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    I have a 4.3m Seajay tinnie with a 30HP Yammie that doesn't get into the water enough. I enjoy fishing a lot, but know bugger-all about it.
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    Guitar...really badly played.....but enthusiastic
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    25 kg Samsonfish off Rottnest...a long time ago...


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    Motor Boat with Trailer
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  2. Thanks Ty Maybe I'll give it a go next time I'm down there, and take the little gas cooker. If I do, I'll post the results of the taste test here.
  3. A while ago I was down at Samsonvale cemetery and some young blokes were fishing there. They were catching some decent sized tilapia and what I think were freshwater garfish. I know that the tilapia are a noxious pest. Question is, are they any good to eat? Seems a waste to just catch them, kill them and chuck them out. I go down there fairly regularly - Samsonvale cemetery is a special place for me, for personal reasons and it's just down the road from my place. There is often people there catching Tilapia. It would be nice to wet a line there, catch a few fish and perhaps a feed - if they don't taste like mud....... Has anyone tried them? Are they any good?
  4. I haven't had much success in NP lately. Last summer I did ok at bullocky rest, at the base of the peninsula on the left hand side using canned catfood and chook pellets. Had best success near snags in what looked like deeper water. Also, only had success when I left the pots in over night but found my pots were being visited, so made sure there were no visible marks on the shore. Heard a story that sunlight soap works a treat, but not game to try it - can't be a good thing to put in to the water there, I would think???
  5. Put in at the Bellara ramp, Bribie, at 7:30 am this morning. A little wind to start off with, but in all pretty good conditions. Motored northwards up the passage up to the Skids (I think...could have been the's been a long time since I fished the passage). No wind up here, and beautiful smooth water. Turned around a bit, then drifted back with the tide. Put out some bloodworms, a pillie and flicked a couple of soft plastics to see what we could tempt. Nothing much until the run-out built up a bit. Tried to make sure we were drifting over banks and drop-offs, and not through the middle of the channel. Picked up about four Grunter (Javelin) between us off the edge of a couple of sand (mud?) bars. All were around the 30cm mark, and all took the worms. No photos, because some fool (me) left his camera at home. Kept on drifting and picked up a handful of small bream - all undersized so carefully released to fight another day. Scored a legal bream from out under a couple of snags - around 30cm. Worms again. He went back in the drink, too. Got smashed by a big lizard, but I wasn't good enough to land him on my light bream tackle - we got a look though, but they always look bigger when you don't land them, so I won't make any spurious claims... One more bream....A tad over 25cm, but in beautiful condition. Another one released, though. Remembered my phone, and took a photo of a Grunter (Javelin). We managed to hook up to a couple more lizards, but didn't manage to land any. All up we landed about 12 fish between us. A handful were legal, but we weren't fishing for keepers today, so all went back in the drink. All in all a fantastic day. The weather held off long enough for us to have a great day on the water, the wind was almost non-existent in most of the passage and there was almost no traffic on the water until we returned at 1:30pm or so. I think I'll be fishing the passage again soon. OK, try again with the photo, which is a Grunter....I think..... OK, I give up....anyone really wants a photo of a 25cm fish, I'll email it to them....
  6. Batching it at the moment, and keen to get the boat out on Father's day this Sunday. Checked the forecast - not looking good. Always the way when I've got a free ticket of leave. Wet, and 15-20 Knots NNW.... Thinking about Bribie, and Pumicestone Passage. The tinnie(4.3m Seajay) should be able to handle that, and the wind might be a bit less there with some shelter. Got a couple of passengers coming along who haven't fished Qld before. I haven't fished Pumicestone for a long time though, so I've no idea what to expect. I'm thinking some worms, a bit of chook-gut and some SP's... Anyone got any better ideas? Staying home is not an option.....
  7. Well, I finally got the tinnie out again last weekend, after a long period of neglect out in the back yard. The little Yammie sputtered to life after a handful of pulls before the trip - great little motor, the old 30 HP three cylinder 2 stroke! I was a bit worried about the bearings on the trailer when we set off, so a few stops on the way to make sure they were coping. Arrived at Rainbow Beach, and all ok. The bar there is a bit much for me to tackle, so the plan was to stay inside and fish Fraser west coast and Tin Can bay. Got on the water Saturday morning and set off to a few spots in the bay and across to Fraser. The boat ran like a dream. Managed to snare some smallish winter whiting on worms on the run in tide. Most of those were too small and went back, except the couple that had a worthwhile fillet. Also got a handful of bream, but all undersized. Scored a few nice solid summer whiting on very light tackle using worms again. A few nice keepers, and great fun on the light gear. Got a few muddies over the weekend too, but only two keepers. The rest went back in the drink to grow up, or breed more keepers. A nice weekend with a good feed. Surprised we didn't get on to any flathead. It was great to get back out on the water again - shouldn't leave it so long. Already planning my next trip in two weeks.
  8. Took the kids to Rainbow over the long weekend. We camped at Carlo Point. Intended going up on Friday, but ended up leaving 6am Saturday. Easy drive up there, not much traffic. The Forrester did alright towing the boat for the first time...well better than the corolla, anyhow. Arrived at the camping ground and started to set up camp. Problem one: how to keep two little girls occupied while I set up tent and tarp. Answer: let them help...oops! Finally got the tent and tarp up. Shovelled all the gear from the car and boat into the tent, had some lunch, then off to the boat ramp. Whoa!!!! Everyone is at the ramp. There are several different fishing/boating clubs having there long weekend comp at Carlo. Never seen a ramp so crowded! Get the boat in, pull it up the beach, try and park the car (no spots left), walk back to the boat, lifejackets on the kids and we're away. Poor little Yammie spits out a cloud of smoke as it hasn't been used for a while, punters at the ramp laughing at me trying to manage kids and boat in a cloud of smoke, and we're off. The little yammie cleaned up pretty quick, loving the premium unleaded it was getting fed, and was soon humming away smoothly. We caught no fish - only got the lines in for about 15 minutes, but got to cruise the bay and found and noted a few likely spots for next time. Spent plenty of time in the boat with the girls though. Got to see some beaut fish in the arvo's at the cleaning table when the fishing comp crowds got back in. Got pretty wet on Saturday night when a storm came over - my side of the tent leaked. Girls kept dry, though, so manged to get back to sleep. Forgot lots of little things, like how to get two little girls showered on my own - eventually had to do it in the mens, but picked a quiet time. Most people didn't mind (apart from one grumpy old sod telling me it was inappropriate etc.) The girls made friends with the Boonah Fishing Club crowd, as they were camped up next to the camp kitchen. All up, a great weekend. A heap of work and no fish, but plenty of time on the water - and quality time with the girls!
  9. On Monday it was looking like I've finally got the boat (OK, tinnie) back on track (after $$$$$$ and lots of time) :cheer: , I've organised a trip to Carlo Point for the long weekend with a mate to take her out :woohoo: , replaced some of the many years (and $$$) worth of tackle that got nicked on my last camping/fishing trip in NSW central coast (go Queensland tonight....we won!!!), the missus is looking keen to get out and chuck a few lures around, the lifejackets still fit the kids - everything is looking sweet. Too good to be true! One day later (yesterday), my mate is threatining to pull out coz he has a new(ish) bub and it might rain :dry: , my missus' old man is REALLY crook in hospital so she's had to fly down to Mexico (Vic) and I've been left to look after a 4 year old and a 6 year old (fair enough) :S . Both are girls (and keen on fishing thankfully), but a real handfull to look after on my own, fishing and in a boat....bugger! Today the old man looks like pulling through (phew...he's a good bloke, and doesn't mind flicking a fly around), my mate still doesn't know if he's coming or not....and I'm still going camping!!! OK, I'm unlikely to get much fishing done, but... I suppose I can always troll a few lures around with the kids and see what happens. I'm getting worried though, coz the boat is still not ready to pick up!!! I wonder what the morning will bring? I'm still going to Carlo Point (Rainbow), regardless. If my mate pulls out, I'll try to get another mate to come if possible. Either way, the boat is going to get on the water (if it's ready :S )even if I don't get to do too much fishing Well, it's good to get THAT off my chest.....sorry folks!!!
  10. boondy

