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    International espionage and counter terrorism expert with a penchant for exotic weaponry and chilli gherkins. I try to fit in a little fishing inbetween mercenary and culinary forays.
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    fishing, camping and beer
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    self employed


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    pontoon 21/ sx40
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    woolies green prawns
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    87cm flathead.

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    83 (Mary river cod )
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  1. max pwr

    max pwr

  2. max pwr

    garmin 95sv

    I currently have a hummingbird sides can GPS combo flush mounted in front of my steering wheel and a furuno 585 mounted on a bracket. Generally I use the hummingbird just as a nav aid and the furuno does all the sounding work but the hummingbird is a small screen and it's a pain to read when I'm doing drifts and watching for marks coming up... I have to turn from the back of the boat, lean over the seat and peer over the steering wheel. I'm thinking of replacing the furuno with a garmin 95sv which has a larger screen and will be able to be mounted higher and in a better view space. I haven't fallen in love with the furuno......I can read it easily enough and I can't fault it's abilities even when going 50 kph it easily finds bait and fish but it's not a pretty picture and i think I'd like something a bit more blingy just cos. This will give me two separate side view combos and more options for viewing depending on if I'm on the move, drifting etc. I like lowrance as well but the garmin is Cheaper with more standard functions and after having a play with several different units seems like a goer. Any opinions on the garmin units or suggestions on a different unit would be appreciated.
  3. it's not your form mate........I've caught bugger all for the last couple of months in the bay. Never had a fish drought as bad as it's been lately.
  4. Wish I made it! I was quite depressed about not going this year.......bulk bills so I had to work on the weekend :sick: Seeing the pics makes me depressed all over again.
  5. Sure you don't mean bleated birthday present? Happy birthday Ray, met your mate Graham today....good bloke. See you at wintercamp. Cheers, Steve.
  6. Congrats on an awesome mixed bag Wayne! That's a solid session there mate, that's exactly the result you want!!!! Yeehaaaa Also congrats on knowing the difference between a tuskie and a parrot........amazing how many blokes get them mixed up. As far as not rating snapper, you'll have to come over sometime and I'll cook you up a mad feed of pan fried snap in garlic and chilli with some roast veggies and a nice bottle of vino. If you know what I mean xx
  7. You did well Angus, we struggled to find weed yesterday in the usual spots. Nice size squid there. I was wondering what was going on yesterday, good to see someone had a successful day.
  8. We caught bugger all to take home, quite a few squire with some maybe just legal. I didn't bother to measure any but none were even 40cm. The northern bay was really choppy and as Sam said once the tide changed and wind dropped off it turned into a cracker of a day but we's had enough and headed home. Oh well, good with the bad.
  9. Good luck're always good for a report, I'll look forward to seeing how you went. . It will be interesting to see how the bay fishes tomorrow with the Redland Bay comp on. I did consider fishing Peel or Mud but considering the weather last couple of days I'll bet the closer areas will be hammered tomorrow.
  10. Who's doing what? Creek bashing, Broadwater, bay or outside tomorrow is looking like a good day to chase some fish. High barometer and just after the full moon should see some decent fish being caught as long as the wind plays the game. I'm heading to Bulwer to chase some squid and snapper, what are you up to?
  11. Well spotted! Yeah it's head is bent backwards at what may be described as an uncomfortable angle.
  12. max pwr

    1770 29th - 31st

    Yeah it was a little breezy Saturday night Julian, Sunday turned into s cracker of a day though. Catch up for a brew next time buddy
  13. Yo, went to Fitzroy reef Saturday morning for an overnighter.....fished for a few hours Saturday with only 4 in the box and s crook decky. Went inside the reef round lunchtime for a snorkel and a few beers where we stayed till sun up Sunday. I fumbled a nice trout over the side of the boat while cleaning it for our dinner but there was a 3 metre shark under the boat so I didn't dive for it. Kept an eye out for you Julian but didn't spot you or any raft ups so we kept to ourselves. Had a half decent plastic session Sunday morning with some keepers, Found some nice marks at the end of the session I'll go back to. No massive fish this trip but had a great time up there and came home with a feed.
  14. max pwr

    1770 30th joy

    I'll be at Fitzroy Saturday night as well Julian, no doubt we'll hear you guys. We're gonna do a bit of snorkeling in the arvo and anchor up next to the coral for the night with a couple lines out then hit the shallow reefs for trout early Sunday. My boat is white with blue canopy and called McBoat, we'll be in Fitzroy early arvo . Weather looks mint, can't wait!