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    Never catch fish but seem to be able to bring a feed of crabs home each time even tho allergic to them!!
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  2. Hey all I havnt been crabbing for the past 6 odd weeks hence no reports as my boat has been in the shop having a few cracks welded up. Got the boat back last weekend and after a quick wet test was really happy to finally have my boat watertight. Each day at work last week the weather has looked amazing so I decided to take Friday off I was very keen to get back on the river and see what was happening and if the crabs were still around. My partners family were heading up from Adelaide and I thought what better way to get together for our wogfests aka "dinner" than to cook up some amazing crab dishes. Around 15 odd people for dinner tomorrow night so not a single nipper will go to waste that's for sure. Was also able to drop off a few muddies to my parents and my partner cooked the 6 sandies with her amazing pasta sauce. As I miss out on all crab as im allergic the pasta sauce was heaven enough. Went out with my partner Friday afternoon and set down 8 pots to return in the morning for 9 good sized muddies. Crabbed up past the gateway, was hard going with my pots full of small jellyfish and females. Brought the pots in for the day to return Friday afternoon to reset, this time further down the river towards the mouth. Returned Saturday morning and the move had paid off with good bucks coming up. Still plenty of females around but no jellyfish! Bagged out with my 10 muddies, kept the best ones and returned the rest. Again brought the pots in and returned Saturday afternoon to reset and soak for the night. Sunday morning headed out through the boat passage and again felt I was on the crab. Bagged out again and headed back to the ramp. As I was heading out this morning from fishos noticed a half cab coming in heavily leaning to the right as there were plenty of people standing around thought it was best to get going and get out of the way and on the way in another boatie who was heading offshore had forgotten his V sheet and kindly offered to pay me double what it was worth. I really felt for the guy and thought you cant put a price on a fellow boaties safety so handed him my V sheet and said take it mate, I really hope you never have to use it! A great result this weekend with 29 muddies and 6 sandies. The sandies my partner is cooking up but the muddies have been shared between my partners parents and sister and they are preparing the ultimate wogfest feed, its a surprise whats on the menu for me tho. Just a question the bag limit is 10 for muddies and we could find nothing that said total for the day or per person can anyone clear that one up would be great. We just stuck to 10 total for the day. Pics of the catch below, a couple of good sized ones Thank you for reading.
  3. tradie


    Nice one mate did you catch them in the Brisbane River?? Ive given crabbing a miss the past 2 weeks
  4. Hey mate thats an interesting point you make, now I think of it ive pretty much had all my success on the right hand side of the river heading towards the mouth! And the pots I left on the left hand side were smashed by females....
  5. Mate your totally right, maybe he had nothing to do with the pots disappearing but he sure was in a hurry to throw his last pot in the river and take off?? I think its just the pure frustration that makes you want to blame someone, I totally accept im going to loose pots. On a happy note the two pots I lost were my old pro ones which have been well used and have been repaired a few times haha
  6. Thought id give spot x a rest and try a different area this weekend. Headed out friday afternoon and took a total gamble and set my pots down on new water. Left to soak over night and returned in the morning to be let down as there was a bunch of undersized bucks and some massive females. As ive heard the crabbing tale, if your getting females on one side the bucks are on the other side of the river....... I retured Saturday afternoon to set my pots on the opposite side of the river in new water again. Returned Sunday morning and to my surprise it paid off pulling up 5 decent bucks to take home. Sadly some idiot decided to set his pots directly inbetween my string of pots. Not only was that frustrating enough but I also noticed I was missing two pots!! He was there setting his pots down right inbetween my pots as I approached. I truly think its just a crabbers duty to respect other crabbers and use your brain on the water. My pots were set no more than 25 maybe 30 meters apart and here he was setting his pots down right inbetween my string of pots!!! The frustration why he would do that.... There is so much area for all!! If I want to crab an area and notice that there are already pots there, firstly ill make sure my pots are set well away from his out of respect. The heavy downpour I was caught in this morning pulling my pots and searching for my other two pots is what crabbing is all about :silly: Anyway thats crabbing sad but time to head on up to CRAB N GEAR and grab another 4 pots they are truly fantastic pots the best I have ever used for sure!!! Thank you for reading and feel free to comment on your thoughts about crabbing ettiquite below please ....
  7. Spot x's mate haha, were you the one with the glass centre console, said you had been crabbing at Maroochydore?? If so well done mate Happy Crabbing!! Are you from Brissy??
  8. A brick or a besser block on 10 odd meters of rope with a crab float is always a laugh, kinda like sticking a dollar coin to the ground and laughing at people bending over to try pick it up. Pull the float and all the rope into the boat to find a brick on the end :whistle: A note on the brick "GOT YA!!"
