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    Have been fishing Straddie rocks for 30+ years and have seen things there that are spectacular and try to photograph some of these events.

    Have ventured into kayaking around the Point and still feeling quite a novice in this regard. But I still always see something "fishy" with every fishing trip.
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    kayaking "The Group"
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    Education manager
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    Mackeral from the kayak


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    Viking Predator
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  2. If you are a typical male, you obviously struggle with estimation of size. But for me, I always measure against a couple of notches on my big stick., and yep the big stick did the job
  3. yeah the bait is in the first picture as a tight ball but out of range for my casting. The very last picture posted above has the bait scattered into two groups as the fish slam into the bait. I have just landed the second fish in this photo. I use 85gr Laser lure on an overhead Shimano Triton (black) reel on a black rod. I do fish Flinders, but prefer the rocks as it seems to have a lot more action.
  4. North Stradbroke island. Razor Back. still sore today after the climb and fighting the fish. Two casts = two fish and then no more as the bait was chased by two whalers 7ft plus. They were aggressive with their fins down and hunting with jerking movements. The bait fish scrammed into the surf where all the board surfers were. I noticed a few of the surfers were actually totally surrounded by the bait and the sharks?. and all I could do was wait and watch. The bait moved on and the surfers continued to catch waves. So all was good and no-one seemed to notice the action below the water. I added another photo with my fish in hand walking up to my gear. Straddie is just magical. FISHTAILS is a rental property where we stay. FISHTAILS holiday house at Straddie
  5. Just can't get enough of this blue water. Spot the bait fish in the distance in one of the photos and the final result.
  6. pbask

    Holiday Ideas?

    FISHTAILS holiday house at Straddie This is a house at Straddie that is well suited for relaxing cheers Phil
  7. I had been fishing the early morning for Tailor, and had 1 miss on the lure. So went home for breakfast and came back down to the beach at 3:00pm to discover that fishing was ballistic with Tailor, trevalley and small tuna breaking through school of small bait. I managed to get into the last 20 minutes of the action before it shut down as the light came off the water and the clouds started to roll over. The Tailor were all big and did not jump around as smaller Tailor seem to do. These fish just seemed to be overweight and lethargic? So after catching 2 big tailor and with a wife waiting to go home, I packed it in and thought I would hit the beach early the next morning, only to wake up to 7 days of 30 knot winds. Did not locate any tailor during the big blow, and as I chatted to other anglers, they all said "You should have bee here yesterday..........." Haha. cheers Phil (stayed at FishTails) accommodation at Point Lookout FISHTAILS House
  8. Thanks, I had been to other spots with not much success and saw the mullet shivering on the surface. I worked my way out to the far rocks and started casting, then the fish just started to explode and I knew there was a big hoodlum somewhere. After just a couple more cast right on sunset, the kingfish just chased the lure down and it was on. a good memory.
  9. yeah the shark was on the chase of the fish and I tried to give it free spool but it just did not stand a chance. All these fish were caught of the rocks at straddy, even the sharks were there.......
  10. some photos of fishing at Point Lookout, North Stradbroke Island. Check out our accommodation Fishtails on this site. [attachment:10]IMG_0593.JPG[/attachment]
  11. 85 gr Raider lure, high speed retrieve. the fish was pushing a bow wave as it chased the lure across the top of the water. hit the lure just a couple of meters in front of me.
  12. Here is the hoodlum that was sending the mullet high into the air and in all directions. It was very late in the afternoon with an extreme Southerly blowing which created some excellent fishing in the lee of the Point.
  13. Before starting, cut a length of the broom and drop into a tub of water. The "chunck" will roll in the water and float in only one position every time. This determines the TOP of your popper and so it allows you to work with the natural properties of the wood. I do not concave the face, just cut at 60 degrees and make certain the eyelet is towards the TOP of the face. This will make the popper "pop" everytime. Additional lead in the tail will assist with casting into the wind and help the nose stay upwhen starting the initial reel back in. I use paper clips for wire, that is twisted and placed into drilled holes filled with Arildite. White paint seems to work well, but it is mainly the speed and splash that works best. I have caugth many fish when I retrieve the popper all the way in and let it stop in the suds for 20 seconds. The fish will strike the popper as it disappears in and out of the suds around the rocks. The hook placement is critical for the fish you are chasing. Yellowtail will follow and gulp the tail of the popper, so a good treble in the tail is needed. But the trevellay slam the "head" of the popper at 90 degrees to its travel, quite often hit the popper clear out of the water, with no hook up. You need to place the treble as close to the head of the lure. I am still experimenting with single, double, treble hooks on the front set. Also the front and tail hooks need to have clear space between them otherwise you may find that the hooks tangle and become useless when fish hit the lure. Popper fishing is very visual and the greatest thrill is seeing the fish following and the greatest disappointment is when they donot strike. The temptation is to slow the lure, but all this does is turn the fish off, it is better to accelerate the lure and only consider stopping when the suds start near the rocks. This mimics bait fish hiding in the suds and the trevalley hunt through these suds for the bait fish. Be prepared to be blown away as these fish can grow to 40lb + and are capable of crush hooks and busting you up around the rocks. Enjoy and be safe, cheers Phil
  14. and this shows the scars of the shark teeth, for the researches who can work out the size of the shark by the spacing between teeth.
  15. here was the rock where the action happened, and it shows the Northerly punching directly into my face