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  1. i agree, split grips are completely unnecessary, especially with this rod. but other than that great guides and blank
  2. just bought myself one of these for throwing tiny slugs around for bonito and trveally etc. 7'3 and 2-4kg Built on a Hasting's blank and fuji titanium Sic guides i thought it seemed like really good value for $140. I can gladly say that the rod is really really good and my samurai is definately not worth the extra $400. light enough tip for casting small plastics yet casts little slugs a mile. also an incredible amount of strength for a 2-4kg rod. best fish so far is a 52cm trevally that it handled with ease. so basically im really happy with it and anyone in the market for a new light - medium rod, get this one :laugh:
  3. just bumping the sale curado - $220 medalist 6-10kg - $170 medalist 2-4kg - $110 these are very reasonable prices, all items are in great condition and the reel comes fully spooled with 20lb tuffline
  4. i reckon its good. you cant have some vintage logo for a brand thats making ridiculously technologically advanced reels. just an update
  5. go a good quality tinnie all decked out around 4.2m i reckon.
  6. handline's dont zzzzzz haha but sounds like a thready anyway, solid effort well done
  7. A mate and i are heading over to moreton next weekend. well get the barge then tinnie it to our camping spot down the beach a few km's well be in his 15hp tinnie, probs just hang around the inside tangalooma area but hopefully can get stuck into some bonito or macks or somethin :woohoo: i honestly have no idea what to expect but it should be fun anyway HARRYYYYYY......
  8. sorry mate mine is spin, but my mate is selling a 6'6 2-4kg medalist bc, same rod for $140
  9. just made my day hahah. hopefully i can do the same
  10. yeah i was hoping i could get it for the summer with the pelagics out and firing. the 802 is great but a bit short for casting slugs and better for the deeper water fishing i do in winter.
  11. its time to replace my bsr802 mossyback. guides rusting and blank a bit bruised. i know i can pay $150 for a brand new one with the warranty. but does anyone know if u can get a different rod if its the same price from loomis. i was thinking about the bsr852 mossyback specifically cheers