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  1. https://www.defence.gov.au/Environment/PFAS/Amberley/Default.asp Check this link first i have given up on the kayak fishing in the bremer. I used to have so much fun in this area.
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    sick sausauge.

    Thanks for sharing i realy needed a good laugh.
  4. What about the bremer warrill creek catchment area . I know from kayaking where the tidal flow stops in the bremer but there is still nearly always flow from upstream which would still allow bass access to the tidal area. And I know of a couple of weirs includeing churchbank and another further downstream which actually has a fish ladder that can have .5 to 4 m of water over them a couple times a year not unusual to see 6m over the second one .surely any breeders above these weirs and any other barriers could then continue on their way down to breed if the rises occur at the right time . I am not as familiar with the upper Brisbane river but wouldn't the fish ladder at mount Crosby and the gap in the old weir allow bass to move into tidal flow at any time. Mabe I have misinterpreted these changes but here are my thoughts.
  5. There are now big schools of little mullet and gar around hopefully they pick up a bit in condition. Also plenty of cicadas buzzing around.
  6. Only one just over 50 so far and also a few 40 plus . There is one snag I keep getting busted up amongst I am sure its a monster bending hooks and opening split rings I am determined to pull this fish out .
  7. I have been extremely lazy with this site latley . I have been out chasing my favourite targets and doing well . But I had to put this up on here . I caught it yesterday no more than 10m from where I caught my last tagged bass around this time last year. The info came back that it was tagged at lake Samsonvale 03/09/2010 it hasn't grown any but has done a fair bit of exercise to end up in my neck of the woods of the Bremer. Tag no U31313.
  8. No I haven't been back yet to try upstream hopefully when the flow of the river finally steadies up I will get a chance to.
  9. I am in registered and payed. Hope the.big girls are hanging around like they did after the last time my local got flooded.
  10. The lord mayor of Brisbane just said the turbidity of the water causing problems at the water treatment plants at Mt Crosby is from the Bremer river . How is this possible? Where does the Bremer flow into the Brisbane river above the Weir ? I thought that happened only at the junction which is a fair way downstream from Mt Crosby. Or is there other plants further downstream.
  11. Not sure of the spelling but they used to call them orthetolite
  12. I have noticed some changes to this site lately. One thing has got me a bit flustered I find in a section of my profile it says I am attending a lot of events which I have not selected to do. When I go into my profile I see a section saying I have 5new messages. When I click on it it expands a list of actions taking place on the site like members changingavatars also some comments made and each entry has a like section to it. But as I scrolled down the list I find entries saying that I am attending all sorts of events some entries are multiple one after the other. But when I go to my events it shows none listed Some of these entries were made lately and some seem to be older. Can anyone tell me what is going on. As I don't want to look like a goose saying I am going to everything and not turning up.
  13. I have also tried tinned corn but it didn't say sweet corn might get some sweet corn and give it a go. Also got these two while down there this morning.
  14. I have tried bread, worms and prawns but that idea of ground baiting sounds like the go I will give it a try next time. Might fatten up the turtles though.
  15. I have been seeing this bloke and a few of his mates lately while chasing bass. I have been taking a second set up to try to rod the area of these pests using bait but had been unsuccessful . Today I managed to foul hook this begger and there was no chance of it going back in to continue to destroy the creek. I just have to catch the other 10 or so and the local native fish can have it a bit easier.(except for my lures of course)