  9. Not a worry mate id hope anyone would do the same. Its really scary just how big and heavy that log was I wouldnt even wanna picture hitting it while moving or even worse at night, bloody big and still sitting on the beach at pinkenba
  10. True, might just have to take the week off and go crabbing:D Hope your diary is right mate!!
  11. Cheers rosco thought you would have been hitting the sandies in the bay. Every one I talk to tells me the sandies are going off at the moment in the bay. With my boat I stick to the river which works for me with the muddies. Never really had much luck up the little creeks. From the Pinkenba ramp to the boat passage Ive been crabbing trying to zone in. Reckon there are any sandies in the river?? Best of luck mate you will smash it as usual!!
  12. After the success of last weekends crabbing, id been itching all week at work hanging for this weekend to head out for a crab. Set out Friday after work with the mrs down the river to deploy our 8 pots for the night. Pots set on sunset and we would return in the morning...... Saturday morning down the river we go under a cover of darkness to spot X. Hopes are high as the pots had been soaking for 12 hours. Pot after pot came up with around 3 or 4 crab in each pot. Few females around and undersized bucks all sent back. Ended up keeping 6 good sized muddies and one standing out from the rest weighing in at just under 1.8kg, have to minus about 100g from the pic for the plate. Sadly ended up loosing one pot, went up and down the area where I had set it but no luck. Thats crabbing tho hey, win some loose some. Called it a day and headed in till Saturday afternoon where we heading back down the river to set our 8 pots again for Saturday night. The river was really ripping and I sent the anchor down to give me a chance to make up a few pots. As I went to pull the anchor up it was firmly stuck on something at the ocean floor!! No matter what I tried the anchor would not budge. Ended up having to cut the rope and there goes my anchor with 4m of chain and about 7 odd meters of rope:( Set the pots that were set up, one of the next pots I noticed had a rip so cut the rope off the crab pot to borrow some to repir the pot. In the moment I totally forgot to tie the rope back to the crab pot!! Next thing I knew my mrs was yelling as that pot left my fingers, its the most helpless feeling as you watch a $45 dollor pot headed straight for the ocean floor!!! So far two crab pots and one anchor! Again pots set down on sunset and we returned Sunday morning at first light. Back to spot X Sunday morning. Pulled in the 7 pots for another 6 keeper muddies:) Again the river was really ripping and I knew there were only 7 pots out but I could only count 6!! I was positive I was not going to make it 3 lost crab pots! Spent about 30 min driving around and out of a sheer fuke saw something that looked like baitfish. As we got closer there was my float about a meter under water, the river was moving that fast! I managed to get that pot back!! On Friday afternoon after setting the pots noticed the tree in the river pic below. Was able to tie a rope and drag it into the pinkenba boat ramp and dragged it as far as I possibly could onto the beach, tripping over into the water as I tried to man handle this disaster waiting to happen tree, my phone was in my pocket wasnt it!!!! An easy 6m in length and bloody heavy!!! Ps to the guy sitting in his car at the ramp watching me thanks for the help :evil: So the count now is two crab pots, an anchor with chain and rope, a mobile phone and a very sore ankle. To top the weekend off my electronics in my ranger are now playing up, my dash lights wont come on, when I brake my head lights come on and my right indicator wont work, HAPPY DAYS :woohoo: Cars heading in for a service this week will have that problem sorted. So add that to the weekends dramas haha If you have been down to colmslie boat ramp as of Saturday afternoon you would have noticed another poor boatie in bad luck. Makes my weekend look not so bad! Pics below. One last thing a heads up for a business at Clontarf "Crab n Gear". Well worth a look. Good bloke didnt mind a good chat and has plenty of stock and can make up pots to your specs. Picked up 4 solid pots for $148 so $37 a pot and they are fantasic. Certainly will get some more. Thank you very much for reading
  13. Thanks mate I just cut up 100mm square bits out of milk bottles and used some stick on reflective material and then had a mates business laminate them for me and use a bit of wire to attach them to my floats at night if im crabbing during the night, once that spot light hits the water they show up like stars really helpful. And Old Scaley your right I reckon alot of pots in the river are just ran over by mistake and set free. I have a good 15m of line on each of my pots and usually crabbing in about 8 to 12m of water so usually just bunch some and tie it off good to have the extra there tho in case. While crabbing on the weekend one of my floats did actually get caught on a decent size log floating down the river which had dragged the pot some 20odd meters from where I dropped it, where as all my other pots stayed put.