    Pots in June????

    Looks like it's pots in, then, with some supervision. I'm staying right near the Carlo Point ramp (rainbow waters), and will be putting in there, so I'll definitely check out what the pba folk bring in! Thanks for the help, folks. This is a ripper site! :woohoo:
  11. I'm off to Rainbow Beach for the long weekend. What is the chance of crabs in June? Should I drop a few pots, or am I just wasting my time? Of course, I'll drop some pots regardless, just in case, but would be nice to know what the oil is on this!
  12. Won't be going offshore - little tinnie (4.3m) and kids doesn't equal attempting bar! Will be trying the passage. Had success getting flathead on fly in WA. Might give it a go here, and see what happens. Otherwise, will be targetting other estuary species. I'm a bit out of touch, so it will be interesting to se how it goes!
  13. It's a nice idea, having an introduce yourself forum. Thought I'd better take advantage of it! My name is Sean, and I'm new to the site, although not to Brisbane. I have a 4.3m Seajay tinnie with a 30HP 2HP Yammie on the back. It's equipped with a Lowrance X65 fish finder and is pretty well decked out. Unfortunately some clown parked it out under a Jacaranda for a year or so, so it's not as shiny as it could be, but still very functional. I love fishing and getting out on the river and bay.I grew up fishing the bay, but have been away for a long thing I've noticed is that it's a bit more challenging to get decenmt fish at most of these spots now. Always looking for company when out and about - find it very difficult to balance work, family, social life and fishing. I have reached a solution...I hope...combine family, fishing and social and try to spend less time at work! Off to Rainbow Beach for the long weekend. Really looking forwards to that!!! Might see you on the water sometime! Thanks Sean...(aka boondy)