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  1. I checked out hole to butcher it on Youtube first before attempting it. Fortunately I did not go anywhere near the guts. It will have to be pretty wonderful to make me take one again.
  2. "I never catch grinders. Haha," Ellicat on Messenger today, this got me thinking, I can now understand his fishing style, swiping Left and Right all day trying to catch a "Grinder". He did have some success though, landing several of his grinning fish. The day was fun with a lot of laughs. Pity, the skipper, could not identify a winter whiting, oh well next time. Here a few more pcs from the day.
  3. Yes it did for a bit around lunch time. Was a great day out on the water.
  4. What a funny day today. Went out with Ellicat again. In his spanking new boat. We hit up one of his spot Xs at Green (Island, not the green zone). Nothing was raised there so we decided to hit the Rainbow to see if there where any Mackeral still around. We settled in and I provided Ellicat with some grinner bait and within few minutes he is onto a cracking fish, hmm well I should say a shovel nose ray Ellicat was not to upset at this stage so I provided him with another live bait. Again it did not take long and he was on again this time with some good runs and what seemed to be some head shakes. The fight quickly changed to a fight to keep the fish off the bottom. A solid battle ensued and up pops a Stingray. This is where Ellicat’s mood changed yelling at me to pull the anchor. A quick run back across the bay and we where back at the ramp. Lesson learnt I will not give him any live bait as he really is a Ray magnet and I am not talking Mr Kennedy. IMG_0698.MOV
  5. And snipped off twice during that mayhem
  6. I like they way you cut out the rest of the 30 minutes of the fight, you vomiting from the stress and crying when you lost it.
  7. You cheeky bugger, but you are unfortunately correct
  8. Hamish I am getting dragged back in. I had to see what lies @ellicatwas saying. I like the way he left out while unhooking his double he managed to hook my head and leave a Bonito flipping around on the other hook. Was a great day and something I plan to do more often.
  9. crazywalrus


  10. Hi - I have not fished much in the lat 2 years. I was invited yesterday to go fishing with a client for their Christmas party. It did not take me very long to say yes. They booked a trip out with Bill Corten and he did not disappoint. The morning was good with the sea breeze getting up early around lunchtime. The bite was slow but the quality was awesome. Regards CW
  11. Hey Steve - I will take them if you still have them.
  12. hmmm personally I would run a country mile. It looks like there is an issue with the ribs. I have an issue with my ribs on my boat stopping 100mm short of the Chine. The Aluminium gets flex hardened and is F""ed. Little you can do to fix it. You will be chasing it for life. Any repair will just happen again unless you address the cause (ribs)
  13. hmmm seems like a loosely veiled attempt to plug your own offsite product. Please contact the site administration to get approval? I will hide this post in a day.