through oversized baggage area. jetstar have a 1.6m limit for all luggage, not even the option to pay extra to get it with you. i learnt this the hard way.
  8. adambris

    Noosa For Easter...

    well done guys, sold the hobie, bought a tinny and moving to doonan in a month so pretty happy to see reports like this!!! :cheer: :evil: :cheer:
  9. adambris

    haswing caymen bow mounts???

    anyone have any good or bad reports on these motors, can find them priced around the same price as water snakes, though water snakes seem to have a patchy history. any advice would be great! />
  10. adambris

    Bream Fishing on the flats

    forgot to mention the damiki range...
  11. adambris

    sold wanting hobie!

    any personal friends of fergie? let him know i have an outback for sale if he's still chasing one. cheers
  12. adambris

    sold wanting hobie!

    hey ferg are you still chasing an outback?
  13. adambris

    my reward for persistence.

    plenty of times mate, been smashed up by a lot bigger fish there on regular occasions, just couldn't get them out of the structure fast enough!!!
  14. the day i found out what it was like to actually fight a fish!!!
  15. adambris

    my reward for persistence.

    moved to the sunny coast end of last year, and have been targeting jacks as much as possible. so far this year I've fished 6 days a week, every week, with most sessions being before work and only an hour to an hour and a half long. but after many thousands of casts into snags rocks and bridge pillions, and a few unstoppable hook ups, last week i finally got the target fish, not my first or biggest jack, but most satisfying by far. next cast got a nice bream.