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  2. haha yer i hear they have a new shop there aswell now but i gotta go for a drive and have a look i think
  3. Hey guys, Just wandering if anyone knows when they will be opening the new Pinkenba Boat ramp? as i am sick of dropping the boat in boggy creek Cheers
  4. haha yer its good to be back on the water but i still think my carbys in the motor are playing up its been going on for months now. Im looking for a new boat at the moment abit bigger with a livewell, electric motor ect for tournaments Got a real nice 2nd hand megabass in the other day from Japan only used in freshwater model is Megabass Destroyer 5'9 jig head and skipping specialist 5-12lb spin awsome little rod will be selling for around $320.00 if you know anyone interested
  5. Angus wrote: Franco you should publish a list of what you have when 51MPL makes the post. As opposed to bringing tonnes of stuff to sit in the car, maybe just some pre sold select items... Angus Will post a list of gear to angus soon so he can upload onto the website but i think on the day i just wanna catch fish haha
  6. green prawns work well my mate caught his biggest around 150cm on green prawns from coles. not so sure about the heavy leader this had deterred fish from my experiences 30 or 40lb is heaps. hope that helps
  7. thanks guys, yer it is a red ize certate with ocean mark spool my favourite little reel at the moment and the rod is a Loomis walleye i was trying out.
  8. Cheers i hear they sometimes get GH there so might have to hit that up :woohoo:
  9. Hey all sorry this is my first report back in a while as i have had motor trouble with my boat and the mechanic just cant seem to get it right time after time. First will start with flathead: Dedicated 2 sessions to flathead this week purely using hard bodies and soft plastics which included mainly of smith cherry bloods, lively lures and Berkley gulp 4". First session was very successful landing around 12 flattys ranging from 50cm-70cm, I lost 2 really big guys im saying 90cm plus as i was using 6lb mainline onto a 8lb leader and could not set the hooks as well as i would have liked and in return they came up to the surface and did there usual headshakes and popped my hooks. Most were released but i think we took home 3 as they are one of my favourite fish to eat. also got a nice whiting on a cherry blood couldnt believe it haha. On the second session i noticed the water temperature on my sounder was around 4 degrees colder than the previous day we had gone and straight away we struggled to get a hit. after trolling for 2 hours we had landed another 2 around the 50cm mark and decided to call it quits. Also had 2 sessions out at the mouth of the river chasing snapper and jewies on big dead baits and plastics. The got 2 squire on plastics 1 at 43cm and and one at 46cm using 6lb mainline to 8lb flurocarbon which was awsome fun and took my a while to get in. The bigger snapper were caught using dead pike fillets and squid floating down with small ball sinkers. and my mates zane and michael managed to bag one each aswell around the 50cm mark. Jewies were all caught on dead baits aswell but didnt manage to get one over the 70cm mark landing around 5 all up. Most of the fish were released. Hope you enjoy!
  10. hooked_on_trout wrote: cheers mate i was using 4" berkey minnows in the pearl watermelon colour
  11. snapsnap wrote: yer great day i have a 4.2 tinny with a 40hp cheers :cheer:
  12. Funfisher wrote: cheers mate he put some hurt on me haha
  13. roger wrote: they were taking them on the drop im guessing about 3/4 of the way down. use as light jighead as you can, snapper in the river and mouth hate weight.
  14. chris_stewart14 wrote: haha it was freezing but we sat behing the wall to block out most the wind. tell me when your catching fish and fighting them for 10 -15 mins at a time i think the temp is the last thing on my mind buddy haha :laugh: