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    40 year old recreational fisherman and boat owner. Love to get out when I can, always keen to learn something new, thats why I joined this group, so I could learn more and expand my fishing abilities.
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    Fishing, walking the dog, staying fit, playing poker
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    Mangrove Jack
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    Gulp Nuclear Chicken
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    Fresh Mullet, Whiting, Hardy Heads, Herring
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  1. I am down the end of main road wellington point and its been blowing its ring out all day and intensified about 5 hours ago. At the moment I would say its gusting well above 60 knots at times and staying at around 35 - 40 knots continuos. I took some video down the foreshore near king Island this morning at the peak of the high tide when the wind picked up, was gonna put the video up but not sure how to upload the file. Cheers Beejay
  2. I bought this exact kayak about 2 months ago, cost me $495.00 with all the extras. Ive sold both my boats and im new to kayaking so didnt want to spend too much too early in case i didnt like it. Ive been out of Thorneside and Wellington Point in it and im no expert on kayaks but I feel safe in it. The only thing is I think after only 3 times out in it, I may already be feeling like something a little bigger but I will perservere with this until I feel im ready for bigger and more $$$. Cheers Beejay
  3. this boat has been sold elsewhere....cheers Beejay
  4. Beejay


    Yeah I like to head out when its light from Manly or Wellington Point, hit up Harrys Reef first, if nothing there drift over the shallow banks maroom banks and amity banks chasing whiting, then might head over to Myora and work my way back to Dunwich chasing whatevers on offer in the rainbow channel. Horshoe bay is a good anchorage, especially in winter when there arent as many people around, I also like to anchor up over at Dunwich just of from Adams beach in Deanbilla Bay ive had some awesome runs in there at night in the shallow water with many bust offs on my light gear, might have to go abit heavier next I dont like to move around much in the dark, would rather just anchor up for the night, put the rods in the water, put the radio on and crack open a bottle of red and share it with the missus. Theres no better feeling than being out on the bay at night in ultra calm conditions with a bit of crisp air and a nice red and swedish woman to keep you warm when the red starts to make you sleepy. :woohoo: :woohoo:
  5. Beejay

    Tomorrow at peel?

    Yeah, I will be out there somewhere myself, weathers too good to pass up this weekend....
  6. Yes Ray its cheap, I tried to sell it a year ago and wanted 4500 but then I wasnt really sure if i wanted to get rid of it, but now im under pressure from the missus, she wants it sold so we can pay of some credit card
  7. yeah its got a marine ply floor with marine carpet that can be taken out and hosed after each trip. There is a sounder, fish finder in the boat but its an older model hummingbird but it still does the job....Cheers Beejay
  8. Anyone whos looking for a good tinny, I am selling my Stacer Seahorse 4.2 meter with 2 stroke Yamaha CV 30HP Outboard. I bought it brand new in 2005 for $8000 and the thing has rarely seen water in the last 4 years due to me always using my yalta craft for fishing now. It needs a bit of a tidy up but apart from that its a great boat to get out in the river or out in the bay and ive even taken it across to Moreton once or twice when the days have been right. Its going cheap as im not using it and its just wasting away in the backyard, could be put to better use by a new up and coming junior or maybe even an older experienced bloke might just want one to do quick trips and crabbing. I am asking for $3500 or the nearest offer to that price that im happy with, please pm me if anyones keen, or you can email me: for offers or more details...cheers Beejay Mobile number is 0423 047 055
  9. Just goes to show how resilient some of these fish really are
  10. its back has a really high arch as well....maybe it was attacked by something as a youngin and has survived until now?
  11. that bream on the sure catch tape measure? Is it my eyes or is that one heavy deformity hole in the breams back?
  12. there is alot of pickers out there amongst the bigger fish, small squire, small moses perch, small parrot and small sweetlip. I generally have a couple of live baits out of herring or hardy heads and a couple of baits of squid for the pickers.....Cheers Beejay
  13. Anglers Username: ellicat Date Of Report: 7/9/10 URL Link to report: This report was about fishing in my favorite parts of moreton bay is another reason for my vote. Ive also noticed that Ellicat is very helpful to members of the forum, hes always posting up links to pages for new members and steering them in the right direction, things like that im sure dont go unnoticed, so well done for that also. Very good report, well written with some added humour and bonus points for the video. Nice job Ellicat....Cheers Beejay
  14. Beejay


    Top fish, I seriously didnt think tailor grew that big, well now i know they do....well done...cheers Beejay