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  1. I don't own an Aqua Master boat but Paul (The owner) has done some repairs on my boat and did an awesome job
  2. 1. Damiki Armour Shad 2. Fish Arrow 2/3 inch Flash J 3. Fish Arrow 1/2/3 inch J Huddle 4. Damiki Ripper 5. Damiki M Grub 6. Damiki D Grub 7. Damiki 2 inch air Craw 8. Damiki 2.5cm Monster Miki 9. Damiki Shrimp 10. All of which can be found at
  3. Basically any small hard bodied lure slow rolled over the flats, look for weed beds with at least 100mm cover of water (use surface lures this shallow), flats with shell cover as well. I like the Damiki dtsco and Pontoon 21 Crack Jacks for this style of fishing. Plastics will also work, Damiki armour shads are my fav. As for surface lures Sugar pens and sammy 65's are the go. If the Bream aren't playing the game there's always plenty of flatties and whiting.
  4. My got to for targeting Flathead is the Damiki Armour shad in 3 and 5 inch, white and Moebi are my favourites. In hard bodies I am a huge fan of the Pontoon 21 Crackjack, the whole colour selection work incredibly well, the stand out is the Wakasagi colour, anything from the 48mm to 78mm will do the trick.
  5. When you do an overnighter in that depth of water or any depth offshore, how do you go about staying put. Obviously you wouldn't carry 500++ meters of rope and a huge reef pick, just something I've often thought about.
  6. Looks like you had a, um, good session J At least you got rewarded for getting out there.
  7. For me its all about colour, naturals like browns, ayu's, gold, green and its not natural but the purple is definitely a stand out. As Ant mentioned just target structure, basically just like cranking around Mud, same principal but keep it close to the bottom. Something I never used to do is twitch as I roll the spinner but I have been giving it a go and it has had some success, also as it rises on the retrieve, give it a pause, I have found they will take t on the drop. Here is a bit of a write up Andrew did its helped me improve: The Damiki Short Strike Spinner Baits have been excellent and are really standing out at the moment, the colours are all well matched to our Bass which is important:
  8. Who'd have thought there's sharks in the bay, must be all the bait fisho's burleying up the water I've seen a few decent sized sharks while heading out on the yak and caught a few small ones while trolling around the beacon. You should come next time out there its a good spot.
  9. Thanks again for the trip Ted and Jarryd, definitely wont forget that one in a hurry Still stoked and can't wait to hook another.
  10. Summer last year we caught loads of good Queenies off Shute Harbour ranging from 65 to 95cm on plastics, few trout, spanglies and other smallish reefies 2 minutes from the ramp, there were loads of tuna as well on the way to daydream and Hamo Islands. If your keen to go a little further to Dingo Beach, the fishing was awesome around Glouchester Island.
  11. The fishing this year has been epic for me with working abroad at the start of the year and returning mid way and the local seen going off as well. Started in Cairns with my first JP and Sooties Mid year caught my PB Longie 108cm off Fraser Island. PB Bass from a local spot at 55cm My smallest Kingy and heaps more including a huge stand out imo caught yesterday :evil:
  12. Got told today I'm gonna loose my company car, so this isn't gonna happen, sorry mate